Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Risen Lord, appreciation & no police needed to be called!!! {Thankful Thursday #171}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{Numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts: Just ignore}

271 / Brother's Dog fit right in
We have dog sat Charlie for the past few years but this was his first time with Ernie & I was glad to see they got along just fine.

272 / Cameras
Saying that with the dogs... I'm glad for cameras at home so I can watch the dogs at work & yell through the speakers to STOP when I needed to :)

274 / Karo Syrup
Do you know you cant find this in stores anymore? & it was funny because my dad told me he cant find it right when my Manager told me her husband is upset he can't find it either.  She ordered her husband some for Valentine's Day (how cute is that?) & he went through it so fast, she had to order more - so she ordered my dad some too! How awesome is that?  Let the waffles commence!

278 / Late funeral
That's a weird one, isn't it?  But I was so glad to see visitation for a church family's funeral was from 5-7 with the funeral at 7.... allowing people time to make it after work & not during work hours where it makes it difficult to get to visitations & funerals. I think that's a genius idea.

279 / GCC family
I always say that when something bad happens, we still see our GCC family that have gone separate ways, all come back together.  That's just so comforting to know that we're still family even if we're now worshiping in different places.

280 / Thank you card
How sweet was this? Got this from my church for helping teach the Bible Journaling class in MSM for the past 2 weeks. A Starbucks card is always a love language to me.

287 / Starbucks walk for the nerves
I totally didnt get coffee on the drive to work the day Ernie was getting neutered because I was so anxious, I forgot to get it.... & then a coworker asked if I wanted to walk to Starbucks to get some & just move to get the mind off of worrying. Perfect use of time.

283 / Ernie OK
WHEWWWW.... I was so anxious something awful was going to happen. I know its a simple surgery - especially for a boy - but I am the QUEEN of worrying.  My mind had like 500 awful things that had happened.

284 / Ernie came home.
My vet likes to keep the dogs over night after the spay or neuter procedure. We were like, Nahhhh - we want him home with us. Luckily, Ernie woke up enough from the anesthesia & he went to the bathroom & was doing good enough that they were OK with us doing it.Which I'm REALLY glad because Ricky was like, "I'll call the police because I'm walking out with my dog" ... oh man... SOOO glad that worked out OK.

286 / Family home safe
My brother & his family made it safely home after their spring break trip.

Y'all... I'm was 95% convinced the sun had disappeared. Even if we just got it for a few hours, I was thrilled to bask in the glow of it for as long as we could.

289 / Click list discount
I had to wait for 15 minutes to pick up my groceries & they in turn gave me my $4.95 fee back AND a $5.00 discount for the wait. HOW AWESOME is that? I was totally fine waiting too - I was enjoying the reading time. The life of a reader - enjoy any moment to slow down & get another chapter in.

290 / EASTER!!!!!
Love always celebrating our Risen King!!!!

294 / Family time
Loved my SIL & brother made a great lunch to get together for Easter - especially since it was just before my dad's surgery.

What's something good that happened in your week?


  1. Yay for Ernie coming home!! I cracked up about the Karo syrup! My dad likes that brand, too, but I haven't noticed it missing in our stores here. Thankful for you sweet friend!

  2. We used Karo syrup when I was growing up - I always asked for Mrs. Butterworth or Aunt Jemima though. Their bottles talked (in the commercials) so you know, everyone wants a syrup bottle that talks. :) That is a genius idea about a late funeral - I've lost count of the number of funerals I couldn't go to because they're always during the morning hours.

  3. I have actually never seen that Karo syrup! I'm glad everything went smoothly with Ernie. Poor little guy in his cone!

  4. I didn't know that Karo actually made a syrup. Interesting! I bet it's fantastic.

  5. so glad that ernie is safe and sound. now he wears the cone of shame lol

  6. I had to chuckle about the camera and speakers, do they look for you when they hear your voice? I haven't thought about Karo syrup in years, momma always had some in her pantry. Enjoyed all your thankfuls today!!

  7. I was always a mess when ever Emeril had to be hospitalized and towards the end of his life, it was quite frequently, so I understand both your worry and Ricky being all "nope, he's coming home NOW!" Ernie is getting so big too! It just seems like you brought him home yesterday. I had no idea Karo made pancake syrup.

  8. I always thought those cameras you had in your house were cool,but I had no idea that you could talk through them. I need to learn more about these!

  9. I didn't know you couldn't get Karo Syrup in the store. We have some, but don't use it very often. I'll have to let hubby know.

    How's your dad doing?

  10. Yay for a happy Easter, a healthy Ernie, and a safe trip for your brother and his family!!
    Lots of things to be thankful for!

  11. Interesting about Karo Syrup. Nice of your manager! Heck - I love your new workplace!! It makes me so happy that you are happy! Hope Ernie is healing nicely and finally out of the big collar!

  12. My dad is the only person I've ever known to use Karo on his pancakes. I also thought it was an old fashioned thing. I think you can still buy it here, though.

  13. I'm glad Ernie got to come home to recover. Hope he's doing well tonight. It's Spring Break so I have been able to hang out with my granddaughter Allie a couple times this week. I love that girl!

  14. Glad Ernie is doing well!

    I use Karo in different baked goods sometimes but I've never seen the pancake version.


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