Monday, November 06, 2017

The weekend that my poor hubby's heart is just sad....

I finally had a little bit of a relaxed weekend... but it was just a strange one.  A somber weekend.
Somber cancels out any enjoyment of a relaxed weekend.

This past week, Ricky lost his best buddy.  The guy that became his friend when they were just 6 years old.  So for 50 years, as Ricky said, he's spoken with this guy, spent time with this guy, stayed in touch & contact through all the years... for 50 years.  Ernie.

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& this past June, Ernie was diagnosed out of the blue with Pulmonary Fibrosis.  We googled it when we heard the diagnosis & we were terrified for Ernie.  But the fight was on for a lung transplant.... that never was able to happen.

To say that how fast this all moved is shocking is an understatement.

& its just left my poor Ricky heart broken... as you can imagine.
It's like he said, "How do I do life without talking to my friend?"....
50 years together... its so crazy to think...

So if you dont mind, lift a comforting prayer for Ricky & of course, all of Ernie's family.  He has 10 children & 2 sister & 4 brothers.... I cant imagine what they are all going through.

(Ricky & Ernie skating together)

The funeral will be Saturday.... so hard days still lay ahead.

In light of all that, I'm just going to do a random weekend update... everything is scattered in my brain anyways lately.  So here we go.....

* I swear,  I can never get out of the grocery under $120. Ever.

* Ricky had to work on Saturday, which I was hoping meant I could sleep in.... & was up at 6:00am with him while he was getting ready & couldnt get back to sleep.  What to do? Cue the Stranger Thing 2 marathon.

* I honestly think Stranger Things 2 is way better than the first season!

* When I finally crawled out of bed after the Stranger Things 2 marathon, I started my day with knitting & coffee enjoying the warmer air. It was a much needed break to just slow down for an hour.

* Is it me or does pizza just taste better on the weekend?

* I had to take advantage of the warmer weather & get in a walk.  The scenery was PERFECTION.

* So I have ran 9 half marathons & I've let myself go so bad that walking 3 miles, I thought I was going to die.  No joke, I was so sore.  I think that's the saddest thing I can say about my body right now.

* When someone talks about seeing your wedding pictures from our anniversary post, & they go on & on... & on... & ONNNNNN & ONNNNNNNNNN & ON about how young you looked - OK - I get it, I look a lot older now. Geez.  & OUCH.

* I hate the time change. HATE IT. WORST TIME OF YEAR.  Dark at 5:30?  Just punch me in the face every day until February or March please.

* Harvey Dent caught another mole.  He's on a roll.  & once again, my sweet husband to make me happy, drove it down the road to release it. It was a FATTTTT sucker.  Harvey hunted for it for an hour after Ricky took it down the road. He just wanted his friend back.  (He really does just play with them & is gentle with them.... so cute)

Look how fat that thing is!!!!
* We love McAllisters for lunch but we gotta learn not to go there after church. I think our huge church ALL goes there after service. You have to wait for a table & then it took 25 minutes to get our order of a potato & half sandwich. & then they messed it up. UGH.  I was so hungry (Thanks time change) that I didnt even care.

* Target has a Christmas ornament that I feel like I just need in general. Ricky even said, "You can hang it off your rear view mirror"... I like this thinking.

* With the loss of Ernie & all the reminders how short life can be, I didnt find it one bit shocking when the message at church was about how our life is a mist & we need to invest in the eternal.  I just shook my head at God - love those perfect messages at the perfect time.

* Poor Harvey could tell his daddy was sad.... & just wanted to love on him all weekend. #peencha

I know this is blurry, but look how he's looking at Ricky... oh my heart.

So how was your weekend?

Did you get one last dose of warm air?

How are you handling the Daylight Savings change?


  1. oh friend. I am so sorry for y'alls loss. That is so hard <3 Praying peace for you right now

  2. so sorry to hear about RIcky's friend; it's heartbreaking when someone so closes passes. Dogs are so intuitive when it comes to sensing sadness/emotions and they just cuddle right up knowing that hugs is what we need. Big big hugs to Ricky.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss....sending positive thoughts your way! There is also no better ornament for you - that or a beauty and the beast one and I know you already have that! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I literally DO NOT even understand why we still do Daylight Savings. It always confused me when I was younger because we had family in Indianapolis, and IN didn't do DST? Or at least they didn't then? Maybe they do now? Anyways, it would be wildly confusing to essentially get there in 0 time, but have it take twice as long to come home.

    And sunset here tonight is 512PM? WHAT THE HECK!? I'm barely out of my work parking lot by then. I'm sure traffic will be a mess. And I'll never see the sun again, so I may as well just binge watch Netflix until April.

    I did get out Saturday AND Sunday for a little hike, though we got lots of rain both days too. :/

  5. So sorry for Ricky! I can't imagine how hard that must be. Sending prayers your way! <3 And that knitting ornament is adorable!

  6. I'm so sorry for Ricky's loss. I hope his memories of Ernie comfort him in the days ahead. As for DST, I'm loving it!

  7. I am so sorry about Ricky's friend. I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a life-long friend. He and Ernie's family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. The knitting ornament is so you and that picture of Harvey Dent looking adoringly at his Daddy is priceless.

  8. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.
    I can't manage to leave the grocery store without being under $175 anymore, so I feel ya on that one.
    Adorable ornament!
    I hate daylight savings time, too. I can't stand how dark it is by 5 pm! And it's not like my daughter actually slept in yesterday. ;)

  9. I'm so sorry for the loss :( You and Ricky are definitely in my thoughts. And it's so sweet how Harvey was comforting him. It's amazing how animals can sense what their humans are feeling.

  10. So very sorry for your husband's loss, and for the large family his friend left behind. Life can be so tough sometimes, and you guys have had such a roller coaster year! Saying some extra prayers for you guys today :)

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's friends passing. So very sad. Sending much love and prayers to you all. May Ricky find comfort in the memories of his beloved friend.

  12. Retirement has made the time change a non-event for me. Loving it since it doesn't mess with my internal clock like it did before when I had to get up for work. So very sorry to learn of the loss of Ricky's dear friend. Prayers offered as requested. Our pets are amazing and they really do tune in to us. Hugs.

  13. How truly devastating. I'm so sorry for Ricky.

    Really gorgeous fall scenery and an ornament made for you though.

  14. I am so sorry to hear about Ricky's friend. That is so sad. Sending you guys all the hugs right now. On a lighter note, that ornament is perfect for you! And that mole is HUGE! Yikes!

  15. I am so so sorry for Ricky's loss :( And for you, too. And of course Ernie's family. So terrible. Life is so short!
    I'm glad you were given a relaxing, slow, reflective weekend. Thank goodness for dogs. Between that beautiful fall picture and the photo of Harvey's love, it's nice to know that God sends us lots of blessings while we're here.

  16. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Ricky's friends. 50 years of friendship is such a beautiful thing. My prayers will definitely be with him and Ernie's family <3 Beautifully Candid

  17. Tell Ricki I'm praying for him. What a terrible loss. I loved having that extra hour of sleep this time! I usually stay up an hour later than usual, but this year I went to bed at my regular time and I slept The. Entire. Night. It was glorious. But now these long, dark days are awful! I wish they would just leave it alone. Other than that, our weekend was kinda quiet and restful. Perfect.

  18. Oh Harvey Dent. It's amazing how dogs can sense our emotions. So very sorry for your loss :(

  19. I am so sorry for the loss of Ernie. He kind of has a Tim McGraw look about him doesn't he?
    That pic of Ricky and Harvey is so precious!
    That walk you took looks so peaceful, like walking in a fall wonderland!
    Yes, that ornament is perfect for you and definitely something you can keep out all year long! I want to put up my Christmas decoration a lot earlier than usual this year!!!

  20. PS I watched the skate video and it made me smile! Did they practice that routine a head of time? :)

  21. Thinking of you and Ricky! I'm so sorry about Ernie! Wow 50 years, that is something and a testament to friendship! We think season 2 of ST was better too.

  22. My heart resonates so much with your sweet hubby, and the reminder that life here is so short. One of my grandmas, we think, is not far from passing, and we don't know if she knows Jesus. We are praying fervently and sharing the gospel with her, knowing that God will do exactly what He wants. <3 But it really puts a sense of sober grief and expectation in me for heaven.

  23. My heart hurts for Ricky. To have a friend for 50 years and have them gone is heartbreaking. I feel so sad for him. Ugh. Loving the ornament you found. Totally hang it off your rearview mirror.

  24. i am so sorry for the loss of yourhubby's bestie. that is so sad, i can't even imagine.
    i think you look exactly the same as all the pictures you've ever shared from your wedding. seriously, exactly the same.
    i am with you on hating how dark it is so early. how many days till spring?!

  25. So sorry Ricky lost his best friend. I love that video of them skating - you can tell that they were well suited for each other.

    Love Harvey Dent's mole :) And I HATE the time change - can't we keep DST all year round? Sigh.

  26. I am so sorry for his loss. Sending big ((HUGS)) and prayers his way.
    I haven't watched Stranger Things 2 yet. Just finished up with the first season. I loved it!

  27. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's friend. :(

    Luckily we don't have daylight's savings time at AZ... :)

    Nicole @

  28. I'm so sorry for your loss and thinking of you guys. Hang in there, that is so tough. :( XO - Alexandra

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