Monday, October 01, 2018

The weekend that.... let's put that aside & wish my momma a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Well, before we do anything else or get started in the weekend, we gotta stop & wish my momma a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  Yep, today is her day.  
I know the birthday isn't the same without dad.... so send her some birthday wishes!
We're still going to get some cake & celebrate - because every day & every year is totally worth celebrating. We understand that more than ever before... but yeah... still never the same. Gotta get through all these "firsts"...


& now back to the weekend....

What a beautiful weekend!!!!
It was just perfection. Sunny & blue skies. & temps in the 70's & nights in the 50's. Yes please. I'll take more of that.  Extra doses actually.

Saturday, I got up early & headed down to First Watch to meet a sweet friend.  I just could talk to her for hours & was so glad for the time to catch up & chat & to eat some yumminess! 

I had never been to First Watch before but I hope to make it back really soon. I think its always packed but we hit it just at the perfect time because we had zero wait.  This would be a perfect brunch place though. I'd like to see if the crowds are a little thinned out by then. I was actually surprised how small the inside of this place is.  Maybe making people wait is good publicity?  Makes people wonder what all the hub-bub is... hmmm... is that something that happens?  Advertising people - let me know if I'm tapping into something here.  (I'm all about conspiracies so this shouldnt shock anyone who knows me that I think this way)

When we finished up, I had to run over to Sam's Club & remember that last time where I got out spending around $40? ... yeah... I made up for it this time. GEEZ.  Goodbye money - it was nice while we were together.

I then had a brilliant idea to run over to Staples & print something. I am starting the Tone It Up 31 day challenge today. & to purchase it, they send you a 125 PDF file full of calendars
 & info & recipes & I want to have this to access in paper form than just on my phone or tablet.  Call me old school.  So I didnt even know if it was possible to do - but it  is - but its MUCH simpler if the file isn't so big. There was a girl there that knew how to get around the system though & we ended up getting it taken care of - except I was there nearly an hour for it. OH MY GOOODNESS!!!!!

If anyone else knows of tricks to print huge files - fill me in - I dont want to spend another hour in Staples on a beautiful day.

The rest of Saturday? I honestly dont know where it went. I got some things done, but it still just seemed to fly by.  I hate weekends like that. Why does it never happen on a work day while sitting in an office?

Some little boys enjoyed the fall weather too!!!
They really do love a weekend

I ended the day by picking up my momma & we headed down to Walgreens to get some things.  It was actually really nice because the store was totally empty & we got to check out some make up & all their cute Halloween stuff.  We even got a bag of candy & mom sat down in the chairs by the pharmacy (they were closed) & took a break by snacking on the candy. haha.  Girls night out for the older gang :) 

I did get to finish my Saturday by FINALLY getting to watch This is Us... & even caught the new show A Million Little Things - wow - that was so good. Another tear jerker.  & glad The Good Place is finally back on too.

Image result for a million little things

Sunday, time to head into HSM to close up our month on our series of Truth & Dare. I loved it because they had some of the high school students up on stage talking about their month in the home groups. I just always love seeing the kids on stage. It takes courage to get up there & they each handled themselves so well & had such good advice & encouragement for their friends. It's always good for the students to hear from people their own age sometimes.

I left from church & head to Target to pick up a few things to get ready for my #TIU31 & then stopped at the grocery to pick up my order of my food that I needed for the week on this thing.  We'll see how it goes.

I ended up spending my afternoon meal prepping - which is already a step in the right direction because I NEVER meal prep.  But maybe this will all work out because I was so shocked at how high my grocery bill was - but if it keeps me from paying for lunch every day, that'll be nice.  I spend about $55-$70 a week on lunch - & you know that lunch from home is always healthier than what you get out. Even if it is Panera every day.  

... & let's just go on the record & note that I made muffins - from scratch. Like baking soda & baking powder kinda muffins.  With no sugar in them!  Unsweetened apple sauce & pumpkin & maple syrup - which I get is still a form of sugar - but still - HEALTHIER choices! 

I even found out that since I dont have a food processor - I can use my NutriBullet for a blender
... though I think I nearly blew it out ... I did smell a little bit of burning. Ooops.

& I even chopped up veggies for salads for the week & I already feel accomplished.

Truly, I got everything cooked, & meal prepped & then I looked & it was 6:30pm- WOW!  Not fair - not cool.

I basically am disappointed I got NO reading done this weekend.... & minimal knitting.

Some weekends, it just be like that.

So how was your weekend?
Tell me the best thing about it!

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