Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thankful Thursday #279

 Knit By God's Hand: October 2019

This week I am Thankful for:

"Visiting" churches
I always do my own church's online service early on Sunday - & then it works out well that I can check in on other churches LIVE services right after. It's like running to one church & then another, all without leaving my home. It's especially fun to 'visit' my heart-church & seeing some special people I love leading worship.

New Phone Cord
My phone cord just totally died on me the other day. I had to get my car charger & bring it in - & then of course, the next day, I needed my car charger & it wasn't in there. #firstworldproblems I'm glad for Amazon though & their fast delivery. I ordered 2 chargers & they were in the next day!!! & I am loving that they are like 6 feet long too. YES! I can lay in bed now & bring the phone to me instead of me twisting & turning to look at my screen.  ... dont know if that's really good or not... but its comfortable #firstworldproblemsagain

Pizza Night
We've had a tough time lately getting some good pizza.  It's all just tasted BLAH to us - too much cheese (yes, that's possible), crust just not right, toppings that are looking haggard.  But FINALLY, Pizza Hut has come back on the radar for us with some good pizza so it's been fun having our regular Pizza Friday's lately.  DELICIOUS!

Google Mini
I got a free Google Mini so long ago from Spotify. First, how cool is that? &I put it aside & totally forgot all about it.  I found it & had it installed & set up in like 5 minutes (why did I wait so long) & I am loving having it right next to me in the bedroom.  Every night, it sets my alarm & plays me some sound machine peacefulness to drift off... & in the morning, I love it tells me my calendar events & the latest news.  Technology.  Things you'd never dream of.

$1.00 Mug
I just have a little bit of a love for campfire mugs. I think they are just really cute - plus, they hold a LOT of coffee. Always a bonus. When I found this mug at the Dollar Store, I was like, gotta get it. It was even better when I got up & saw that it was marked down for Spring Clearance & was only $1.00. I wish they had more of those - I would have bought every single one. Wouldnt that be cute gifts with a Starbucks card in them?

Mask Wearers
you know the routine by now. I'm grateful for people following what is mandated & helping in trying to contain this virus.  We all want life to get back to normal & as long as people keep fighting it to make their point that its their right& freedom - its just prolonging the misery.  Why not focus that energy in getting this virus GONE.  You see other countries that have ZERO new cases - why? Because they have done what scientist/medical professionals have told them.  They didnt think it was a big conspiracy or a political move.  It can be done... why can't we do it too?

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