Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Day in the Life....August

I always love seeing others do these sorts of posts. The kind of peeking into someone's every day routines & worlds & what they experience & see.

& I always wanted to try & do it the 10th of every month & I thought, "I'm doing it this time around" & was pumped when I got up, started taking pics & then about 2 hours later, when I get to work, I realized it was the 7th & not the 10th!!! haha... Leave it to me. But I rolled with it anyways.  

Anyhoo... it's still a day in my life - even if its not the 10th.  & I'll try & make the 10th a goal for the future to see what it looks like every month.

& let's kick it off...

- Alarm goes off at 5:05am & I hit snooze so yeah... stumbling up at 5:18 to get out of bed.

- Breakfast was a piece of toast & two eggs... with dogs all around me waiting for their piece. Yes, I make extra eggs so they get some for breakfast #spoiled

- I remembered my gas tank was sitting on empty so I left a little early, around 6:30am, to stop & fill up my tank.  At least it was a beautiful morning.

- Ended up getting to work a little bit early too - 7:15am - I typically park in the same spot in the parking garage every day & this is the view I have every morning.

- Free tomatoes from a coworker who totally has a green thumb. She's been bringing in the stash all summer long & these babies go QUICK!

- Just a lot of work happening today.  & this is my view from my desk.

- Lunch was a half of a Mediterranean sandwich & a half of a quinoa salad.  Delicious!  I love having Panera in our building. I can usually get something different every day of the week for lunch without even having to go outside.

- But I did indeed go outside. It was a decent feeling day & I needed some fresh air so I took about 15 minutes of my lunch & walked around the block. You never know what you're going to see walking in Downtown every day.

- Checking in on my dogs from work & seeing them live the good life.  Stretching out & sleeping in the shade in our back yard, playing with each other & taking more naps. I may be a little jealous.

- The backside view of my parking spot at the end of the day....

- & I'm outta there! Work day done.

- Didnt get a chance to go home. Traffic was bad & I had to head straight to the beauty shop to get those gray roots covered up!  Please Lord. Have Mercy.

Before hair appointment - #hotmess

- & things in the world always look & feel much better when the gray is covered & the brows are tamed back down!  I still also have no idea how beauticians have the magical ability to make my hair so straight. I honestly have NEVEEERRRRRRRR been able to duplicate the same look. Or feel.

- Time for my Bible study. I need to do a post on this. I purchased the workbook from She Reads Truth this go around & thought it was a waste of money - but let me tell you, I have so enjoyed having this workbook while using the online devotional. I may have to try another one to see if its just this study or if this is what is going to work for me for a daily dig in the Word.

- & because I didnt get home till late & finish my bible study till nearly 8pm, this was my dinner for the night. Nutritious, huh?

- Totally already sucked into Bachelor in Paradise on Day 1.  I know its the most corny & ridiculous show, full of beautiful people who just want promotion so they can sell things on Instagram - but I still have to watch it.

- Ended my night with a new episode of Younger! I just love this show - anyone else a fan?  #TeamCharles #Always!!!!!  I need this show to be an hour long though. The 30 minutes is just too fast!!!

- & then I had to go back & watch my Real Housewives of OC... so my TV didn't go off till near 11:30pm

& there you have it - exciting stuff - huh?

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