Thursday, April 19, 2018

Always the baby, ER Vet trips & walking out like a BOSS! {Thankful Thursday #173}

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This weekend I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts - just ignore}

327 / Salad kits.
Some of my Joysters have been bringing these for our snacks at our Bible study & totally turned me onto the kits that have everything in them at the grocery. I'm all about dumping stuff in a bowl & BAM - dinner. Or in my case - LUNCH!  I get one of those kits & it makes 2 or 3 mason jar full of lunches.  I'm glad for a healthier choice for lunch AND not having to pay $15.00 a day for lunch

329 / Why Her? study
Excited to do my first Proverbs 31 Ministries online bible study.

331 / Quick Vet visit
So we got home on Wednesday & found a dog bed full of blood. YIKES!!!! Found out it was coming from our Zoe.  She was bleeding from her rear end so we just got a towel, grabbed her & rushed to the vet.  Since we didnt have an appointment, they told us we had to wait till the vet could squeeze us in..... just ignore the towel full of blood.  But luckily, they did get us in pretty quickly & checked her out.  Which leads to....

332 / Zoe OK
They found a mass on her rear end.   They dont think its anything.  They checked her rectum & it all looked OK & the mass was far away from that area that they didnt think it was connected.  They said they just think that since she's nearly 13 years old, dogs grow these masses all over them & her's just happens to be in this area.  & she apparently had scrapped it & it had a hole in it the size of a pen top & that's where the bleeding was coming from.  They said if it continues to grow or if it keeps bleeding, we'll need to have it surgically removed.  But so far, the bleeding stopped about 12 hours later & it hasn't changed in size. We're watching it though.

336 / Walks at lunch!
I am going to love when the warm days come & STICK with us!  I've taken some tennis shoes to work & know I'm going to use my hour to get in some steps & enjoy some fresh air.  I always feel like the ladies on Working Girl with my tennis shoes on at work. (Anyone else remember that movie?)

339 / Dad home!!!!
& look at him just walking out like a BOSS!!!!

344 / New Backpack
I'm loving my new backpack I got to take my stuff to work with me.

345 / Clearance letter board
I found this letter board on clearance at Target for under $5.00 & was just excited to get the letters.  But then I pulled it out & really liked the board itself & the square shape.  Excited to have these letters with all my other letters from my other board.  I should be good to go now on any phrase I may want to use!

346 / The Greatest Showman
So glad to FINALLLLLLY see it!

348 / Sweet girl
When MSM puts out the "C word" for their morning snack, I just have to hang in the back. The smell is so overwhelming & I will gag & get sick... but its OK, I'm getting used to just changing my routine on those days.  Well, this sweet girl decided to stay with me in the back this time around. How cute & precious is that?  I just love my MSM Girls so much & the hearts they have.

349 / Dinner with our baby girl
So glad she's in town & got to spend some time with her.  It still just freaks us out that she's a real adult.  I guess babies really are always babies in your eyes, aren't they?

So what are you thankful for this week?


  1. Oh no I was So scared reading about your Zoe girl. I am thankful this week is going fast. It's not a bad week but just excited that we are having better weather next week!

  2. I'm so glad your dog is ok...what a scare. We had an old dog awhile back who started getting various fatty cysts under her skin. They would occasionally get infected or start oozing (gross, I know). So I guess things like this start happening when dogs reach a certain age. I just hope you don't have to come home to such a scare again!

  3. These old dogs...they give us a run for our money, don't they?

  4. So glad Zoe's okay! That must have terrified you and Ricky! Yup, I remember Working Girls and I live in a downtown area so I always see women in work clothes with tennis shoes on when I'm out and about during the lunch hour.

  5. Oh how scary! I am so glad your Zoe is ok!!! Give her some extra love for me! I'm interested to know more about those salad kits too, who makes them?? I'm trying to do better, walking with a friend two days a week f our schedules allow and trying to eat better and they look good! LOVE the video of your Dad walking out of the hospital too! Like later guys I'm breakin outta here!

  6. I am so glad Zoe is ok! That is so scary. I think no matter what age they will always be our babies :) Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  7. I loved your letter board find! I wish I could find one at My Target!

  8. Poor Zoe...she's been through so much. I'm glad she's okay and I hope it doesn't grow any more. So what does the MIX on your hands stand for? Just being nosy.

  9. I adore salad kits. So easy and sometimes I add chick peas or grilled chicken to them.

    I'm glad your dog is okay. Having sick dogs is no fun.

  10. I just got an email that I had an Amazon credit from some sort of class action lawsuit I didn't even know I was a part of, and I used some of it to rent The Greatest Showman!! I have 48 hours to watch it and I have the day off tomorrow so I know what I'll be doing!!!

  11. So awesome for your dad walking out and Zoe getting a fairly ok report. Hope she's still doing well. Good for you for focusing on the positives with the vet. It makes me CRAZY when I feel like my animal has an emergency and the vet doesn't seem to pick up on my urgency. Totally makes me few dismissed and neglected.


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