Friday, August 03, 2018

One Sentence a Day {July 2018}

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Trying to get back in the swing of things here.... 
& of course, it was another hard month with the loss of my dad's brother.
2018, you are being super tough on us.
But here we go, July - One Sentence a Day

1. It was so nice to see some of my youth kiddos today as they talked about their week at Bible & Beach at church.  #WishIwastherewiththem

2. I was in so much pain after a day at work that I literally crawled into bed & feel asleep early. #welcometomylife

3.  I literally got drenched to the bone walking to my car after work when a huge rain storm dropped on top of me. #dampforhours

4.  Spent the day with my uncle & family talking about memories & learning more about my family while I can with him. #Hesfoughtsohard

My daddy (right) with his baby brother & their dad, my Papaw

5.  It's just miserably hot. #dogdaysofsummer

You know its hot when Ernie enjoys the outside by staying inside

6. Started looking at headstones with mom & went to say hi to dad while we were out. #missyoudaddy

7.  Kept the tradition going with a painted horse for the 4th of July celebration. #mybrotherrocks #iknowmydadlovedthis

8. I dont think I could have been any lazier than I was today. #exhausted

9.  You can tell the world is back to work after a holiday week because traffic TO & FROM work was both a nightmare. #Idontmindworkingwheneveryoneelseisoff

10.  Our family lost another member when my dad's only brother finally received his peace & healing from his nearly 4 year battle of pancreatic cancer. #TellDadISaidHi

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Here is is finishing his 2nd half marathon while in the midst of treatment for his cancer.
11.  To add to the fun that life has been dishing to us, Ricky's transmission breaks in his car. #everydayisbadnews

12.  Follow up with my surgeon left me with no new answers except a lot of 'hurry up & wait & see' #encouraging #whyihatedoctors

13.  Back to the funeral home for another family member. #thisneedstostop

14.  A drive to the country with my brother to say goodbye & lay my uncle to rest. #RIPTimmie

15.  Nearly busted down my mom's door when she feel asleep in her bedroom with the door locked & we couldnt get in to her. #knockitdown

16.  Spent 3 hours in a doctor's office to get some relieving news #surgerystillaheadthough

17. Happy Birthday to my Mother in Law!!!! #BestMILever

18.  Taking advantage of another nice night to sit outside & read until I can't see any more. #bugbites

19. So thankful for a friend who drops everything to come sit & chat & laugh & cry with me over iced chai tea lattes on a beautiful evening. #coffeeandteatherapy

20.  Got to go visit the new hotel in town, The Omni, for lunch with coworkers. #itsbeautifulinside

21.  Readathon is on with me reading over 9 hours in one day. #withanosestuckinabook

22.  Took my readathon on the road while Ricky drove as we went to visit my mother in law to wish her a Happy Birthday a few days late #July17isherbigday

23. Attempting to try & workout again with my body falling apart & GROWING on me. #thisismiddleage

24.  Miss my daddy even more today, on what would have been his 74th birthday. #HappyHeavenlyBirthdayDaddy

25. Had to go back to the hospital to pick up my CT Scans on disk & it just makes me sick to walk in that hospital now with memories flooding back of dad being there.  #neverthesame

26.  It's been so nice that the weather at night hasn't been horribly humid & I've got to sit outside & enjoy some reading after dinner. #mylegsarebugfoodthough

27.  I am so enjoying the little break from the summer heat. #whycantsummerbelikethisallyearlong

28.  Finally made it to the bank to talk with our financial advisor after having to reschedule 5 times with funerals & surgeries popping up on all the other appointments. #feltlikethebankismyjinx

29. HSM meeting!!! #gettingreadyforanotheryear

30.  I truly believe MRI's are a form of torture. #soloud #cantmove #tightsqueeze #NOAIR

Sexy look
31.  Excited to start the new She Reads Truth bible study with the study book this time. #givingitatry #expensivebookthough

What stood out to you for your July?

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