Monday, April 16, 2018

The weekend that I had a date with Hugh Jackman...

This was one of those weekends that I BLINKED... & its Monday again.

I hate that....REALLY hate that.

Friday started off with excitement when I got off work because I got to go pick up my daddy from the rehab hospital! & was TOTALLY shocked when I was waiting at the door with my car & here  he came WALKING OUT!!!!!

You may have seen the video on my Instagram of him walking out - Mr. Smooth.  I still need to upload it to my YouTube so I can share it... I'm sure you'll see it on my Thankful Thursday.

The ride home for him was a little rough, but he made it & the horses were so happy to see him, even if it was from the porch.

We got him comfortable & I took mom to the grocery & to pick up dad's medicine.  Side note - we found the perfect time to go grocery shopping is Friday night. It was totally empty.  Nice!

Saturday, we woke up to a rainy day - yuck... & I spent the first part of my morning sitting out in, you guessed it, the enclosed room. I took some time to knit & Ricky & I chatted the morning away.

I had to run to the bank so I made it a productive trip of going out in the yucky rain by taking a trip to the library too. I'm loving going to the library on the weekends now.

& then since I was by myself, I went to Target & shopped around for the longest time. I honestly was there for so long, I was shocked myself when I saw the time.  & do you  know, I got out to my car & STILL remembered 3 things I forgot to pick up. What is it about Target that makes you totally blank in the brain?????  Forgetting things you need & picking up things you totally never even KNEW you needed!!!! #thestruggleisreal

At least I picked up some new mascara & an eye mask.  Anyone try that mascara yet? I've never seen it before & am always looking for a new one - plus, I'm a Neutrogena fan.

I left Target & ended up going IN the grocery store to do my own shopping. I haven't been in there for nearly 2 months since I started Click List.... & let me tell you - I wont be back. I forgot how miserable it is in there - with the crowds, with the fighting to get down aisles, the wait in the check out lanes, with the loading & unloading in the cart & the car, with forgetting things I needed (UGHHHH - again!).  It reminded me once again its SOOOOO worth the $4.95 to get the Click List - review my grocery list to see if I have everything I need for the week, have it loaded in my car for me, not have to deal with the crowds.  Oh man... I never knew how much I hated the grocery shopping until this weekend. I'll be back on Click List this week FO'SURE!!!!

Ricky ended up having to run down to Home Depot so he was able to meet me after the grocery shopping for some late lunch/early dinner.

& then I wanted to get home & get my shower & settle in because I treated myself at Target by getting what I've been dying to see for the longest time!!!!


I honestly cant say enough good about it.  & I have honestly listened to this song probably, maybe, close to about 50 times in 2 days....

Sunday, we woke up to Spring once again disappearing & it FREEZING outside.

Dear Mother Nature, you need some counseling for the crazy you are going through.  Sincerely, all of us.

I headed to MSM & LOVED the message for the day. We're talking about putting on the Armor of God & this day was about the 'boots & helmet'. The visual of putting on boots with cleats in them to push forward & not get pushed back in the middle of a war.... it was chilling to me. Loved it so much.

& always love talking to my sweet girls.

Get this - do you know one of my girls - in 8th grade now, published a little book. I say little, but its still like 150 pages long.   Can you believe that????  Look at these little achievers in life already!!!

She's hoping to sell it on Amazon so if it goes up there, I'll be sure to let everyone know. I'll be so happy to support one of my girls ESPECIALLY in writing a book.

I left from there & headed to my Joyster group as we finished up our book - Steadfast Love.  I so enjoyed this study so much so if you're looking for one for your group, this one totally has my recommendation. 

& I had to jet out so I could meet Ricky & our baby girl for dinner. So glad to see her again. She was in at Christmas & she didnt know when she was going to make it back. I'm glad it was only 4 months & not a year.  Hoping to see her some more before she heads back home.

Then it was time to go home & do adult things like cleaning, bills, food prep for lunches (look at me) & to just relax....

... & maybe watch The Greatest Showman again.  Just maybe ;)

How was your weekend?

Have you seen The Greatest Showman yet? (Am I the last one?)

Mother Nature still wigging out on you?


  1. I so know what you mean - it feels like it was just Friday boo!!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the mascara! Have a great week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yay to your daddy walking out. Can you believe I still haven’t seen The Greatest Showman? Hope you’re Week is off to a great start!

  3. Yay for your dad walking out to meet you! Have you tried that eye mask? I really need help with undereye circles. I'd love to hear what you think of it :)

  4. I just bought my DVD of The Greatest Showman and can't wait to watch it!!!

  5. I have not seen that movie yet, but I do like that song.

  6. That picture of your dad looking out at the barn after his surgery is priceless. And I don't know why I wasn't following your Instagram, but I am now! We just loved the Greatest Showman in the theater...need to check it out on video now. I need to try one of those eye masks. Have a marvelous Monday.

  7. You will have to let us know what you think about that mascara. I think it is incredible when anyone gets published, but to do it in 8th grade?? Incredible!!!!!!! Congrats to her! I was so happy to see your dad walking out on his own on your Instastory! That is also awesome! Hope you have a great week!

  8. I love that the horses were excited to see your dad :) Grocery shopping on a Friday night is my favorite, too!! I actually really love grocery shopping, but only when the store is a ghost town ;) I still need to see The Greatest Showman! Gah!
    Glad you had such a marvelous weekend!!

  9. I was so happy to see your dad WALKING out, God is good. We finally watched TGS this weekend, twice lol and I bought the soundtrack. I can't imagine all the cold weather I've seen up North, we had a high of 64 today which is so out of character for FL. Glad you had a great weekend!!

  10. Ha ha ha! Yes!! Mother Nature definitely needs some counseling! We had tornados this weekend! I still haven't seen The Greatest Showman!

  11. We really enjoyed The Greatest Showman ^^(Laura - you need to see it!)^^. Going to listen to the video you included in just a sec. That soundtrack is so good.

    Your weekend sounded almost perfect by my books. As I type this, we are sitting on our back porch, just after dinner, and it is a gorgeous evening. But another front is scheduled for tomorrow. Mother Nature must be going through menopause. That's the only thing I can figure.

  12. Oh the weather! It is awful everywhere I think...I went to Target on Saturday and bought nothing. That never happens. Even my Starbucks was free because their register was down. I should have ordered a Venti instead of a Tall. Oh, well!

  13. I think that grocery shopping on any weekend is miserable, period. I try to go on like Thursdays after work. I used to do the Wal-Mart order online thing, but they started substituting things for other things they didn't have so I'd get stuck with things I didn't want. Plus, I despise Wal-Mart's produce.

  14. I just watched The Greatest Showman on my flight to England. In fact, I loved it so much I watched it twice in a row. Love love it and the music!! OMG! So good. Have been listening to This is me, non-stop!!

  15. I will never understand how the weekends end up being the fastest days of the week. I am so glad your dad is home and he walked out to your car! Aside from the weather, it sounds like you had a nice weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  16. I haven't seen the greatest showman yet. But I'm usually always the last one to see a good movie..haha.

    Glad your dad is back home!

  17. Yup, OBSESSED with The Greatest Showman. SO much so that I went and saw it in theaters TWICE, and I've never done that before.

  18. Yay for your dad being able to walk out! And I bought the movie and watched in on Thursday! So dang good, I loved every minute of it!

  19. OMG So glad you loved Greatest Showman!! I am still thoroughly obsessed and wondering who else I can con into watching it with us! hahahah I can't stop listening to the music. I want to watch it all the time. I have such a crush on everyone in that movie and it's message. XO - Alexandra

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