Thursday, February 04, 2021

Hubby to the Rescue, my church is the best & give me robes & hot coffee all day please {Thankful Thursday #266}


This week I am Thankful for:

Self Check Out
Hubby dropped me off one day at the grocery to pick up a few things while he ran to Home Depot & you know how it goes when you go in the grocery. A "few things" turned into a "full cart" & I was on a rush to get done & out before he got  back so I didnt hear an "I told you so" sort of statement when I said I was just picking up a couple of items.  Thank goodness for self check out when I saw the lines to check out were SO LONG. It takes the LONGEST to get through grocery lines lately.  Being a former cashier in my teen years at a grocery store, I have some skills when it comes to checking out - even now. Bagging? I'm the queen. I always ask if I can bag my stuff because BAM BAM BAM - I have it in bags where it all needs to be set up, I know how to bag so things dont get squished & I dont put one item in one bag (That just sets my earth loving heart on fire).... I asked the Grocery worker if I could go through self check out with as much as I had - she told me it would stall at one point, but she could get me going again.  I was in & out of that line in about 5 minute s& I had a LOAD.  I ended up standing outside waiting on Hubby to come get me & gave him the "What took you so long" look. I win.

Valentine Mask
I have a friend who is the best sewer - she's the one who has made me my Belle cover for my check scanner at work & a Belle Cozy for my coffee mug & Belle scrunchies... setting me up with ALL the cute Belle stuff.  Well, she makes the cutest 3D masks that fit so nice on the face - they stay away from the mouth so its not a smothering feeling - but it fits tight around the edges so it feels really secure.  But look how cute this mask is. Totally wearing it through Valentine's Day - but these hearts, I'll wear all year long!

Hubby to the Rescue
Ozzie had his next round of vaccines & Hubby got home late from work & was so tired so I told him I'd take Ozzie by myself to the vet.  BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. (5 pts if you know the movie) ... He was crying so hard being strapped in by himself & when I tried to hold him, that didnt help either.  I had to pull over & call Hubby & ask him to come meet us to go to the vet.  He got in the car & got there fast.  Ozzie was instantly better with his daddy holding him.  We made it to the vet & on the way home, when we had to get Hubby's car, Ozzie was so worn out at that point, the rest of the trip was a breeze.  .... I wont be trying that again on my own for the next vet visit.

Love my church
With all the issues we had going on with mom's house & with mom being in the hospital & rehab, I got a phone call from my friend from church & just to be reminded how incredible my church is & the love they show - TRULY the hands & feet of Jesus - reaching out to offer help however they can - its astounding.  Just the call & the offer they had to help us, I honestly just cried.  All day long, I just lifted up a prayer of gratitude for a church that I'm so happy to be a part of.

Propane & Community
That was the biggest nightmare getting propane for my mom's house.. a true nightmare.  But I was so thankful for the offers of help & support.  I can't tell you how many people offered to lend us heaters until we got it - even people we dont know. I had posted it on Facebook & the Next Door  app to get ideas on how to handle it & people in my community were offering to help in incredible ways.  Total Strangers.  Just so good to know how much good is in the world.  ... I have a friend on FB that I just got the biggest kick out of when I found out she went on the propane company's FB page & commented on EVERY post until she got a response & then told them to talk to me. With friends like that... it makes the world an easier place. I always want to be that sort of person for others as well! Truly a blessing!

Snow Days
I had no idea we had snow in our forecast & when I woke up to 4 inches, I could NOT have been happier to be working from home. Watching the news that morning too &hearing of the accidents & delays & the problems of driving... whew. I was happy sitting at my desk, looking out my window at the beautiful view & wrapped up in my warm robe with a hot cup of coffee working away.  This working from home thing really has some great benefits.

This was my work from home view... pretty nice, huh?

Tell me something good about your week!

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