Monday, April 15, 2019

The weekend that we just slid in before tax day!!!!

You know how some weekends are for relaxing & recharging?

Yeahhh - this was not one of those weekends.  I felt like I was running from place to place & doing thing after thing.... & now we're back to Monday... where we start all over again... (YAWWWNN)

So here's a little look at my weekend


* Stopped at the library & picked up a new haul.  I'm so happy with all the books I'm finding lately.

* Stopped to pick up my ClickList order & knew it was going to be awhile when there was a line to even PARK. Seriously. I was there for about 40 minutes. Luckily, it was a beautiful day so I just pulled out one of my new books & got started on it.

Funny thing sitting there though - I had my windows down & 2 the baggers were talking to one another when they were loading up the car next to mine.  They were two teenage boys & they were talking about future plans.  One of the guys was talking about how he wanted to join the military & retire early with "BANK" & not have to worry about money & his goal was "to be a 74 year old man & still be healthy & in shape & still smoking all the pot he can".... ok then... goals, I guess.... haha

I think they got a little embarrassed when I snickered from hearing their conversation....

* The rest of my Friday was just catching up on some of my DVR shows.  LOVED Survivor this week. All the vote off drama!!!


* Tell me why... I was up at 6am. UGH. The worst on a Saturday! 

* Ricky had to work so I got to see him off & then I just made some coffee & got back in bed & started on the new season of Sabrina. 

* Logging into Netflix though, we found a new little add on there. WHO DAT?  I called Ricky at work & asked if he set up some sort of other account for some reason & he was clueless.  Needless to say, I deleted that profile pretty quickly & changed our password.  HOW??? WHY???? I just dont get how these brilliant minds that know how to do this sort of thing dont do it for something GOOD in this world.... so aggravating

* Harvey Dent enjoyed the morning Netflix binge though.... My snuggle dog!  All 75 lbs of him!

* I actually got in a Saturday workout - it was leg day & my goodness.  I could barely walk the rest of the day... (Sunday was way worse too!!!)

* I went over to take care of the horses since Ricky was working & was glad my nieces were there to show me the new way they let Baby (the miniature horse) out.  It was such a beautiful & warm day to be out in the barn.

* Ricky got home & we just had a little bit of time before we had to leave to go get our taxes done.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute.  Glad to find this new location too to take care of our tax stuff.  We used to go to H&R Block & it would cost us nearly $500 to get our taxes file. SAY WHAT??? ... this place?  It cost us $125 -& the woman who helped us was just the kindest little thing! Isn't it crazy to think its the exact same work that H&R Block does?  No hating - I mean, I know some people who work for H&R Block, but that's kinda a BIG difference, right?    I feel like we got back even more in taxes with just that savings on preparation! 

* We ran out for dinner after we got our taxes done & before I got to meet up with some friends for a church event.  I love me some Japanese veggies.

* Because I knew it was going to be a long night, we stopped for a mocha for Ricky & I went with a Chai tea. YUMMM.... I wish I got a large because I downed that baby super fast.  Loved seeing a cutie pie friend too in the coffee shop. I last saw her on her wedding day a few months ago so I was glad to just get to give her a hug & do a drive by catch up session.


* I didnt get home Saturday evening until a little after 10 & then after talking with Ricky & then watching another episode of Sabrina, it was late when I went to bed.... I know -we're onto Sunday - the point is, all that left me SUPER TIRED on Sunday. Like, driving to church, I felt like I was going to fall asleep. My eyes ... just... wanted.... to .... close.  Thank you Mobile order.  I placed an order & ran right in & got some reinforcements.  I also love just walking in when there's a drive thru line SUPER long & a line inside as well & I'm walking in & my drink is already there & I'm walking out ....

Image result for walking like a boss gif
I may very well walk just like this... except with an iced coffee in hand

* Such a powerful message in HSM about how Jesus cried out to God on the cross, feeling alone, betrayed... forsaken.... so when we are in the hardest trials of our life, we too are meant to bring our raw emotion & cry out to God as well. He doesn't get offended when we scream at Him for feeling like we do... we just need to turn to Him, rely on Him, know that He will get us through.  A perfect message building up to HOLY WEEK!  I just love this time of the year... that focus leading up to EASTER SUNDAY!!!! <3 nbsp="" p="">
*Had to run to Target & then headed home to enjoy the sunshine that was only out for a little bit & then the rain & cold air came in... MAN, it was cold!.... but I enjoyed the sunshine while I had it.  Eating some Baked Cheese puffs with a crowd.  My little beggars.  You know with faces that cute, they got about half of my plate.  #sorrynotsorry

* Went to my mommas so Ricky could take care of the horses this day while me & mom stayed in & watched the Masters.  GO TIGER!  Gotta kinda love a come back, right?  You gotta hope that people that go through some crisis in their lives, even if its self inflicted, they can find a new beginning & while a lot of the world loves to watch people fall, I especially love a come back!!! ... & who knew golf could be so interesting?

Image result for tiger woods masters 2019

*Finished my weekend by trying to get SOME little pieces of the house put back together.  I think I did one load of laundry the entire weekend (sad) & probably a millimeter of cleaning (oops)... so I'm going to need to pick up my early morning before work cleaning game.  (YAWN... again)

But here we are... back at Monday... TAX DAY!!!
The beginning of HOLY WEEK!!!!!  PRAISE!!!

Lots happening this week... but we keep PRESSING ON!!!!

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