Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Quick updates.... with an updated Ozzie picture

 I basically feel like my blogging card is going to be getting revoked soon.

Life hasn't been exciting - & I know - it hasn't been exciting since last March.  But I'm at the point where I didnt even take any pictures over the weekend.  & nothing really spectacular happened, so I didnt do a weekend post.  & then it turned into Tuesday & I still hadn't posted anything.  Here we are on Wednesday.  Yep - they're  coming to take that blog away any day now.

Lets tap into some updates:

* Yes, mom is still in rehab.  We passed the 4 week mark yesterday. Crazy, huh? I know her cats miss her. When I go over to feed them, they're snuggled together on her bed - & they dont get along for the most part.  They've got to be wondering where she's at.

* Ozzie is still growing like a weed.  He can stand now at the tall water bowl & drink without having to jump up to reach it. That hurts my heart.  He is still fully a daddy's boy. He will get up next to Hubby & lay down, love to be curled up around his neck & if Hubby rolls over, Ozzie has to scoot to get closer to him.  Me? If I hold him - he bites at my face & whines until I put him down.  No respect. Ernie was like that with me too but now he's my buddy - they always come around to me eventually.  

* I am so over the snow & cold. Not even joking that it was like groundhog day around here (no - no literally because wasn't it just really Groundhog day? I didnt even see what Phil said)... but every day, I'd wake up to snow on the ground. It was melt off during the day & open the curtains again & BAM - snow again.  I AM OVER IT.  I am needing you Spring. I'll even take your allergies happily.  We had snow this week & tonight into tomorrow, we're picking it up a notch with ICE.  .... do you hear me groan?.... & then, let's take it up ANOTHER notch & add in tundra freezing weather to the mix. Thank you Lord I'm working from home.  I just feel so bad for the horses (though I know God made them with thick coats for a reason & yes, they are in a barn - but STILL... its freaking cold - I worry) & its no fun to give water to them when its freezing.  38 more days till Spring!

Me every morning seeing more snow

* I'm about giving up on the contacts.  My left eye still is blurry in them.  I'm going to get an appointment to see if I need a different prescription for that eye or if I just cant wear contacts. I always was told I have a slight astigmatism & maybe that's it.... or the place is dumb in my what they prescribed. I give it a 50/50 shot for either answer.  I just know I drove to Target one day with contacts in & by the time I got to the parking lot, I was in a panic to get them out of my eyes because driving down, I couldnt see anything past the car in front of me.  If I had to read any stop sign - or look too far ahead at a stop light - everything was just a hazy blur. I dont think that's how it supposed to work. I guess I may just have to be a 4-eye gal for the rest of my life. Which, I dont mind wearing glasses - I just wanted contacts mainly for things like putting on make up or working out - & the ever popular, seeing my legs when I have to shave in the shower & making sure I dont squirt the shampoo instead of the conditioner.  Simple things.

* I binged a show on Netflix that was depressing - Zac & Mia.  Two teenagers that meet while they're in the hospital with cancer.  Hubby was like, "Why do you watch this sort of stuff"... I still watch Fault in the Stars & cry each time.  It's that same sort of vibe.  But there's only 2 season, like 6 episodes & they're like 22 minutes a piece so it was fast to go through them.  I guess if you need a good cry, this is your type of show. ... side note - I'm super bitter they recast the brother in Season 2 - I loved the guy from season 1.

... hold up - I just found out this is a book... guess what I'll be ordering soon!

* Super Bowl... watched about 15 minutes of it. I wanted to see who was singing the National Anthem & the beginning of it - I didnt know any of the people & turned back to Netflix.

* I didnt even get to join up with the Book link up yesterday. I've been on the struggle bus with reading lately.  I may need to rethink my Goodreads goal & take that down a notch...or half.

Tell me something good about your weekend... or week since its Wednesday - GAH!

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