Tuesday, August 04, 2020

One Sentence a Day / July 2020

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

More than half way through the year... trucking through summer
... & the world is STILL crazy.  
These posts are going to be something to look back on down the road to remember what a dumpster fire 2020 was

1 - Wed /  The hubs was one happy person to finally get a zero turn lawnmower #dreamfulfilled

2 - Thurs /  Found out our return to the office date just got pushed back #notcomplaining

3 - Fri /  Pretty sure my uterus is going to just rupture into pieces #somuchpain

4- Sat /  My 4th of July was all about Alexander Hamilton #onrepeat

I will send a gallery of Hamilton memes to remind you of my love ...

5 - Sun  / My brother got to come home from the hospital!!! #Sorelieved

6 - Mon / Thought the day was going so well & smooth for a Monday, when all of a sudden everything broke down & it was RUSH to the bank when it closed in 40 minutes & I live 35 minutes away. #GETOUTOFMYWAYSLOWDRIVERS

7 - Tues /  I felt like a genius fixing my check scanner! #moveoverITdept

8 - Wed / A trip  to the OBGYN to see what the heck is happening. #talksofhystercotomy

9 - Thurs / Kentucky is losings its mind when the Governor makes masks mandatory. #gottatreatkidslikekids

10 - Fri / Love that the place that does mammograms & screenings, ultrasounds is open late on Friday & even on Saturday. #fridaynightultrasound

11 - Sat / COVID finally has reached someone in our family #NashvilleGanginQuarentine

12 - Sun /  I couldnt be happier to see that Kroger Click List is back to normal & not an hour wait. #inandoutin5minutes

13 - Mon /  I had 3 special requests in my Etsy store for masks so spent the night sewing. #happytooblige

14 - Tues /  Had to do a bank run for work at the end of the day & put on my mask to run in a restaurant to pick up a to-go order of nachos #DELISH

15 - Wed /  Reading Bob Goff's new book Dream Big & thought I didnt have any dreams left but finding out the total opposite. #makealistofthingstodo

16 - Thurs /   The hair salon can use dryers now so I finally was able to get my hair straightened the RIGHT way for the first time since March! #makesitlooksolong

17 - Fri /  Sweating it out working in the barn & just didnt want to leave this Baby girl #thesweetestanimalever

18 - Sat /  We had so many plans to go out & do some things but the heat was DISGUSTING so we slimmed it down to a trip to Target & picking up Tumbleweed to go #stayintheACasmuchaspossible

19 - Sun /  Went over to see my mother in law to celebrate her birthday #BirthdaywasFriday

20 - Mon /  We were so excited Julie got her COVID negative result!! #gladsheishealthy

21 - Tues / Happy 7th Birthday Harvey Dent! #ourbigbaby

22 - Wed /  I got to take off a half a day at work to go to the hematologist to get more blood drawn to see where my levels are at #knowingitsgonnabebad

23 - Thur / .... ANDDDD I was right. #nowonderImdragging

24 - Fri / Today would have been dad's 76th Birthday & I hate not celebrating with him. #HappyBirthdayDad

25- Sat / Finally got to see Sophia play some tennis for the first time in 2020.  #WINNERWINNER

26 - Sun / Saw my first Pumpkin Spice sighting of the year #itsSTILLJuly

27 - Mon /  We FINALLY got some rain but it came in the form of storms while I was working & was surrounded by scared Aussies while Zoe ran for the closet. #poorbabies

I throw all my overnight envelopes next to my garbage can so they dont fill it up - it makes the perfect safe space for Harvey

28 - Tues /   I honestly just have to stay off Facebook because people are giving me anxiety with all their arguing & comments about all things COVID, schools, treatment, politics. #icanthandleitanymore

29 - Wed /  I am having a heck of a time with a sinus infection & of course, you instantly think, "The Rona got me" #sorethroatfordays

30 - Thurs /  Between the migraine & the vertigo that hit me at night, I basically thought my head was going to explode #MISERABLE

31 - Fri /  Days like this make me so glad about working from home because I couldnt have drove with the world spinning like it was #vertigoisnNOTfun

Tell me something good that happened in your July!

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