Thursday, August 02, 2018

Cookies, mugs & semis.....{Thankful Thursday #182}

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This week I'm Thankful For:

Starbucks Mugs
I fell in love with the new Starbucks Kentucky mug in their series, "Been There Series"... & my Starbucks buddy at work went on vacation & when she came back, she had picked me up two from where she went.  This made me so excited.  & has since made me want to get all the mugs.  I'm obviously getting the one in Indiana & still need to get the one in Tennessee too - but I have a cousin that is sending me one up from Texas & an old high school friend sending me one from Seattle!!! - this is just fun now. I cant wait to see how the collection grows.  & when I use the cup from people that have sent them to me from afar, it'll be like I'm having a drink of coffee with my far off friends.

Seeing reminder of dad
Dad's birthday was last week & on the morning of day, I woke up with that heavy reminder he's not with us.  & then driving into work, I saw a semi next to me.  The name drew my attention because there's a lot of things named "Winkler" in the town my dad grew up in - the town that we would always travel to to visit his aunt & go on walks down memory lane with dad.  Then I took a double take at the semi & lo & behold, it was from Dale, Indiana.  The town I'm talking about.  This town is so small, you literally cant get it from the expressway. It's like a little forgotten town. Blink & you're through it.  I'm shocked they even have something with a semi.... but I just had to laugh because I knew how much dad would have loved seeing this semi with Dale, Indiana on it... & I just knew my daddy was close to me on his birthday at that moment.  Brought a smile to my face.

Ernie didnt eat the mole
If you saw my IG Story last week, you saw me post videos of me sitting at work, watching Ernie with ANOTHER mole - it was his 3rd of the week.  He was tossing that thing, playing with it - batting it around like a cat - right there in my kitchen floor. I was a nervous wreck he was going to try & eat it, or tear it in shreds - RIGHT THERE ON MY KITCHEN FLOOR.  Whew... it was all in one piece - yes, one STIFF piece when I got home, but Ernie brought it to me & dropped it at my feet as my welcome home present.  That's a welcome home.

Library Find
I went to drop off all my stash from the Readathon & had no intentions to pick up another book. Except they had a WHOLE DISPLAY of knitting books. WHAT? You know I had to stop there. & then I turn around & find the area with the New Releases & right there is one of the  books I keep seeing everyone talk about.  So yeah, they sucked me back in & I had to check these books out. The never ending cycle of the library. I love it.

Coming home from work on Friday, I just had this massive craving for the little cookies that the grocery makes up with the icing in between. Like MAJOR CRAVING. & I go in & they didnt have a single one. I was so bummed.  & then my friend that works there saw me & we got to talking & I told her how badly I was craving that cookie. Do you know she had them make me some up?  Now that's a friend!!!!  Craving fulfilled!

Dinner with loved ones
Like I mentioned the other day, it was just a tough week for me on missing my dad & it was so nice to meet up with some people I just love so much & got to chat & talk & just enjoy the beautiful summer night.

Sunday Starbucks
Some days, the iced coffee is just made perfectly... & the cake pops are fresh & the best tasting things ever.  This past Sunday was that day it struck gold again.  Delicious!

& just because this picture makes me happy

What are you Thankful for this week?

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