Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Prime Purchases

Prime Purchases
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Pet Grooming Clipper Blade

Ever since Zoe got kicked  out of the groomers & they refuse to take her back (true story) we have been doing her ourselves. While she looks pretty decent on some days & pretty ratty on others, we get it done. & we needed a new blade when the other was wore down.
Simple to change out & I'm glad we can just get the blade & not have to buy all the equipment

MyBaby Soundspa

Baby showers have been abounding lately 
Love buying all the cute things
This shower is over so I can share :)

Baby Headbands

Baby Girl Nylon Headbands Newborn Infant Toddler Hairbands and Bows Child Hair Accessories

Those colors! I want these myself!!!


So our microwave has been a fight every single day for the past year.
The buttons on it get stuck & you have to hit it JUST right.
Do it JUST RIGHT when you're in a rush. I mean, the purpose behind a microwave is to do it in a HURRY.  So I told the Hubs, THIS IS IT - I'm buying a microwave.
& I did.
I told him its mine - he's not allowed to touch it! (he totally is - but its still a fight in our home when you bring up microwaves) - but he still uses the button sticking one for the MAN REASON of "This is FINE"... & I use mine because I dont even have to TOUCH buttons! Actually one - I hit the Blue one on the bottom & just say what i want & Alexa takes it from there.
Seriously!  How nuts is that?? This is a smaller microwave - which is good when you have to cram in TWO in ONE kitchen. LOL

100 Pack Multipurpose Sewing Clips with Tin

My sewing friends told me about these & how much better they are than stick pins.
YES. Couldnt agree more. They are so nice to hold fabric &  not have to bleed all over it.

Singer Bobbins & Case

Yep, being new to sewing, I only had a few bobbins
I love that this case holds them too! 

Egg Cooker

I'm not sure WHY I wanted this - but I did.
 & it works pretty decent too.
Perfect when you get that hard boiled egg craving.
You can make eggs different ways too - I've just stuck with the hard boiled version.

What's something you've gotten from Amazon lately?

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