Wednesday, April 04, 2018

One Sentence A Day - March 2018 Edition

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1.  My poor Bruno is starting another round of bad skin issues. #Over3YearsofThis

2.  Why am I not surprised when my work health insurance raises & changed companies? #InsuranceWoesFollowMeEverywhere

3. Enjoyed lunch with a friend that I havent got to talk to in person in awhile. #LoveGirlfriendTime

4. Planned on going to a movie with Ricky but he got caught up in cleaning our property. #IllJustReadThen

5. The Bachelor had me all sorts of FURIOUS! #ArieisAwful

6. So mad that our local station took off Bachelor: After the Final Rose for basketball so instead, I started watching Queer Eye on Netflix #MuchMoreEnjoyable

7. What an honor to sit on a panel & get to talk to middle school girls about being ENOUGH at the Girls Night Out event our church put on. #GodisALWAYSEnough

8. Girl Scout cookies are going to be the death of me #orAdd10Lbs

9.  So thankful for Starbucks Mobile Order and Kroger ClickList all in the same trip #LoveModernInventions

10.  Discovered how easy it is to put a book on hold at the library. #WholeNewWorldJustOpened

11.  Didnt mind one bit when our Joy Bible Group went over about an hour & a half longer than it should. #suchgoodconversation

12. I honestly couldnt believe we had about 2 inches of snow back on the ground. #WhereAreyouSpring?

13.  Season finale of This is Us has me all a fluster about what the future holds for the Pearsons. #IBelieveTheyAreARealFamily

14. Finished knitting a pair of socks. #knitsocksarethebest

15. Came home from getting my hair done & Ricky told me I look like I'm 10 years younger. #dontknowhowtotakethat

16.  Starbucks Mobile order & Kroger Click List is becoming my Friday tradition. #GettingWeekendReady

17. Celebrating a 2nd birthday for a special little boy. #grandbuddy

18. I enjoyed getting to talk about Bible Journaling to the middle school kids today in MSM #RaiseEmUpRight

19.  Turned in our cable boxes & cut the cord only to have our cable company, who is still giving us our wi-fi, screw around with our boxes & we werent able to get any internet connection at all. #FeltLikeLauraIngells

20. First Day of Spring!!!! #yeahright!

21.  Nearly 8 inches of snow is how we lived out the first full day of Spring. #ridiculous

22.  My brother brought over his dog to see how Ernie was going to be with him while we dog sat. #stillsortofiffy

23.  Happy National Puppy Day! #5monthsold

24.  My fur nephew was learning to appreciate my favorite room on a cold sleety rainy day with me #goodtaste

25.  Got to teach another week of Bible Journaling! #canthisbeafulltimejob?

26.  We survived the first day of Charlie being alone with the dogs. #fitsrightin

27.  I really am thinking I need to start building an ark. #RainIsNeverEnding

28.  So heart broken for a precious family as I went to a funeral home to give everyone hugs in their loss. #prayingfortheBrownFamily

I loved watching how much David loved his daughter all the time - but especially on her wedding day

29. SERIOUSLY.... THIS RAIN NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!! #everythingisflooded

30.  Our baby boy went through his neuter surgery & I was a nervous wreck the whole time. #happyitsover

31.  On the hunt for some black flats for work after mine were water soaked & smelled after all the rain. #KohlsForTheWin

& for an extra bonus - my March One Second a Day

Tell me the best thing about your March!

You can link up with so many people that are also keeping their month in memory one sentence at a time.... link opens on Thursday


  1. Well you know my month ended with some mishaps...haha but they seem to be working themselves out and April is off to a good start so far.

    March is always so Iffy with the weather. I'm glad it's over though. April is usually pretty consistent, a few nice days mixed in with intermiten rain!

  2. Mother Nature is menopausal. Or she's being passive-aggressive. I don't know who did what to upset her though, but I'm ready for some spring-like weather! I get in trouble with those library hold requests ... I forget what all I have on hold and they usually all come in at the same time.

  3. We woke up to snow sticking on the ground and rain in the forecast for as many days as they post! Oh I do hope Bruno’s skin is MUCH better! xo

  4. Whew! March flew by, didn't it? I can't believe all the snow y'all have been getting! I love that pic of the Bride hugging her Daddy! So special!

  5. My spring break was the best thing about March. It was so nice to go to bed late and sleep in.

    There can never be enough one-sentence-a-day posts about puppies.

  6. Full month and what a sweet compliment from Ricky about your hair! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Spring really needs to get it together because I think we are all over it. I love reserving books and movies from online for our library. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  8. What a great month. I love your hair. So pretty!

  9. Take the comment from your husband as a compliment. I'm sure that's what he meant it to be (because you do look very pretty there) and if not, you at least won't be mad at him. lol

    I love putting books on hold at the library. Mine are usually ebooks or audiobooks. What an awesome program.

  10. Your first day of spring pictures cracks me up! And the clip of Ricky on the floor with the boys!! Too funny!
    My library makes it SUPER easy to put books on hold or borrow movies digitally. I love it!!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful! Can't beat that good feeling that getting your hair done gives you!

  12. I love putting books on hold at the library. They do all the work and I just have to pick it up. I also love the Starbucks app.

  13. I hope poor Ernie was able to get rid of that awful collar! I also hope the snow is all done up there!

  14. Seems like we all had crazy weather and snow in March, including here in London, UK, where it's normally just a bit rainy most of the time.

  15. Your socks turned out fabulous!! I haven't knitted socks in a long time, but I have a sweater on this month's post that I finished years ago!!
    And your hashtags? Hilarious!!

  16. Fab month and your hair looks great!

  17. You were always gorgeous but have to agree that new color/cut is smashing!! What a lovely color.

    Ditto what Jodie said, your hashtags take your sentences to a whole new humorous level. Such fun.

    Love the photo of all of the pups together. We have always had a mini-menagerie. Down to just two kitties these days. Miss my dogs.


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