Thursday, August 27, 2020

Why did I wait, it barely missed & who knew I'd enjoy 6am so much {Thankful Thursday #290}

 Knit By God's Hand: October 2019

This week I am Thankful for:

Lightning Strike
Storms had been rolling in a little bit last week & my SIL had her AC unit struck my lightning.  No more that The Hubs & I were talking about that in the middle of another storm - & we were sitting on the back porch (enclosed) & LIGHTNING FLASH - BOOM!!!! Oh my gosh - I love storms. That sort of stuff doesnt freak me out - but it was CLOSE.  Close enough that we found out - it hit our back porch light!!!!  The Hubs thought it hit our AC unit which we thought, what are those odds?  But found out it just was about 3 feet over & hit our light.  I'm bummed about that light being out - but that's a MUCH easier & cheaper fix than our unit.

Bible Study
Our church started the new FALL bible studies/small groups. I had seen that they created a 6am  bible study group & I was always interested in going to it before driving into work.  Well, they've added in ZOOM during this crazy COVID season & it works out perfectly for me. I get up at 5:30 & get all prepared to be seen by other human eyes.... & it's just been really nice to have women together early to study in the book of John together.  I'm surprised that there's been about 21-22 people the past few weeks.  Apparently this time is working out great for nurses that work 12 hour shifts & miss the other study times... & its working well for teachers too.  

Time Off
It was glorious to be away from my computer for awhile.  Of course, being off doesnt mean you can really go anywhere & I was truly & fully OK with that. It was just nice to relax. I took multiple naps. I hate naps. That's how relaxed & how much I needed the extra rest.  

Day of reading
It worked out perfectly that my time off, I got some really nice days with the weather. One day, I honestly went out & sat in my lounge chair at 7:30am to start reading a book & the whole day, I just moved to different chairs to avoid the sun & I ended up finishing the book by 7:30pm & then came in for dinner. 

Harvey Dent enjoyed the lazy day outside too

While I was off, I took my mom to the doctor. Since you cant go in with anyone, I ended up heading over to Books a Million to wait for her. I could spend HOURS in there & it was just so nice & relaxing.No one was in there & I just took my time strolling the aisles.  & I finally got a book I've been wanting for the longest time.  I just love this cover on this Little Women book & I also want the Anne of Green Gables book that goes with it.   I dont know why I put off for so long getting it - it makes me so happy.

TJ Maxx
While I was off, the Hubs had to work, so I went to places that I know he just doesnt care to visit.  I hadnt been to TJ Maxx in the longest.... & I honestly just wanted to go in & check out their purses & try & find a cute Fall purse. (Why? I dont know - not like it'll be much use)  But I ended up walking out with so many new notepads, pens, all the stationary cuteness....even some camo tennis shoes that were marked down on clearance for $8.00.  It was a total TREAT YO SELF day

Tell me something good about your week

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