Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thankful Thursday #149

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727 / Saying Goodbye.
Ricky's friend Ernie got flown down to Lexington in the hopes of getting his lung transplant.... & then things took an awful turn for the worse. I was so thankful Ricky was able to make it down to Lexington to say goodbye to his friend. Especially after spending virtually every evening with him in the hospital here locally. I know Ricky would have felt awful not seeing him one last time.

731 / Support.
So thankful & grateful for all the words given to Ricky & all the prayers lifted for him & Ernie's family after his passing last week.  Words matter.  Caring & supporting words REALLY matter.

734 / Warmer weather.
When we get an 80 degree day in November, I'll always be thankful.

737 / Pics all caught up.
I got all my editing done Friday night so I was so thankful that I didnt have to sit behind a computer on the weekend!!!

738 / A walk in fall.
Walking during the fall & just taking in the scenery, the colors, the smells, the crisp air... why cant fall be year round? Maybe we wouldnt love it as much if that happened.  Its so special when it does arrive.

739 / NO PLANS!!!!
It is SOOOO rare that I dont have plans on a Sunday after church.  But this was one day that Ricky was able to meet me after MSM & we got to go to lunch, go shopping, lounge on the back porch with Harvey & Bruno (Zoe is forever hiding & a loner).  It was wonderful.

740 / Christmas Music.
I dont know why, but I'm listening to Christmas music at work & really enjoying it. It's making me want to put up my Christmas tree now.  I put it up Thanksgiving week anyways so its just days away.... but I'm loving the Christmas music right now. It's good for my soul.

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... I have a lot of other things I'm thankful for... for again, all the secret-y stuff I'll be talking about soon... some of you already guessed it & I give you props!

So tell me what things you're thankful for this week!


  1. I'm so curious about what's going on ... but I hope it's continued good stuff for you! My kids wanted to listen to Christmas music last night while baking cookies. Always a good time for Bing Crosby :) This weather has been great - autumn is definitely my favorite season ... but I'll say the same thing about spring when it starts warming up in March/April.

  2. Beautiful photos! No plans is THE BEST!!! I love those weekends. Looking forward to you sharing all the secret stuff with us!

  3. Isn't it amazing how No plans actually is an amazing feeling? I love being busy, but I also love a relaxing afternoon for a walk or reading or baking or sleeping too! And those fall colors are just glorious.

  4. I've started listening to Christmas music this week, too, but I still can't seem to get in the spirit this year. I normally put my tree up this weekend every year and I'm just bah! Humbug! What is wrong with me?

  5. We’ve been listening to Christmas music in the room this morning. If we were home, I’d probably have the tree up. I’d just leave the blinds closed until Thanksgiving. Life is too short not to enjoy the tree as long as you want.

  6. I have played Christmas music with Zoe in the car a times already this past week and we have loved it! There is a radio station that went all Christmas this morning and that will probably be the one I stick with the remainder of the year!

  7. Don't feel bad about rocking Christmas music already. My Grandma secretly listens to it year-round. :D I may have even played a song or two this month because it does make me happy and we could all use as much happy as we can get. I love those beautiful Fall colors! And no obligation days. Those are the best. Lounge around guilt-free and just enjoy the day. I am again so sorry that Ricky lost his oldest and dearest friend and I'm glad he was able to tell him good-bye.

  8. Such pretty fall photos! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  9. Beautiful fall photos! I've really been enjoying the leaves recently. They seem more colorful than usual for some reason.

  10. That second pic with the trees is phenomenal!! Absolutely gorgeous and I love walks in the Fall here since that means it's starting to kind of get cool lol. Christmas tree goes up Thanksgiving week and it's so irritating my sister that I'm holding to that tradition this year since it seems like EVERYBODY is doing it early.

  11. My husband has been shaking his head at me because I have dvr'd about 5 Christmas movies already and started watching them. No shame. I love Thanksgiving, but I also want to start enjoying the holidays now. Ha. I hope ricky is doing ok.

  12. Wow such pretty fall photos! Here in southern Ca, we don't get trees that change colors during fall! Oh, and I too have been listening to Christmas music.. it just puts me in such a great mood!

  13. I have a guess on the secret stuff, but I'm waiting until you make your blog announcement to all of us ;) Yay for free weekends and fall walks. Those photos are gorgeous. And I'm so so glad Ricky was able to say goodbye to his friend <3

  14. Linking up late, but linking up!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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