Tuesday, August 21, 2018


OK... last time I did this was in October... so I could basically do a 20 page post since then... But Amazon will only let me go back 6 months anyways - oh well - I'm sure there were some good things in there... but still lots of good things the past 6 months. 
So let's jump back into this

& as always, I have linked the item to the pic & description - & no, I'm not affiliated or getting any profit off anything- just sharing with you.

I've been really happy with this. It holds it up really well to watch some Netflix on my counter & it feels really sturdy & nice. You can get it in tons of colors too but I did get it in the black. #classic

I actually got this to start my half marathon training & then that went bust.  But I've been wanting one of these forever & glad to have it - because I WILL train again for another race... some day. But at least I have it.  What it does is you can set it for intervals - so I would set it for running so many minutes & then set it to go over another so many minutes that I would walk.  You can set it for a number of intervals - or count it down from 99, which would basically get you through a half marathon easily (hopefully).  I've heard great things about these & the few times I used mine, I really did like it.

Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder, Light/Medium, 0.3 Ounce

I've gotten so lazy lately & get most of my make up off Amazon. 
What can I say? Heck, its cheaper in some aspects anyways.  

I got this to carry all my stuff to work.
I get so jealous of people who go to work & dont need to bring anything but their purse.
HA - not me. I need a bag for my Erin Condren planner, my bullet journal, a Bible, a book (or two) plus pens & notebooks for thoughts.  It's basically 20 lbs by the time I'm done with it.
But I really love this. The color is nice, the quality is great.
& I need to learn how to use the charger that is built in it for my kindle and/or phone.
I can imagine it would be wonderful for travel too.
It's regular $69.99 but right now, its marked down to $29.99!!!!

How did we give our dogs pills before these things?
These are the best invention ever!
Makes it so much easier to give meds - they squeeze so easily around the medicine & you can SQUISH it where its hard to ease the pill out & eat the yummies.  
My dogs are pros at eating PB or cheese & then dropping the meds.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector with Retinol SA, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid to Diminish the look of Skin Discoloration and dark Spots, 1 ozh

I'm not really good at moisturizers or face creams. They always break out my face so badly.  But I thought I would try this after seeing Nicole Kidman promote it - because the power of advertising & mind tricks.  But I will say, I do really like this stuff. It's not broke my face out yet! So that's good! & it makes me want to try more products in this line.
My face needs it.
& this is cheaper from Amazon then it is at Target!

& that's it for now... making it through April's purchases! YIKES! 

Still a long way to go.

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