Friday, February 05, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Heating Pad / Warming Hack

You warm these up & can use like a heating pad around your shoulders or upper back
But I would wear it just for the winter cold mornings while working!

Favorite Candle Wax

Because who doesnt love things in little gummy bear like shapes?

Favorite Label Maker

I need some label makers to get my pantry in order.
The new design of these things now - you do everything on the app - I think you can even control font & size... pretty interesting.

Favorite Phone Charger

Just if you wanted to make it look a little more classy sitting on dressers or end tables

Favorite Fitness Phone Holder

Doesnt even have to be for Fitness like walking or running, or biking, hiking...
This would be nice on a day outing

Favorite Earrings

Favorite Make Up Brushes

I mean, its probably not the top notch brushes - but for under $20.00 - to get all these & a case?
It's worth it to use them for awhile... they have decent reviews too!

Favorite Print

I've seen these lately where they take the letters of your name & made a design of it
I'm intrigued to see what mine & Hubby's name looks like.
Especially because I have a few repeating letters my name.

Favorite Reusable Bags

I like the design of these bags. Gives me some beach, warm weather vibes

Favorite Funnies

.... when I have to tell the Hubby for the 8793rd time to not throw his clothes on the floor but IN THE HAMPER

... when the Hubby wants to tell me something when The Bachelor is on

... when I'm watching what I'm eating & making smart choices & Hubby brought home a coffee cake & ate the whole thing in front of me at 4:30pm walking down my hallway into the weekend!

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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