Monday, April 23, 2018

The weekend we ran into complications....

Around these parts, it was a busy weekend for most.

It was Thunder Over Louisville... which if you dont know what that is - its the kick off to the 2 weeks before the Kentucky Derby.  Yes, the Kentucky Derby is the greatest 2 minutes of sports - but around here, its the best 2 weeks in the city.  Any reason for a celebration.

& it kicks off with the largest firework display in the US.  It is pretty impressive if you like that sort of thing.

All that to say... we didn't go. haha. We actually havent gone in years.  I'm the Scrooge of fireworks I think because after 10 minutes, I'm like, "They all look the same" & then I worry about sitting in traffic for hours to get out of Downtown - which is exactly what happens.  So no, we didn't go. 

Let the Derby Festival begin!

In our little world though, it wasn't nearly as exciting.  It just involved a lot of chores & hospital visits.

So I guess I should mention what happened to my dad in regards to all the hospital visits.

It all started on Thursday.  He went for his knee check up from his knee replacement surgery & while he was there, he got really dizzy & said he was getting ready to pass out. My brother & his daughter took him & they even told me he didnt look very good at all.  His BP was CRAZZZZY low too so after talking to his heart doctor's office, they told him to go to the ER.

& that's where we spent Thursday afternoon... into Thursday evening where they admitted him to the ICU with blood clots in his leg (the one that had knee replacement) & they broke off from there & clots have traveled to his lung.  When you do something big - do it SUPER big.

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& since he's been in there, they've since found that he has a blood infection that they have no idea where its coming from.  SAY WHAT?  They originally thought it was from the incision on his knee but it looks really good & clean & scabbing up well to heal.  Needless to say, he's still in the hospital to have tests run to try & find what's going on.... & getting lots of antibiotics to try & get rid of all the infection.

Everyone is asking me how he feels - I mean, you hear infection in your whole body & you think, UGH - that can't make you feel good. He said he actually doesnt feel bad, but its tough on him laying flat & still all day when he just wants to keep working his knee. It's getting tight & stiff on him & I think that's his biggest issue.

We just need this blood infection to heal up.... so calling all praying people!!!  Let's bend God's ear on this one & help my daddy's blood get back to normal!!!  He's got to get out & enjoy that new knee of his!!!

Nothing else was really exciting during the weekend....

A lot of driving... while singing The Greatest Showman soundtrack the whole time....
Finding yarn on sale (PRAISE!)
MSM with my awesome girls
Enjoying some warmer temps (Finally) & some sunshine (Finally)
Catching up on Jane the Virgin (I still havent seen the season finale - so no spoilers please!!!!)

& also freaking out that Ernie CRAWLED out from under our fence to run with the neighbors dog. WHATTTTT???????????????????????????????
Cue the worrying!!!!  Ricky has since got some things to cover the area he crawled out of - but I'll be sitting with my security cameras on 24/7 to make sure he's still in the house/yard.  We just need him to get a little more weight on him & it wouldnt even be an issue... but little slinky boy is just that. Like a little slinky weasel that can slide in & out of anything.

So its Monday & if you need me, I'll just be starting my week worrying over a dozen things.... welcome to the new work week.

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  1. Praying for your dad. Just when you thought it was smooth sailing. I love the anxiety girl at the true!

  2. O gosh that is scary about your dad. Just when you think he is home free!

    This time of year in your area must be so exciting. I love fireworks and any hoopla made over a big event!

    That boy Ernie!!! Harvey needs to teach him the ropes!

  3. I hope your dad is doing better now! And Ernie ... I'd be freaking out. Maybe put the cone of shame back on him so he can't fit under the fence? We don't do Thunder either -- went one year with the best possible seats and made it home in 10 minutes. It set the bar high and we haven't had the desire to go back since. Once was more than enough! :)

  4. Praying for your dad!! I'm so sorry. That's just crazy.

  5. Sending lots of prayers for your dad - so sorry that you all are going through this! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Your poor daddy, glad he doesn’t feel too bad. Ernie! Crazy boy! Sending you a don’t worry pill! xo

  7. Oh your poor Father. Sending lots of prayers to your dad and your family. Big hugs.

  8. Hoping and praying for answers and successful treatment for your father. I think the not knowing can be the hardest part. Once you have some understanding of where the infection is coming from, the battle can be won. Hope you can share an update with good news by week's end.

  9. I hope that they figure out what's causing the infection for your dad soon! That's good that he feels ok for the most part. Yikes on Ernie sneaking out like that! Hope you find a way to discourage him from doing that again.

  10. I saw on your IG stories that your dad was back in the hospital. I'm sorry the blood clots have happened and I'm praying for a speedy recovery! Stay positive, Girlfriend!

  11. Prayers for your dad! and prayers for you too! I know it's gotta be rough dealing with these health complications, but stay strong and I'll definitely keep praying for you all.

  12. So sorry to hear about your Dad. I know you were so pleased when he walked out of the hospital like a boss and now he's back there. Hopefully, he'll be able to walk out soon! Ah, so Ernie is part feline because I swear there is no hole too small for a cat to squeeze through!

  13. My father in law had shoulder surgery a few years back and a blood clot traveled to his lungs too. Sooo scary. Sending your dad all the prayers.

  14. Your dad has really been through it lately! Praying that the infections heals so he can do his knee therapy! And that Ernie is such a stinker - ha!

  15. Your poor dad has really had some battles lately. Hopefully they get if all figured out quickly and he can get back to working that knee again. Yarn on sale is a good thing...except I've got too much yarn already, so I have to just ignore the sales for now. I'm determined to use what I have before buying any more. Wellll...maybe! lol

  16. So sorry to hear about your dad! I hope they figure out what is causing the infection and get him on the mend. I will be praying! In other news, Mac ALWAYS Houdini his way out of our fence in the backyard. It is quite ridiculous and I have told him if he wants so badly to leave us to go ahead and find someone else who will put up with him and his ridiculous self lol. They will send him back quick!

  17. Praying for your dad. I hear so many of these stories with replacements and then complications after...YIKES!

  18. Wow! That's a lot going on with your dad. Hope he recovers quickly!

  19. Your dad is front and center on my prayer list, Rebecca Jo.

    Oh my gosh! Bad Ernie!!

    Hang in there, my friend! Keep us posted!

  20. Oh boy. I know what you mean by the doggie escape artists. Our huskies especially our older female is like that, but I'm thankful Ricky found the spot and blocked him off from escaping again. Every time our dogs do get out I'm amazed at how God protects them.

    Praying for your daddy. Infections are HARD. <3 May God rest his heart, give Him much much peace.

  21. Oh my goodness what a weekend. Your dad is in my prayers for complete and total healing from this infection. I would have been so nervous too about Ernie. Coaty did that once in our old house and we lived on a main road. I think I nearly had a heart attack. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  22. Thinking of your dad. I hope he heals quickly from this.

    Lizzy can't figure out navigating the fence but she does like to run out the front door whenever she gets a chance so that's fun.

  23. Oh man... That's a lot for one person to worry about! Good choice on avoiding the chaos in downtown Louisville. Definitely sending some prayers for your dad! Is he still in the hospital? I hope he's doing better!!
    Oooh, Ernie! Little weasel! Doesn't he know his momma has enough to worry about??!


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