Monday, February 01, 2021

The weekend I'm ready to buy a bunker

 Well hello February! You got here way faster than I expected!

Anyone else a little surprised to see January gone like POOF?

All last week, I thought there was one more week in January because there was no way the whole month was already gone.... well, look who fails at keeping track of time & I'm the one with all the Planners. Geez.

So - it was another weekend with nothing exciting.

We were still covered in snow... only to have it get rained on & melt away some - ONLY to get more snow.  BRRR... how many days until Spring?  I mean, we're already to February - it cant be too far away, cant it?

I honestly didnt even take many pictures this weekend.  I mean, there's the usual pictures of Ozzie because puppies are like babies - determined to fill up all the memory space in your phone because they're so cute & they grow up way to fast so you need to capture every darn moment there is.

Ummm... time to get me out of here & let  me play with my brothers Mom!

Otherwise, there wasn't much going on... Let me touch base on some highlights .. or lowlights... just life.

* Mom is still in rehab.  It will be 3 weeks on Tuesday that I found her laying on the couch, out of her head.

* If you saw the news on Facebook, we had a real struggle with getting Propane for my mom's house - she let it run completely out & they didnt care that she was elderly, a widow, or had COVID & could come home from the hospital anytime. They gave me the biggest run around. It was such a stress load last week.  But Friday, FINALLLLY - we got it.  I mean, the worst time possible to lose heat in a house when there's 4 inches of snow & temps in the teens.  Geez.  I guess the good thing about it was mom wasn't home but some place warm.

* I finally got around to watching that movie on Disney+ - Godmothered. It was really cute.  A good way to pass a few hours on a weekend.

* Speaking of Disney+, I am LOVING WandaVision!!! I know some people arent too much into it but Episode 4 - YESSS - this is where we really start getting into Marvelverse.

* Anyone else noticing COVID numbers going crazy - or knowing people that have it. Just this past 2 weeks, I've known 8 people that found out they were positive.  I know they are saying that new strand is in our country that is more contagious - & I'm believing it.  I'm hearing more of positive cases than I am hearing of people getting vaccines. 

* I dont know if these contacts are going to work for me. I still think they aren't strong enough for me.  I wore them to the store & it wasn't a smart move. I almost was in a panic. I can see the license plate in front of me, but I can't see a street sign a little bit ahead.  The contacts are supposed to be for distance, but these are only good for a few feet.  They ordered my contacts to be delivered, when they come, I'm taking them back & getting a recheck done. I always swear I'm not going back to this eye place because I struggle so much with getting things done on the first trip.... mark my words - once I get through this round, I wont be going back.  It's just too stressful... & my eyes cant take anymore of the STRONG - NOT STRONG ENOUGH - messed up prescriptions.

* I finally watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix & I'm basically ready to throw my phone & log out of every social media there is & move out to a bunker in the middle of the country. How is it not terrifying that they have proof, data, that shows that basically social media is feeding to everyone's own opinions - who cares if its truth... just keep pushing people to like minded people - which is NOT HELPFUL.  They said its basically going to lead to civil war in the next few years.  False news spreads 6x's as fast as real news on social media.  The point that people are only being driven to their own beliefs & people who ONLY agree to what they think (true or not) does not bode well to get people to compromise. There is no need for understanding other's side when you feel like you have the backing of everyone & what you believe just HAS to be TRUTH.  TERRIFYING

... The ironic part of it all, I had many people tell me to watch this during the heat of the election (not like that heat has died any in some people's eyes) but after watching, its MIND BLOWING to me that most of the people that told me watch it are the very people that I think are being the biggest lab rats of all. The ones who refuse - REFUSE - to hear another side of issues.  They know all about this movie & the truth in it & even told me to watch...but yet, they're not acknowledging that maybe what they see, read, is only one sided.  I'm telling you- its all just too much some days.  ... especially when there really is no answer.  What can they do? Stop social media?  Forget crazy Trump supporters storming the Capitol, we'll have teenagers everywhere tearing down Apple Stores.  Aint no one ready for that chaos.

I'll say it again - I'm so glad I grew up in a time where there was no social media... 

Anything exciting in your weekend?

You have any plans for February?

Have you watched The Social Dilemma?
Did it disturb you at all? - just me?

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