Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thankful Thursday #308


This week I'm Thankful for:

I am glad both my cardiologist & my family doctor got me in both immediately after having some issues with the vaccine.  Typically with my cardiologist especially, its like a 2 months wait to get in with him. I was shocked when they said, come in first thing in the morning. 

Breakfast before work
When I went to the cardiologist, it was the first appointment so on my way home, I was able to pick up breakfast. It was yummy to pick up some breakfast  It was just a good treat for the soul.

Dad & Bruno
I had a dream the other night that I saw my Bruno... oh my gosh - I've been missing him so much lately - his 1 year anniversary of passing is just in a few days.  In my dream though, I was holding him & loving him & telling him how much I missed him. Then my dad showed up & told me not to worry, he was taking care of him.  It gave me all the heart feels. I know its a dream... but I love dreams that just bring me comfort & I just like to believe that there's some truth in it somewhere.  

Afternoon Off
I had my family doctor appointment in the afternoon on Friday, so I took the afternoon off & was actually in & out quick at the doctor - so it left me with some hours that I would normally be working where I had free time.  I went to Target & to Michaels - & it was just nice to get a little bit longer weekend - even if it was just a few hours.

Laughing with Inlaws
My sister & Brother in law called me the other night to check on me after my vaccine & we just talked & talked - & laughed & laughed.  They were cracking me up... I had them on speaker phone so Hubby could be part of the conversation - it made my night. I know my face hurt from laughing.

I dont ever get books I want to read from NetGalley - so tell me how excited I am that I got TWO books I really wanted to read.  That's putting my Book of the Month books I have on my shelf pushed to the side for a bit.  Already loving the first one I'm reading.

Tell me something good about your week

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