Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Drink Holder

Because they dont make cup holders for some of these bigger drinks & water bottles!!!

Favorite Portable Charger

Most of the portable chargers are weird shape or bulky - I like this one would fit in a purse/bag easily & not take up a whole lot of space.

Favorite Swing

OK - let's be real here... I get in this thing & I'll just have to live there the rest of my life.
Getting out of that would be a task.
But I love seeing these in people's houses lately - I think my niece has one... the new "youths" fad.
What goes around, comes around #hippiechic

Favorite Dishware

I love when they take Disney things & make it beautiful for adults's a Dish set based on Frozen
How beautiful would this be at the Holidays if you did a winter theme?

Favorite Post It Holder

Can I ask one question... how did we survive life before Post-It Notes?

Favorite Slippers

It's apparent I love me some slippers - I post all about them all the time - 
But even more so because Ozzie has destroyed 2 pairs of mine recently.
Just a good excuse to buy some more.

Favorite Rice Cooker

...because its just so cute!!!!!
I love me some rice too - but reading on it - its handy for a few things to make & keep warm.
Quinoa, soups, pasta, veggies.... interesting

Favorite Sticker Book

I may have to do a TREAT YO SELF moment for this one.
I love me some stickers for my planners & journals & these are beautiful - 1,000 stickers too
Giving adult vibes.

Favorite Funnies

My brother's birthday was on this past Thanksgiving

I honestly dont know why this made me laugh as hard as it did
But I seriously laughed for 10 minutes straight

.... when Netflix brings up suggestions of shows that are heartbreakingly sad & will surely produce crying

... me talking to anyone on the phone over the past year with little human contact outside of the house

... me walking down my hallway at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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