Monday, November 13, 2017

The weekend that we said goodbye to a friend.....


The weekend was full of it... completely & fully.

Friday was the slowest day for us so I made sure to just relax. I dont even think I knit, which is a crazy thing for me....

But I just parked myself in front of the TV & ended up watching a movie I'd never thought I'd watch... & REALLY ended up loving.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Image result for abraham lincoln vampire hunter movie poster

Seriously... it was REALLY good.

Saturday, I knew it was going to be a tough day.
It was Ernie's funeral & I just knew Ricky's heart was going to be torn apart all over again.

It's always so hard to say those final goodbyes.

The service for Ernie was so hard... to see all his kid lined up in that front row, clinging to one another. It tore me apart.  & Ernie's oldest daughter went up to speak about her dad & she mentioned the friendship that Ernie & Ricky had & that just pushed Ricky over the edge.

So sad to see all of these kids loose their father.
& poor Ricky.... as we were walking out, he said, "There's no one I can talk about the memories of my childhood with that remembers themselves & can laugh & remind me of things that happened".  For Ricky, it really is like loosing another brother.  Just devastating.

After the funeral, Ricky & I went to get something to eat & we just sat & talked & talked & talked about memories of Ernie. I think it was great for Ricky to talk about some of these things... & I just loved hearing about their antics of growing up together.

It wasn't like it was a tough enough or heavy enough day.... but we got home & I walked in the door & saw this....

Blood everywhere!!!!

I about freaked out.  I ran around the house screaming for Bruno because I knew it had to be his blood... & couldnt find him....
but then saw him standing in a corner with a pile of blood under him  &his face covered in blood.

I picked him up & took off running down the drive way screaming for Ricky to help.
I had no idea where Bruno was bleeding - his face, his leg, anywhere on his body??? ....

This is why I love our security cameras.... we looked back & what happened was Bruno walked on top of the air vent in the floor & I guess it caught just right on his finger nail that it pulled the vent up....  & low & behind, he kept walking around, as blind as he is  - & fell in the hole in the ground, cutting his leg on the edge of the vent.

Poor baby.

His face was covered in blood where he was licking it to try & get it to stop. & luckily, it had only happened about a half hour before we got home.

We washed it & was able to get the bleeding to stop - we thought we were going to have to go to the vet's office on an ER run... but it did stop & we were able to clean it up & Ricky bandaged it up.  It's already looking better ... but geez... our poor little boy. He's just going through the ringer lately.

In the kennel after getting cleaned & bandaged up
The rest of the night, I was done for... I couldnt handle anything else... so I just sat & knit & got on a Project Runway marathon.  It's the extent my brain could go.

Sunday, I headed to MSM & then headed out to meet my Joysters.

We always take the meet up after we finish a study & just hang out.  We had plans on eating & then going to paint pottery... except we ate & then got to the pottery place to find out there wasn't one open seat in the entire place. WHAT!?!?!?.... apparently they were having some sort of birthday party group in there.... so we just went to the coffee shop next door & was able to just chat & enjoy some yummy coffee & just enjoy the little break in the day.

My day was just made though because one of my past brides, who Chasity & I have stayed in touch with, we've been praying for her to join us for the longest time... well, she's finally gave in & is starting to join us. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I just love her so much.  & she has a new little baby - & our group is ALL ABOUT THE BABIES!!!!!

I had enough time to go home & take Ricky some dinner I picked up for him & sit & watch an episode of Stranger Things 2 (Ricky is behind & I'm enjoying watching it again with him)...

& then it was time to head out for our girls bible study....

We are nearing the end of the study they are doing.  I'm praying the girls have gotten something out of it. I have loved watching them just continue to show up every week - that's a blessing in of itself.

Next week with them is going to be so fun - we are doing a "Friendsgiving" & they are inviting BOYS!!!  You should hear all the squealing.  The amazing lady who opens her home for this & leads the discussion every week - she's just incredible. I'm so amazed she's going to let all these girls (there's about 20-25 of them) each invite a boy over - it's going to be full of moments that I'm going to go AHHHH about - I guarantee.  It's really cool though because the Student Connection Pastor is going to come & give a devotion & just sort of be the balance for the boys.... which is nice.  & plus, every middle school girl has the biggest crush on him so they'll be all dreamy eyed listening to him. haha... You should have heard the GROANS when they were told he'll be bringing his girlfriend. OHHH... the infatuations of a middle school girl.  It's going to be super fun though & a great way to end our bible study for the holidays.

So got home around 8:30 & was pretty much beat. ... & barely even made it through The Walking Dead...

whew... what a weekend.

How was yours?

Tell me something good about it!


  1. Oh man what an emotional week!
    I'm so glad you were able to see what happen to Bruno on the security camera. Glad it wasn't anything life threatening but I would have been freaking out too had I seen all that blood! I hope some good things happen for you two this week!

  2. Funerals are bad enough - family deaths are sad enough - losing a close and lifelong friend, I can't even imagine. I hope Ricky felt some peace over the weekend. And poor Bruno! I would have freaked out as well. I haven't seen the A. Lincoln movie, but I read the book and it was awesome. Your group should check out The Glass Gypsy! So much fun!

  3. I'm so sorry that you had such an emotionally draining weekend and then walking in to see your poor pup in pain - ugh! Hoping you have an easy Monday!

  4. I'm so sorry! Tough weekend and these emotional times make me so glad you walk with Jesus! We couldn't make it without him. And poor pup, hope he's feeling much better!

  5. What a weekend - I'm so sorry for all the emotional turmoil! I'm so very sorry about your friend, and I'm glad your dog is okay!!

  6. I LOVE your excitement about the Joyster joining. And my heart hurts when we have to say goodbye to people. It is such an amazing thing when they know Jesus though, and we know we will see them again.

    I'm so glad that Bruno is ok. It's amazing how God cares for our little canine friends.

  7. So sorry you all had a rough weekend. Sending over prayers your way and a speedy recovery for your pup!

  8. Hoping that you Monday is MUCH better than your weekend!

  9. Oh my...what a heart-rending couple of days you had. My sympathies on the loss of a friend and prayers of thanks that Bruno is okay. I'm glad Sunday was a blessing for you.

    We own the 3-D version of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter but we've never watched it. I can't get my husband to want to wear the glasses and I have to know he will ahead of time so I can charge them up.

  10. What a weekend. I can't imagine how hard it was for Ricky (and you) and it's great that he was able to share all his memories with you so now they are something you can remember together. Oh Bruno! Good heavens, I would have been screaming so loudly you would have heard me in Kentucky! I'm glad the little guy is okay now. He needs to stop giving his Mama such scares! I really enjoyed Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter too. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - not so much. But Vampire Hunter was pure fun.

  11. I can't even imagine how difficult this is for Ricky. I lost a very dear friend five years ago and it's still hard. We worked together and everyday I miss him. Sadly, every year another person leaves and not many people remember him and well it is sad. Talking about it does help. I don't want to say time heals all wounds, because it doesn't. It's just that in time, the pain lessens a bit but it is always there. Sending you both much love and big hugs right now.

  12. I don't even have words. I'm so very sorry that Ricky lost such a good friend. And then to get home to blood everywhere! How frightening. I'm glad it wasn't worse for your sweet pup! Your girls are so cute...crushes on boys/men. I can almost remember those feelings! LOL

  13. Oh man, I got so sad when I read about your day saying goodbye to your sweet friend. I am so very, very sorry. :(

  14. Wow... What an emotional weekend. Poor Ricky- I just can't imagine a loss like that. You're such a wonderful wife and shoulder to lean on. And poor Bruno! What a sweet sweet little boy- I'm so glad it wasn't too terrible of and injury and you guys were almost home to tend to him!

  15. What an emotional time this weekend. Between Ernie and Bruno. I hope this week brings more happiness and Ricky's heart starts to heal. I can't imagine losing my best friend.

  16. Poor Bruno!
    Ugh, what a day! (are you sure you guys aren't borrowing some of our bad luck?)

    You were probably looking forward to Monday after that weekend :(

  17. Tough weekend for you guys. Big hugs to you both.


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