Monday, April 09, 2018

The weekend I could only imagine....

Y'all... I am about sick of this....

I know people get tired of hearing others complain about its either too hot or too cold, but I'm sorry - I am so over this winter not giving up its hold on us.... this is getting a TAD old now. I'm just afraid we're going to go straight from this white stuff still falling & freezing temps to 107 degrees with 120% humidity & miss all the glory of spring.


Even if it is a cold & snowy weekend, I'll still be glad its a weekend.

Friday, I headed home from work & had to stop at the library to drop off my books & pick up another book I had on hold.

I honestly could walk through the aisles for hours just to read all the titles of the books. SO MANY BOOKS TO READ... I just take it as a challenge walking in there.

I got home & tried to work on our taxes but I think my brain has left the building when it comes to taxes.  Ricky came home to find me nearly in tears because I was so frustrated so he just said close it up, we'll have someone do it for us - MY HERO!  I never shut down a computer so fast in my life.

Saturday, its when we woke up to the snow...

For all of you that are posting pics of new sandals right now?
I kinda want to punch you in the pretty pedicure toes
Snow just sucks all my motivation to do anything but to sit & read ... so I just made some coffee & relaxed doing my Bible Study in front of the heater.  Hello Spring.

I did manage to get some things done around the house & then headed to Target to pick up my dad some shorts for rehab & some snacks & then headed over to see how he was doing.

Poor guy.  He's still in so much pain.

I left from there to meet up with Ricky to have some dinner.  Penn Station for the win.

We got home & fed the dogs, I took my shower & we snuggled in for a movie date night at home.  The new Star Wars movie.  I really liked it - but GEEEEZ, it was REALLLLY long.  Glad we watched it at home. I think I would have been frustrated sitting in a theater for over 2.5 hours.
I just get tired of fight scenes when they last over 10 minutes. COME ON MAN..... But I did really enjoy the movie. & so sad watching Carrie Fisher.  Princess Leia forever

Image result for star wars the last jedi

Sunday, I headed to go to MSM which was SO FUN because we haven't had a normal class in 3 weeks with Spring Break & Easter. It was SO WONDERFUL to see my girls again!!!

Even better, because we were having a FUN DAY together after class.  We got a car load of girls & we headed to go see I Can Only Imagine.... oh mercy me!! (See what I did there?)

Image result for i can only imagine movie

What a good movie. & so powerful & moving. & let me tell you - its so funny because I have some middle school girls.  FULL of emotion.  & we had 2 girls that were crying SO HARD that people were turning around checking on them to make sure they were OK.  It helped me from choking up so much because I was checking on the girls to see if they were alright.  Though, one particular scene did kick me in the throat & make me choke up pretty fiercely.

Plus, it was just fun to hang out with the girls... they are the best. THE BEST!!!!!

I left from them to meet Ricky to do our taxes... which he forgot a paper he needed so we ended up leaving NOT having our taxes complete & another appointment to go back this week. Geez....

& then we ate at Penn Station for round 2 of the weekend... & then we ran over to check on dad.

Poor guy AGAIN - he was in SO MUCH PAIN... they asked him his pain level on 1-10 & he was at a 9. & this is a man who when he had hips replaced, he was like, Its nothing. Totally fine. He doesnt ever complain about pain.  YIKES!!!!!!

So after a long day away ... finally got home & glad to love on my fur babies & to relax a little bit to gear up for another FULL week. Boo!  That's OK - I need routine & 5 days of working is good for my brain.

How was your weekend?

Still getting snow?

Have you seen I Can Only Imagine?


  1. I literally laughed out loud at your caption of your snow picture! No snow for us, we seemed to have got lucky and missed the last few rounds. It's been sunny but a bit windy,as I suppose Spring normally is. I could still stand it to be warmer though, so there's that!.

    I don't know if I will go see that movie if it is such a tear jerker. The song "I can only imagine" was sung at my grandma's funeral so I usually break down just a little bit each time I hear it.

  2. That was such a good movie! And I'm hoping we get to enjoy a little bit of spring before it jumps right into the high humidity of summer.

  3. The white stuff has gotta go and this is coming from a snow lover, lol. Such a GREAT movie! May your Monday start the week off great and May your temps climb with sunshine!

  4. our weather was bananas this weekend. one minute it was gray and SNOWING; the next hour it was sunny and everything melted. it went on like that all saturday.

  5. Our weather is snowy and gloomy. I hiked with my Pastor because she is experiencing her first New England winter from CA. I told her I really was excited for you to experience snow for the first time. However if you could call it off that would be great.
    Our taxes are almost done but it was still a stressful weekend.
    No to the movie I’m going to have to google it .

  6. Yes, old man winter reared his head again here in Louisiana, too. With the exception of a tornado warning Friday evening! I froze yesterday at church! Haven't seen the movie yet. Alise and I tried to see Grease yesterday on the big screen and it sold out right in front of us!!i was so sad!

  7. I so feel you on the weather being a total bummer! Hoping you guys get your taxes all done this week so you dont have to worry about it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I'm over the snow, too. Guess it didn't get the memo, because it's snowing here today. :/

    I saw "I Can Only Imagine" the weekend it came out. We got there half an hour early and the theater was so packed we had to sit in those yucky seats up front where you have to stare up the whole time. Even so, it was very good! This weekend I saw "Paul, Apostle of Christ" Hooooboyyyyy....that is one powerful flick. I am pretty sure that by the end when Paul dies (I really hope that isn't a spoiler for anyone) EVERYONE in the theater was crying. Even the MEN! Then when it was over no one spoke. No one moved. It was AMAZING!

  9. I'm so sorry your dad is having a rough time. Poor guy! And so sorry about all the snow! I don't mind your complaining about'll hear plenty of that from me when I'm sick of the Texas heat in August! Have a good week. (Sounds like a great movie. I just listened to a podcast from Jesus Calling with the guy from Mercy Me talking about his story.)

  10. Oh my, Rebecca Jo. I'm sorry you've had a tough time. Happy you got back to the girls. I've heard that movie is a real tear-jerker. We will catch it on Netflix, then I can cry as much as I want to. Praying for your dad.

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing I can only Imagine. It looks so good!

  12. The weather has been wacky here if it makes you feel better. One day it is summer and then we are back to winter. Butttt there is no snow. So there is that. You need to move further south ;)

  13. I think the weather goes back and forth from day to day. Honestly, after living in a few different climate zones, I can't even pretend it bothers me anymore because it's definitely out of my control. I'd rather be cold than hot and that's my bottom line lol.

  14. Alright... I'm actually ready to agree with you. This winter-lover is over it. I want to leave my jacket at home and get my seedlings in the ground :(
    I've only heard wonderful things about 'I Can Only Imagine.' Clearly I need to go see it!

  15. That snow is so crazy! As usual here in Seattle we're getting rain. Lots and lots of rain. We have seen I Can Only Imagine and we loved it! Tomorrow I'm getting my copy of The Greatest Showman. We've been waiting for this to come out and can't wait to watch it!!

  16. Seriously this winter has been the worst. I'm worried we won't even get to enjoy spring this year. I've been wanting to see I Can Only Imagine. That's too funny about some of the girls that went with you. I guess when it gets you in the feels, it gets you. I'm glad you liked it and had a good weekend. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  17. Wow your dad is a champ. I hope he starts feeling better. I am laughing at the punch you with your pretty pedicure toes comment. I feel you. We had some sunshine and now gloom.

  18. Praying for your dad. Yes, I saw "I Can Only Imagine" and totally loved it. I didn't out and out cry, but I sure had tears in my eyes and was hoping nobody noticed my eyes when I left after the movie. lol I was by myself and that was okay, but I would love to watch it with a group of people. So glad you finally got to see it.

  19. I just LOL at your caption of the spit out the coffee (if I drank it) type of laugh. Sorry your dad is in pain, I hope he finds some relief soon!

  20. Movies that are over two hours are sooo tough for me to stay and watch the whole time. Praying for your daddy! And 'I Can Only Imagine' was probably my favorite Christian movie ever; it was really amazing seeing the miracles of God in real life. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.


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