Thursday, February 11, 2021

Winter Clearance, a new RING & yes, that's a Christmas tree {Thankful Thursday #267}


This week I am Thankful for:

Fabric Cutter
A friend of mine needed some masks made for an event she was doing so I broke  out my sewing machine.  Hubby got me a new cutting pad & some tools to cut the fabric & I got to put it to use. So much nicer than scissors!!!  I wanted the smaller tool to cut washi tape too that's really thick to fit some of the lines in my planner - a multi-purpose gift.

Etsy Sale
I feel like I havent made anything in the longest with yarn - knitting or crochet. With this bum shoulder of mine, I can only do so much. I havent even added in my store some of the things I've made over the past year - so when I got a sale that sold a couple of my knitted things, I was shocked & surprised - Totally forgot about the things! Pleasant surprise.  

Winter Clearance
I had to take my mom some things to the rehab center & ran into the store to pick them up.  I was excited to see Meijers had 50% off their clearance prices! I was able to pick my mom up a cardigan for $7.00 & got me the cutest sweater for $7.00 too.  Winter is STILL full in force around here so give me all the clearance winter stuff!

My $7.00 sweater

Starbucks for Friday!
Hubby stopped  on his way home from work on Thursday to pick up a Starbucks for me to have for a Friday morning treat.  Its the little thing that make a morning better. I woke up & it was cold so I did make a hot cup while I was watching puppy play before work - but when I logged on, break out this Venti baby.

We bought a Ring Camera over the Holidays when Amazon was having some deals around Thanksgiving & just never put it up.  This past weekend, we finally got it up & running & its really nice. I enjoy that it shows on our Echo's throughout the house the front door.  & the picture & sound is great on it. It makes us want to get more for our other doors now.  

Work from home when sick
I was working away at my computer from home the other day, no problem - enjoying my breakfast & my coffee... & then all of a sudden, it was like the flu. Something hit me. I INSTANTLY felt sick. Like REALLY sick.  It was just a little bit before lunch time & I made sure to take my full lunch hour & I crawled in bed & napped the entire hour. I dont nap either.  & I was able to make it through the rest of the day. If I was in the office, I would have had to leave - that's how sick I was.  I am so glad I was home where I could wear comfy clothes & have my bathroom near & able to still get the job done.  There's some big advantages of this working from home thing.

Christmas in February
We still have 2 Christmases to do & had hopes of vaccines being a little faster.... so we ended up packing up one of the piles of gifts we had & took them to our Framily & left them on their porch - they left our gifts... & we were able to video chat & have a virtual Christmas.  Which obviously isn't ideal - but still glad to be able to share in joy & Christmas spirit - even in February.  & if you notice behind Hubby, yes, our tree is still up. LOL.  I got all the ornaments down & off of it New Years Weekend when we got Ozzie... this is all the Hubby's fault. He just never takes it down. The deal is he has it down by February 1st.  He laughed at that this year.  I dont even bother mentioning it anymore.  Some things in marriage, you just let go.  I figure when Ozzie brings it down because he loves to chew on the branches, then he'll take it down... who knows.... I'm just afraid Ozzie  is going to chew through a light wire & then no tree in December.  If we make it till March - I may just plug it back up & do an Easter tree.

All these Reese's cups!!!

What are you Thankful for this week?

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