Monday, April 02, 2018

The weekend we celebrated Easter....

What a busy, hectic, stressful & wonderful weekend....nothing like cramming in all things for the weekend, huh?

Friday, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I was basically a nervous wreck.... why? Our little boy was headed to the vet to get his little snip surgery.  Can you believe he'll be 6 months old this week?

But Ricky had to take him in on Friday morning & I felt like the clock was ticking so slow ....& then I got the call that he was OK. BIG EXHALE.  So glad that's over... but its a lot of torture still right now because we have to keep him from jumping & running & keep the cone of shame on him for a week. This is like trying to keep the wind from blowing.  I mean, HOW do you keep a puppy from jumping?  Needless to say, its a lot of kennel time & we feel AWFUL about it - but knowing its for his own good.

He's actually been really good about it.  I think he knows he isn't 100%.  When he gets out of the kennel, he basically takes like 5 steps & sits down & doesn't want to move.... after a few minutes, another 5 steps & sits down again.  His incision looks great, isn't even that big, but he's just acting like something is irritating him. Dont know if its the shaving that's itching him?  Or if the stitches that are inside?  But all we know is if that cone isn't on his head, he's nipping at it immediately.... so yeah, the cone is there to stay for awhile.

Poor boy

All that to say too that Friday & Saturday & Sunday night, Ricky & I were both up every few hours checking on him & taking him out potty - which is a feat because we have to keep Harvey up to take Ernie out because they will just want to run together. I think Harvey is suffering just as much as Ernie.

Saturday morning, Ricky had to work so that left me on puppy duty alone for awhile... I just kept him in his kennel in the enclosed room & I did some reading & some bible journaling....

& then I actually rode down to meet Ricky for lunch & plus, I had to go on the hunt for some shoes. Mine were literally TORE UP.  Like, the winter with all the dampness has ruined them, made them so stinky & plus, the bottom has slits in them so if I step in a puddle, I can feel the wetness soaking in. Fun stuff.  Plus, I needed some comfy shoes with all the walking I do at work now.

We came home & spent the rest of the night just loving Ernie & giving him kennel breaks, & gave the other dogs attention too.  Bruno got a bath & a hair cut & he looks like a little pup again.

Sunday, we headed to church to celebrate our Risen Savior.

I LOVE EASTER. Like LOVE IT. It's just my favorite Holiday. I love the energy of it.  Church is just on a different level on Easter.  Love seeing all the pretty dresses & all the excitement from kids & just doing traditional things.

For us, tradition is church & Panera Bread & Starbucks... praise the Lord! :)

It's true though. We totally went to church & then had breakfast at Panera... which was completely empty - felt so strange....

& then stopped in Starbucks for a drink & then came home to once again, love on Ernie... & to get our calves & shins even more banged up with that cone bumping into them. MAN... dogs know how to get even, don't they?

Then I headed over to my brother's house where they served a great Easter lunch.  Fun to talk & eat & I even got to shoot a few hoops with one niece & play tennis with the other.  It made me want to get back out on the court & get some good tennis going. My shoulder did better than I thought it would.... I know I shouldn't push it... but when have I ever listened to reason?

I was so excited for Easter night because I was all about catching Jesus Christ Superstar!!!! .... which wasn't comfortable because since we cut cable, we only have one small tv in our kitchen that gets local stations... so I ended up getting comfy with a pillow on the bar stool & staring at the smallest screen we have in the house.  Anything for a musical though.

Image result for jesus christ superstar live

& here we are... Monday... a big week ahead...

If y'all can start lifting prayers - my daddy goes into surgery tomorrow for a knee replacement.  He's acctually looking forward to it with the pain he's in... so pray that its a smooth surgery & a quick healing.  Appreciate it so much!

How was your weekend?

Do any Easter celebrations?

What's your tip on healing a neutered dog?


  1. Aw, poor Ernie. My mom's pup was just spayed a couple of weeks ago and had to wear the cone for 2 weeks! I'm sure she'd commiserate with Ernie as she is the wildest dog and never sits still.

    Praying your dad's surgery goes well and he recovers quickly. I know my dad put his knee replacement off for years, but after he'd finally done it he commented that he wished he had done it a lot sooner because of how much better he felt.

  2. Oh wow, from one surgery to another. Best of luck to your dad.

    Jesus Christ superstar is my favorite musical so I was really looking forward to it last night. However, I was just a little underwhelmed with it. If I adnt already deen it live on stage and if i didn't already know what it was about, i think i would have been a little lost.
    So show us these new shoes!

  3. Thinking and praying for your Daddy! And for Ernie! LOVE your Easter dress! And your Starbucks cup art! Have a great start to your week!

  4. I always love how you decorate your SBUX cups!! What a wonderful Easter weekend you had!! Have a great start to the week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Poor puppy! He does look unhappy with the cone but it sounds like he really needs it. We taped Jesus Christ Superstar yesterday so I'm looking forward to watching it after work today :) I was so surprised to hear that Alice Cooper was part of the cast.

  6. So glad Ernie is doing well. He looks so puppy sad in his kennel, like he's working his Mama to get all the sympathy in the world. My cats were all neutered when I adopted them, so I never had to go through that agony with them but Emeril did have surgery and waiting for the "he's okay call" was torture. As was the cone of shame. He was not happy. At all! Sending positive energy and prayers for your father's surgery tomorrow!

  7. Oh boy, lots of prayers for poor little Ernie and your dad!
    Glad you guys had a fun and joyful Easter!! It sounds like it was the perfect day!
    Didn't you just LOVE Sara Bareilles in the musical?? I can't get enough of her!

  8. Jesus Christ Superstar was AMAZING!! Sara Bareilles is my absolute favorite, and she and John Legend were so good - Alice Cooper stole the show, though ;) I hope Ernie is healing up quickly - that cone doesn't look fun!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  9. Praying for your dad. I was amazed by how many restaurants were actually closed yesterday. We ended up at an almost empty Japanese Hibachi Grill place which was so very good. It was fun watching the chef cook and just talking with our family. I'm sure we'll go back.

  10. No dog tips. Cats aren't as hard and our last one didn't even have to wear a cone. Looks like you two had a great Easter! Hope you got some new shoes!! I will pray for your dad. Joe has heart valve replacement tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers too!

  11. I'm glad Ernie came through his surgery just fine! You had a nice Easter weekend, and although we were out of town, I knew all too well about cramming everything in!

  12. Sending your dad lots of prayers. Sounds like a great weekend. I’m so glad Ernie is going well.

  13. Glad to hear that Ernie did well during surgery. He is a cutie even with his cone of shame. Praying for your dad and his surgery!

  14. I LOVE Easter Sunday too more than ever before; there was such an air of JOY and EXCITEMENT and REJOICING that I pray continues and continues this past Sunday. And I am so glad Ernie is doing well.

    Praying for your daddy. <3

  15. He is risen indeed! Poor little boy and cone of shame. I hear you about trying to keep a puppy from jumping. It's impossible. We just got a little puppy about a month ago and jumping is her love language. LOL

  16. How does he do with the cone?
    If I put a cone on our dogs, they'll stand in one spot and won't move. It's completely pointless and unproductive.

    Glad everything went well with Ernie, and now I'll be thinking of your dad!

  17. Love the starbucks cup decoration and your Bible journaling too! Praying for a safe and smooth surgery for your dad tomorrow.

  18. omg I'm so sorry to hear, but I am so glad everything went well! Best parent award goes to you. You lost me at "had to wake up every few hours to check on him."

    I will NEVER ever get sick of seeing your bible journaling skills <3 So beautiful

    so glad you had a great easter! Believing for an amazing report from your dad too!

  19. I'm glad you had a nice Easter and everything went ok with Ernie's surgery. I'll be praying for your Dad. I love your Easter traditions!! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  20. Good luck to your dad today!

    I'm glad Ernie was okay and came home. We were lucky. Bruce was back to normal instantly and he had no cone, etc.

    Happy Easter!


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