Monday, August 06, 2018

The weekend that had some new beginnings.....

I honestly feel like I blinked on Sunday & it was gone.  Glad to know that Friday & Saturday felt like it has some more times stuck in the days.

Friday, I felt on a rush to get home to get ready because I was headed to a wedding.

I met this sweet girl when we volunteered together at MSM / CIY Camp last year together.  I knew her sister more since she helped serve with the same age group of middle schoolers - & I instantly fell in love with Leah.

She was the sweet soul that sat with me during the breakfast rush - in thanks to my one particular breakfast food adversion .... that dreaded C-word... & I'm gagging.....

But she would sit outside on the porch with me every morning & we'd talk & get to know each other so well. I learned of her love story with the man in her life & I was swooning over all the romantic gestures & all the fun things of hearing of young love.

Leah truly became my hero that weekend when it seemed like some sort of stomach bug was taking over & we had some pukers in our cabin.  When one of them came into our leaders room at 3am I was ready to go through some sort of hazmat nuclear cleansing to steer clear. I love people... I just have issues with loving people who are puking. God gives gifts to everyone - that gift is not mine.  Luckily, Leah has the heart to take care of sick people & she was all about taking care of this young girl & she even went as far to go clean up the mess in the girls room.  GOD BLESS THIS AMAZING SOUL!

So needless to say, it was such a beautiful thing to watch her get her Happily Ever After with the love of her life on her wedding day - & I loved I got to be a witness to it.

I have to say, I didnt plan my seat to get this view, but I could see her groom standing at the front of the aisle watching everyone come down, all the while I could see the oncoming bridal party, eventually leading to the beautiful bride waiting at the end of the line.

Seeing her stand there with her dad just triggered that hole in my heart where I miss my daddy so much. I had the flash back of standing at the back of the church on my daddy's arm as we made the walk down to pass me onto the man who vowed to stand by my side the rest of my life.

& I saw Leah look at her father... & he would look at her... & right before they walked down the aisle, I watched her dad take a big breath. I could feel his emotion from him on taking his baby girl & passing her onto a new man in her life.

Yep... needless to say, I was in tears before the wedding even really got started.

It was a special ceremony full of love for each other & acknowledging the Heavenly Father.  The groom took time to just hold his bride close to him & prayed over her.  It was just so intimate - no one could hear what he said - but the look on her face,  how dear & tender that moment was to even witness from afar..

It was also great to just see some friends faces through the crowd.  Weddings are just the best.

Saturday, I was up early, because for some reason, I just can't sleep in on the weekends anymore... hmmmph....

But I got a lot of cleaning done, got all of Ricky's work clothes cleaned for the week & then I was determined  to sit & finish my book. Especially before the sun got to me & made it horribly hot.

Look how funny this is - I took a picture at the end of each chapter & you can see the sun creeping up on me....

I then kept my productive Saturday going by working out....

& then headed down to Target to drop money I wasn't expecting to drop - because Target.

& then sat in line for 20 minutes at Chick-Fil-A because.... love.  The hubs wanted some lunch & I made the dutiful sacrifice of  buying meat for him.  I mean, I just sat at a wedding & watched a couple in love, starting their life out with one another. I guess after 25 years together, I can sit in line for what seems like an eternity for food I would never eat.

Except I did treat myself to the fruit cup for my treat....

The rest of my Saturday was full of cleaning up, a little bit of resting & then I totally got sucked up into Castle Rock on Hulu....

OH MY GOSH.... not a good show to watch before bed time. #nightmares

Image result for castle rock

I always want to sing the tune to Fraggle Rock when I think of the name of this show.... which is so totally opposite of what this show is. Yikes!

Image result for fraggle rock gif
YEAAHHHH - so not the same theme

Sunday, I was super excited because we started back at HSM. YAHOOOOO!  Big league stuff.

& it was wonderful because we had 19 girls in our small group.

It was like coming back to school after a long summer break. All the hugs & all the love - it was like we never left.  & all the girls looked SO GROWN UP!  Welcome to freshman years girl.  Where they all look so beautiful & fresh & fashionable... & I look like summer hit me alone the face, sucker punched my gut & left me feeling aged 15 years.  Do I sound a little envious of their youth? Nahhh... ok, maybe a little.

Image result for not jealous gif

Ricky & I ran out to lunch after church & then headed to Sam's Club & I was super proud I made it out of there under $50.00!! Miracles do still happen.

We hadn't ate at McAlistters in FOREVER!

We got home & rested a little bit & then  headed over to see my momma for awhile & so glad the sun went in & some cool breezes came through.

& then, like I said, BLINK - we're back to the start of a new week.

Heck, we're almost through 2018.

I for one won't be too sad to see it get behind me, so I guess that means I wont complain about a Monday! That's the only way we'll get through the year - one Monday at a time.

How was your weekend?

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