Thursday, August 13, 2020

One of the boys, Transformer Danger & schedule that time! {Thankful Thursday #278}

Knit By God's Hand: Protein, backpacks & I'm basically a basketball  coach.... {Thankful Thursday #143}

This week I'm Thankful for:

Phone call with HSM family
I had a good little talk with one of my HSM sisters.  She was calling to check in with me & I just loved getting to chat with her as well.  She's been pregnant during this season & we've missed seeing her bump grow over the months.  Hate that.  & its any day her little new bundle will be joining her so I'm glad I got the chance to do a check in with her before her life takes an exciting turn.

Easy closing
Working in Accounting, everyone knows that the end of the month is always full of busy busy busy.  I have to say, this past month, it was just a "normal busy" & not the kind where I felt like my eyes were crossing & steam was coming out of my ears. I'll definitely chalk up a smooth & normal day on a closing as a big gratitude mark.

Zoe one of the boys
I'm still in awe of how much Zoe has been joining in with the Aussies.  Honestly y'all - you know - she's never in pics & I've always referenced her as a cat because she wanted to be alone.  But now - where the 2 big boys are, she's right there watching them. Keeping her elder eye on them to make sure they're OK.  I love that Ernie gives her a lot of attention too - kissing her face & cleaning her & playing with her so gently. She really hasn't had that sort of interaction since Sydney passed away.  I'm glad she's enjoying her older years.

Transformer Power
This one is HUGE to me... HUGE!!!
I was working at my desk... busy into emails & work & all of a sudden ... BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It sounded like a bomb went off.  The Aussies came running & crawled under my chair & I had no idea what had happened.  It was just a few minutes later that my neighbor checked in with me to see if I had power.  I did ... she didn't.  Turned out, a transformer blew down the road from us & the houses down the road had lost their power for most of the morning till early afternoon.  But my house - stayed on.  PRAISE THE LORD. I dont know what I would have done for work. I felt like I had won the lottery that day!

Nap at Lunch
OK - probably the best thing about working from home.  My vertigo has still been giving me fits every now & then.  I have a regular schedule now that at lunch time, I work out.  It works really well for me.  But on vertigo days ... when I do good to walk, much less jump up & down doing burpees.... I end up going in my bed, closing all the blinds & set my Google Mini to set an alarm for 45 minutes.  It's been just the most wonderful thing.  I see so many advantages of working from home that I'm gonna miss something crazy.

Lazy Sunday
I woke up on Sunday & wrote it down in my planner... scheduled it... time to do NOTHING.  & I stuck to it.  I stayed in PJ's all day, stayed on the couch, watched tons of Netflix, worked on making a blanket, drank all the coffee & snacked on all the snacks.  It was a glorious day.  I think in these crazy days.... we need to do more "self care" than ever before. I hope you can find time to relax your body & mind soon!  Schedule it - plan it!

A break in the heat
It has felt TROPICAL here lately so it was so nice to get a nice break from the humidity lately.  About 5 days, it was just really nice. The mornings were even COOL.  Ahhh - just heavenly.  I got so much reading done these 5 days.  Makes me excited for Fall too!  The heat is back again for a little bit - but at least I have that hope of the nicer days that are coming soon.

Mask Wearers
Thank you to everyone still hanging in there with the mask wearing.  I know its miserable in the heat - I know its aggravating - but we also know it is the only control we have over this virus that is still VERY MUCH active & still causing deaths.

MaskUp Small Business Campaign | DeKalb County Unites

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