Thursday, August 09, 2018

Books, braids & surviving torture {Thankful Thursday #183}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Good parking spot
I had to go downtown to a hospital for my MRI last week & parking is always a nightmare. I felt like I hit the lottery when I found a spot on the street, the first spot, so I just had to basically back into it & then just walk across the street. SCORE!!!!

No parking ticket
Speaking of parking on the street. I had put 2 hours on the meter thinking that would SURELY be enough time.... HA!.... I ended up coming out 2.5 hours later & expecting a ticket on my window. I had seen a meter maid (is that what they're called anymore?) leaving tickets on people's windshields as I was going in.  But I made it out free & clear!!! YAHOOO!!!!!

MRI survival
I told everyone that I feel like MRI's are a sheer form of torture that I'm sure they use in Hell.
All the noise, no matter how loud they put music in your headphones & the vibration of the machine & then them telling you not to move at all - for 45 minutes.  & lets not forget the whole feeling like you're in a casket underground sensation anyways.  But Praise for SURVIVAL!!!

65 cents off gas!
I love Kroger Fuel points!

Hubby holding my hand
Yep - the hubs went back with me to the doc to get the results of my MRI & I'm just glad he was there to be a source of encouragement.

Coffee time with new friend
I am so glad I got to hang out with my new HSM fellow-leader.  She is just PRECIOUS!  How do I end up with the cutest leaders ever?  Last 2 years, I had a seriously-no-lie-not-exaggerating Disney Princess with me & now, I have the most beautiful, sweetest, dog fan, God-lovin' momma there is!  I am already knowing how lucky & blessed I am to get to spend the next 4 years together steering these high school girls down the right paths (or at least trying).... we met up after work & ended up talking for like 3 hours... & probably could have gone longer.  She just was medicine to my soul as she shared stories of her losing her daddy a few years previously.  She got all my emotions & it was just comforting to see her a few years out & while still feeling the ache, seeing the joy on her face talking about him & seeing God's blessings in it all.

Family Dinner
My brother had called & invited me to come over for dinner & it worked out perfectly because Ricky was staying after work to play corn hole.  So Tony picked up mom & we had a great time together & a yummy dinner (thanks to my awesome SIL) & then we just hung out on the porch & chatted the evening away.  I even got to braid my niece's hair.  At least one of them - I couldnt convince the other one to let me do her hair. 

Book surprise
Have you heard me talk lately about the amazing people at my church?  ... yeah... let's continue that list.  The amazing & incredible & beautiful young lady that is on staff at SE-Indiana Campus has just really been the sweetest blessing to me through the past months when my world has been crumbling.  Visits to the hospital - coming to the funeral home for my dad & then this week, she sent me a book in the mail for encouragement.  She gets me... knows books are like a love language to me.  & ones that are filled with words to comfort & reassure - even better. 

Wedding Invite
I am still so thankful I got to see this beautiful young lady walk down the aisle to the love of her life & become a Mrs.
(I'm totally snagging a pic off of Facebook because COME ON - look how GORGEOUS these two are!!!)

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Click pic to link to photographer - Amanda H. Photography

Kroger Gift Card
So TWICE this past week, I went to Click List only to be told my order wasn't ready & I would have to come back. It's not like its down the road from me. Its like a 15-20 minute trip (one way) so I just told them, I'll come back tomorrow.  After the 2nd time this happened (which makes it FOUR trips to the grocery) they ended up giving me a gift card for all my troubles. That was a nice surprise.  & all that hassle?  STILL better than going into the grocery & dealing with the crowd & aisles & lines.
... & for the record, one order was for mom - I'm not THAT much of a food hoarder.

HSM back in business!
I'm so excited to be starting into a new adventure with my girls!

What are you Thankful For this week?

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