Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It begins....

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I survived!  My first day is behind me.

I left home an hour early & I'm so glad I did.

Driving into downtown is a fun adventure that I forgot about... even worse is the adventure of getting OUT of downtown at the end of the day. I'll get to that later.

That building in the center... my new home

But I pulled into the parking garage & now I have a little walk from the garage to the building.

I got to my new building & went to get on the elevator & go up to the floor I needed.... except the elevator wouldnt take me there. It just kept turning the light off the floor I was hitting & the doors would open & close.

LUCKILY ... soeone else got on the elevator with me that was needing to get to that same floor.
She figured out she could use her badge to get us to the floor one under - which is the same business - & she took me in & showed me the stair case so I could walk up to the floor I needed.

I told her it was my first day & she said, "oh, this isn't a good omen, is it?"
BOO ON YOU MA'AM!!!! Don't jinx me.
I just looked at it as a good adventure kicking off & hey, I made it where I needed - right?
& I thought it was all a blessing of being in the same elevator as this lady who got me where I needed.
Perspective is key in life, I'm telling you.

I waited for my new manager to come get me & I just got to take in the beautiful views while waiting.... look at this!!!

The manager came & got me & showed me my new HOME...
& she apologized that my name tag had the "Jo" added on ... I love it actually.

& funny side note, found out her middle name is JO too! ;)
We're meant to work together.

The morning sped by with all the different appointments they had set up for me with different people in the company.  The main one - meeting with the Human Resources department & going over all the benefits.

Y'all... I totally teared up when she went over it with me.
I apologized & told her that i honestly felt like I hit the lottery to have options of benefits like these.
If you have health insurance through your work, you may not realize how blessed you are to have it...
I know it now... & I am just in awe that I have not only health insurance - but amazing dental (Y'all KNOW I need some good dental insurance) & I even have vision insurance!!! & other insurances that I didnt even know existed!!!! 

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch & two of the ladies took me out for lunch.
It was just great sitting & talking to them getting to know them as people.

The rest of my afternoon was full of learning more things & seeing new faces & it all just went really well.

The view out of my own window....
there's an ice rink right now down below ... HOW FUN!

Like, I couldnt imagine such a friendly group of people - & there were SO MANY PEOPLE!
& honestly, every single person I came across was just so welcoming & kind & warm.

At the end of the day, I even had 2 ladies that walked with me to the garage, which was nice.

My only issue for the day was leaving.
First, I had issues with my new parking pass & I had cars piled up while I had to call for assistance & try & talk through the worlds word 1970's speaker... but got out of the garage
... only to sit in traffic.
Oh man... miserable.
My hours changed from what they originally had me at & I'm getting off an hour later than I did before at my last job... which would be OK, except half the world gets off at 5pm & downtown is a hot mess.  & PLUS, its dark at 5:30 & by the time I got home, I was beat & felt like it was nearly midnight.

The time change is going to be an adjustment.
Who knew an hour could make such a difference in a world?
It totally can.

The best part of the day for me?
Soooo - through my whole process of going on job interviews & making decisions on this job, I never really said the name of the company to my Joysters - just always asking for prayers.... & after I found out I got the job, I found out one of my Joysters actually WORKS there!!! How funny is that?!?!?!
& this mroning, when I was in between meeting office staff, she came up & found me in a conference room to give me a hug.
BEST WELCOME EVER. She helped so much make it feel like home already.

So I have to say, I couldnt imagine a first day going any better.
& I know all your sweet words of encouragement & prayers made a BIG difference in that as well!!!
So thank you - truly - thank you.

& I'm still going to have to learn how my new life is going to look.
Getting home later - when I'm going to get my workouts in - my lack of day time internet access & how it is going to effect my blogging... it's just all changing & I've got to settle in

... but I have benefits at my job!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All worth it!


  1. I knew you would have a great first day! Here's too many more!

  2. I am SO happy for you! Sounds like a great place and how nice to have a Joyster at work! Will you be able to see people ice skating down below on the rink in winter or is it only a Hockey Rink? Hope day 2 goes well too!

  3. So happy all went well. And those views...awesome!

  4. Yay - congratulations! Glad your first day went so well. Yes, getting off an hour later does make it difficult to do extra stuff, but maybe after being there for awhile you'll have the option to change your hours back to the original ones - you never know!

  5. Yes yes yes! I KNEW your first day would go well!! I love the inclusiveness at your new place! Out to lunch? Being walked out to the garage? Already knowing a co-worker?? SO cool :) And I feel like that name plate is just a super good sign that you're meant to be there!

  6. So happy for you!!! It sounds like a wonderful first day!! I'm glad it went well.

  7. Amen to benefits that are great! And I am so thrilled your first day went well!!

  8. what is a first day without some adventure?! haha! glad it went well & yay about the awesome benefits you have now! also... that window view is amazing!

  9. Congrats, it sounds like an amazing first day! That's so cool that someone you know works there :) And the benefits are so nice.

  10. So awesome to read this!!! Congrats on this great new job and fantastic first day! You deserve it!!!

  11. What gorgeous views and I love that everyone was so warm and friendly and welcoming. It just makes you feel good! The commute/time change will take a moment or two for adjustment, always does, but it sounds like it will be worth it. And yes, I do remember having the Corporate benefits and I miss them very, very, much. It is something that I still think about as I try to figure out my next move professionally.

  12. Perspective is everything and I am glad you looked at it as a good thing you found someone who was going to the same company as you! Sounds like you had a great first day, and so awesome that you knew someone who worked there already!!! I hope the rest of the week goes splendid for you as you settle in :)

  13. I'm so happy for you. I think your first day went extremely well!

  14. I'm so happy for you! Hopefully you can get the hours worked out so that your day is a little less crazy.

  15. ahh so glad it went well. Minus the traffic. But how sweet to have a friend that works there? Precious!

    also, they are on it -- so impressed they had a name tag ready for you and everything. so awesome!

  16. So happy to hear your first day went so well and knowing someone that works there sounds like a super bonus. I love your window!! We work in a converted warehouse so only a few have windows and that's the one thing I really wish I had. Good luck with getting the new schedule figured out, it'll definitely take a few months. My dad started a new job in August and is just now getting used to the new hours and terrible traffic.

  17. Commuting to my job now - in the city, with the traffic making it further away, etc., coming out in the dark in the winters, blah blah - the perks of it do make up for it. But it is an adjustment! Some days I'm still not adjusted.

    I'm glad you have your first day under your belt!

  18. So so glad your first day went well, and I'm sure you're so relieved about the benefits! As I remember, health insurance has been nothing but a huge stress point for you for the past couple years, so that's so wonderful that you'll no longer have that problem.

    I had a pretty long commute with my teaching job, and I had someone tell me near the very beginning that the commute would be a lot better for me if I learned to view it in a positive light--as decompression time, as "me" time, as listening-to-Harry-Potter-on-audiobook time. And you know what? It worked, for the most part---I learned not to dread the commute and just use it as a time to go over the day (either ahead of me or behind me), make plans in my head, and bliss out listening to Harry Potter :) So here's hoping you can find a way to make that positive for you, though traffic is NEVER fun!

  19. Congrats on a great first day and I am so happy for you and your benefits!

  20. Hooray for the benefits!! They are worth more than gold. You will settle in to your new routine and it will soon be old-hat. You will figure out how to get your work-outs in and your personal computer time. It will all work out! Hugs!! So excited for you!

  21. So glad your first day went well! I get off at 5:30, and the traffic is absolutely hideous. But after a year of this, I am totally used to it, so it really doesn’t bother me anymore. I know that’s just the way it’s going to be! I agree, benefits are wonderful!

  22. Yay - so glad it went well on Monday! I was thinking about you and hoping everything went smoothly. Several years ago, I turned down a job a few blocks from where you are now and mainly because the traffic scared me. Hopefully you'll be able to get out for some walks around the block throughout the day to get your sunlight fix in. And keep your yarn projects in the car for the traffic delays. But definitely yay for all the benefits!! :)

  23. What a blessing! It sounds like God gave you such a good perspective of joy and gratefulness! That's so cool that one of your Joysters works there. It sounds like it's going to be a really good experience Becca!

  24. What a great first start to your job other than the traffic and change in hours.

  25. I'm so glad your first day went well, and now you've got your first week under your belt. I'm continuing to pray that this is a very smooth transition.


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