Tuesday, April 20, 2021

OK 2021, the joke is over... let's get back to normal life please

 Happy Monday Tuesday!

I totally missed doing a weekend update. Mainly because there was nothing exciting about my weekend.  Except more couch time, more temperature taking, more Tylenol & more misery.  At this point, let's just change my name to Eeyore... or Debbie Downer... or Sally from Charlie Brown. Who else is just miserable?  That's me.

Aren't you glad you came to my corner of the world?

I'm just so aggravated.  You all know I had a bad 24 hours after my vaccine .... & then the next day, I thought I was getting better. Joke was on me.  I have kept a fever ever since.  Anywhere from 99.2 to 100.1... that's after the bad day where my temp was 101.8. & I know that's not that big of a deal - but when it keeps on for a week, it wears you out.  I can feel when it spikes & it just drains me.  Plus, I honestly took like 4 naps over the weekend. I am NOT a nap person - they make me feel icky.  But I couldnt even keep my eyes open.

I mean, its bad enough I took Johnson & Johnson 3 days before they shut it down because it can kill people..... I just have no luck.  I know they say "the odds" & I've had multiple people tell me that the odds of getting hit by lightning is higher. To which I like to remind that person who says that to me - I have seen lightning hit the ground in front of me not once - but TWICE!!!!! One time in 1995 & one time just this past summer. Not even joking - Hubby was with me both times.  So yeah... dont use the "hit by lightning" odd maker with me. Brings no comfort.

I actually called my Hematologist because hello, I have one - a blood disorder doctor ... & we're talking about blood clots.  They told me that they were told by someone.... medical big wigs, it has a lot of initials... that if anyone called about the Johnson & Johnson shot, they were to direct the patient to their family physician & they should have all the directions on how to handle the situation.  Luckily, my family doctor got me in the next day & I was off to see her.

I love  my family doctor... I really do.  

First of all, she made me feel really comfortable about it & she said she has had multiple people every day with concerns about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine they had just recently gotten... & even more phone calls.  So I'm not alone in the concern.  

As for the physical effects that I'm still suffering - she said she wasn't surprised.  That I am just 8 weeks out of COVID .... 7 weeks after it when I got my shot.  With the natural antibodies in my system - & adding in the vaccine, she said its no wonder I feel bad. Plus, my body is just UBER-sentisitve to things.  I mean, I cant even take Vitamin B without ending up at the neurologist (its true..I'm sure there's posts about it back in the day)  I just wanted answers to know when its going to end. No answer.

My arm was still red as a clowns nose & was so hot to touch when she saw me.  Plus, there's a knot like a rock in there.  & I've been having body cramps like crazy - CRAZZYYYY - I never had those during COVID, but this vaccine has kicked my butt in that area.  Glad I didnt get to miss out on all the COVID symptoms.  I cramp up so bad in my arms, I cant even hold a pen, or grip anything.  & my calves cramp so bad - down into my ankles, that I cant even stand up or walk.  

Plus, I have HORRIBLE headaches.  Which... lets do a reminder.... people are dying from blood clots in their head from the vaccine I just got. That doesn't bother me at all.. doesn't concern me one iota when these headaches come on.  & if you believe ANY of that, you dont know me.  

OHHH... did I mention I also had to go to my cardiologist? Ever since I got the vaccine, my HR was staying around 115 - even when laying on the couch.

..... 2021 has NOT been the friend I wanted it to be....

I will say, I have had a few people reach out to me & tell me they knew some people that had Johnson & Johnson & had some issues for up to 10 days... so today, I'm on day 11... I'm hoping the turning point is today.  Crossing all the fingers, toes, legs, arms, even my eyes if it helps.

Ohhhh - one more fun thing - I have to go back to the endodontist because my tooth is still having issues.  If I have to have a 3rd root canal on the same tooth, I'm taking bets if I just laugh hysterically or fall into a ball of sobbing tears.  

On a good note - I'm super excited that The Circle is back on Netflix. Anyone else watch it? I totally binged right through the first 4 episodes & cant wait till Wednesday for 4 more! I need to save it for the weekend in case I'm STILL on the couch feeling like trash.

And did anyone else watch the funeral of Prince Philip?  Just the images of the Queen sitting all alone.  Broke my heart. Can you imagine being married to someone for over 70 years?   While laying on the couch, I watched a documentary about Elizabeth & Margaret & it was really moving too.

If you like Royal stuff... you'll enjoy this & seeing all the clips from so long ago when they were little girls & their dad was King.  Seeing clips of Elizabeth & Philip in that too - so young... just sad to see an era end.  I know some people dont care at all - I've always been a royal fan since I was a little girl.  That ideal of the Princess life & Happily Ever After... which believe me, I get isn't really all its cracked up to be - but still, as a Fairy-Tale loving gal at heart, I still love all things tiaras & castles & carriages.


On a GOOD NOTE - look, something good!!! ... Let's wish a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our girl, Julie!!!! She just ran a MARATHON this past weekend to check this off her bucket list before hitting a milestone birthday - & she KICKED BUTT.  I mean, she does it all .... mom of 3, runs her own lab & earning all the awards & acolades, running marathons!!! & making getting older look good!  

Happy Birthday Julie ... we love you!!!!!

Look at that smile crossing the finish line!  She's amazing!

So how was your weekend?

Do you know anyone with any weird vaccine issues?

Know anyone that got the Johnson & Johnson shot? 
Or as I call it, to make me feel special & not like a loser idiot -  the LIMITED EDITION shot?

Did you watch the Royal Funeral?

What are you binging lately?

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