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* I am just so sad over Barbara Bush's passing. I've always just really liked the Bush family.  Especially her - she's always been the biggest supporter of her husband & her sons. I appreciate that. & she's always just seemed real to me.  No holds bar kinda lady.   & I just love her & George have been together all these years.  He always seemed like he was the one in the worst health out of the two.... poor thing. I cant even imagine how heart broken he has to be.

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* I'm sorry, I just dont get the whole Coachella thing. Is it just an excuse to dress like a hippy & make you act like you're in the 70's.... except there's Beyonce instead of Janice Joplin?

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* & speaking of which, I don't get the whole Beyonce thing either. I mean, I get she's talented & has a great voice.... but I just dont get the QUEEN thing.  Like she's the most amazing artist in the world & can do no wrong.!!!!!!!

*Cell phones & cell phone companies are a joke.   Ricky went to see when our contract was up & they told him what I owe $1.25 on my phone & he owes around $200.00 on his. OK... first of all - he PAID in CASH for his phone when we signed the contract. What the heck?  They've been charging him this whole time???? & if we got phones at the same time, why is mine apparently $1.25 due while his is $200?  & every question we had about it, the guy in the store said, "I dont have access to that information".  I never wanted to burn a place down so badly in my life.

* Anyone else watch the Boston Marathon?  I didn't. Wanted to - have watched it every year but at my new job, I wasn't able to - but I was so excited when I heard who won & got to see the highlight reel of it all. GO USA! GO USA WOMEN!!!!! Watching this sort of thing makes me want to pull out my running shoes again & get some miles back under me. .... except running one miles basically FEELS like a marathon at this point.

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* It's still snowing here... in April.... I have no words.

* I hurt myself all the time & noticed every time i do something (paper cut, stump toes, bump into closed doors .... dont judge) I instantly say, OUCH.  & then I thought, is that a natural reaction or who made the word OUCH the word to say when you hurt yourself?  Like why wasn't it like KAPOW or BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA? ... I may try those out on my next injury - which I'm sure will happen very soon.

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Or that one too!

* If you saw my Insta-story on Monday - you know I was just sick. I always have my security camera on, especially in the morning, at work so I can watch the dogs play & make sure they're safe & sound.  Except on Monday, I sat there & watched Harvey Dent bring out my ugg boots & have a hay day with them - swinging them, tossing the, & then putting them on the ground & putting his head in & digging out the lining into the yard.  I felt so utterly helpless - I had to turn it off & just say a sweet prayer of peace for my boots.  Now, these boots have sat at the back door all winter long - I've used them to put on during the cold when we would have to take Bruno out in the frigid temps.... & now, when its Spring, Harvey says its over... no more boots. I guess he's about done with winter too.

What's on your mind you need to get out?


  1. I read some of her more famous quotes today and she was as funny as she was classy!! Very strong legacy she leaves behind! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh my goodness, your poor Uggs! I have shed a few tears today over Barbara, I just love the Bush family. Yeah, Coachella, Short cut off jeans, kimono and flowered headbands and floppy hats running around. Woodstock wanna bes, lol. Have a great day! I will NEVER get Beyonce. Give me J-Lo!

  3. oh no sorry to hear about your uggs. Sadly, I'm still wearing mine as it's been cold up here. More rain tomorrow! I too was sad to hear about Mrs. Bush death. She was such a classy lady.

  4. Oh no, your poor boots! Hopefully Winter listens to Harvey and stay away now. That experience at the cell phone place sounds ridiculous. How did he even know that much if he didn't have access to his information!?!

  5. I wrote a post about Beyoncé and a few other artists that I was over a few years ago. I don't get the Queen thing, either. First, everyone was a "Diva" and now we got "Queen"! I was also saddened to hear about Barbara Bush and was surprised that her passing was before George's. I thought she was in better health than him. I really liked her and her pearls, too!

  6. Poor boots! Well seems Harvey had enough of them for sure.
    I don't get most celebrities or politicians at all. Don't want to either.

  7. I always liked Barbara Bush too. You could tell that she commanded much respect and love from her family, which says a lot about her. And it also surprised me that she passed away before George too. I didn't realize she was in poor health until this weekend. I had to go home to Minnesota last week for a funeral and it SNOWED 18 INCHES! That's right - 18 inches!! Insanity. Sorry about your Ugg boots but I'm with Harvey Dent in being over winter!

  8. Your poor boots...hard to watch on the security camera. I totally agree about Beyonce...what's all the hype? Cell phone companies are just the worst. A few years ago, I changed from a long contract to a month-to-month plan. I bought my iPhone at the apple store. Then got a plan through ATT Go phone for $40 /month - unlimited calls, text and data. I also liked a plan like this for the kids because they offer talk/text plans with no data. I did this when they first got their phones. When I'm ready for a new phone, one of the kids will get my old one.

  9. I can't believe I didn't know Barbara Bush passed. I haven't been watching live tv for the past few days!

    Although I feel bad for you about your boots, I did chuckle when I read that. Just that fact that you could see Harvey doing that and he had no idea! Sweet boy doesn't want you to have to wear those boots anymore. He wants to get ready for summer! Even when Baylee does something bad I still can't seem to be mad at Her! I bet you are the same way with him too.

  10. I dont get the Coachella either. And I really liked Barbara Bush as well. Dont even get me started on cell phone carriers. UGHHHHH

  11. It is so sad about Barbara Bush but she is leaving a great legacy. I don't get the whole Cochella thing either and I definitely don't get the whole Beyonce thing. I have so many things on that and can't believe the praise people give celebrities. I saw her in concert once, and while she is a good performer, it stays at that for me. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  12. Ok, I am so out of the loop that I don't even know what Coachella is. Going to look into that right now.

    I appreciate the close-knit family the Bushes have raised. I cannot imagine how George, Sr., will manage without his rock of Gibraltar beside him. 73 years together. That is so amazing, so honorable.

    We have pay as you go phones for the very reason that I cannot tolerate the scheming ways of all of the phone companies. Our connectivity, at times, can be a little IF-y but is getting better all the time. My bill is the same month after month and when they can't deduct the payment from my account because the well's dry, they don't! Ha! We are both very happy with our phone service.

  13. I do not like Bush politics but as people they are much better than what is representing that party now. I think Barbara was a great champion of literacy and a fierce family lady. At 92, she led a long and full life!

    Cell phones are expensive AF and I'm over it.

  14. So sad about Barbara, she seemed like such a sweet lady. And yeah I'm pretty sure Coachella is just an excuse to party hard and dress like a hippie lol. P.S. I'm not that big of a fan of Beyonce given her anti-police stance and some of the comments she's made about police officers. Yeah she has a good voice, but not a queen in my book with her hatred towards a certain group of people.

  15. COULD NOT AGREE MORE about Coachella and Beyonce! I'm so tired of hearing about both!

  16. Ugh cell phone companies are the WORST for sure. I hate that. I hope they get it figured out!

    I don't really get the whole Beyonce thing either. You're not alone!

  17. Oh man... I can't imagine watching the pups destroy something I love! You hate seeing them do it... but honestly, I think it's cute how much fun they can have with something as silly as a boot (or a comforter in my case once).


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