Thursday, February 18, 2021

Do we have to share everything? ... The answer is POSITIVE ... (Still adding in Thankful Thursday link up)


This isnt going to be like my normal Thankful Thursday - just because its been a rough day for me (I'm typing this Wednesday evening).

I knew things werent looking good for me Monday night.

You all know Hubby found out over the weekend he has COVID.  I really had high hopes that I would avoid it.... hopes that lasted, oh ... about 12 hours...

By Monday evening, I was coughing all through the night.

Then Tuesday, I had chills all day long & just felt really "nervy" - like when I would move simply to raise my arms or just turn my head, it was like it would PING nerves throughout my whole body. It didnt hurt, but it was a very odd sensation.  

Wednesday, when I woke up, I basically was doing my own version of James Earl Jones - my voice was deep & froggy & I was still coughing & just feeling real bad exhaustion.  Not looking really good for me.

I took off work early to get my COVID test done &that was a little bit of an ordeal too... but ended up getting it done an hour later than scheduled... & it was instant change on the test.

Congrats...its a..... girl! COVID POSITIVE.

Well dang it.

We were pretty good about wearing masks around the house - Hubby never took his off in the house since his diagnosis - but apparently we shouldnt have even been in the same room.  Yeah... that didnt happen.  So, it is what it is.  Chalk me up to a statistic. 

Here's some things I'm thankful for here....

* The doctor said my lungs sounded clear - that's great news.  Even though I'm coughing a lot, she said everything sounded good &  moving. I just need to keep getting up whatever is in those lungs.  I am keeping a fever so she told me to stay up on the Tylenol too & that should control it (fingers crossed)

* No more masks in the house!!!  It was so weird walking around the house 24/7 with masks on.  Watching TV on the couch, cooking, working from home in my room - all with the masks on.  I came home from the test & Hubby just hugged me - which just felt nice. You dont think a few days of not hugging your spouse is a big deal until you do it.

* Working from home. I know I've said this multiple times but this has got to be the best because if we werent already doing it, I'm obviously quarantined now.  Have the big paper that says I shouldnt leave my house for 14 days unless I'm going to the ER.  Good thing I'm working from home where its not really an issue.

* So many good friends & family! We've had so many people reach out checking on us & seeing if we need anything from the grocery or if there's anything we need help with. It's moments like this that can just make hard things easier.  Between our neighbors keeping our drive clean, to my brother offering to go get me coffee from the local coffee shop, to my Framily that offered to drop off dinner on our porch - we are truly blessed.

* We're eating out soon!!!! No joke - the first thing Hubby said when he found out I had COVID was, "after our quarantine, we can eat in a restaurant!!!!" We havent eaten out in probably coming up to a year.. no joke. We just werent comfortable taking our masks down anywhere in public.  & now that we'll have antibodies for a few months (doctors told we 'd have it for 90 days - which doesnt seem very long) - but for 90 days - We're EATING OUT BABY!!!! We're making plans on which places we've missed & we're gonna chow down!!!  Where to go first????  I feel like since we like to do celebrations with breakfasts, maybe we need to do First Watch for some yummy pancakes & omelets! 

So... there you go... a weird Thankful Thursday... I'm still adding in the link up because I want to hear good things!  Share away... give me some good things that will make me smile.

Side note... please lift a prayer for our friend Terri who links up with me all the time & is such a sweet blog friend. She lost her husband yesterday after a COVID fight. When I read the news, I was absolutely stunned. There was talk of him doing well & getting ready to come home, only to see the news he passed away.  These are the moments that make you stop in your tracks & just thank God for another day.  Praying for Terri & Joe's family & friends.

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