Tuesday, April 06, 2021

One Sentence a Day {March 2021}


1 - Mon / Day 14 of my Covid Journey & I STILLLLLL have a low grade temp #exhaustingme

2 - Tues / Hubby's first day back to work left him EXHAUSTED & realizing how badly his body is fatigued from COVID #inbedassoonashegothome

3- Wed / I always hold my breath when I get the email from work on our yearly insurance rates #Nothingwilleverbeasbadasmylastjob #TheydidntOFFERinsurance

4 - Thurs / Vaccine in our state has now dropped down to anyone 50 years or older. #imupnext

5 - Fri / Hubby & I had a date night to finish up watching WandaVision #saditsover

6 - Sat / My first outting in nearly 3 weeks after coming through COVID #woremeout

7 - Sun / I was on the edge of my couch watching the interview with Meghan & Harry. #ALWAYSTeamHarry

8 - Mon /  Sat outside and finished a book that I FINALLY enjoyed #2021hasbeennogoodreading

9 - Tues / I actually took a little mile walk during lunch & glad to see I could make it further than my drive way #COVIDRecovering

10 - Wed /  Went to the dentist only to be sent home exactly the same.... in pain #torture

11 - Thurs /  I literally have cried all day with the pain in my jaw & face & teeth & cant believe I have to go through the weekend before I can get in with the Endodontist next week. #2021hasbeenmiserable

12 - Fri / Living on Orajel #NumbMeUp

13 - Sat / I am so excited to turn that close up ahead to get more sunlight #DaylightSavingsTime

14 - Sun / Going to start watching one Marvel move every weekend & watching it in chronological order #BecauseIAmANerd

15 - Mon / I hate when I have to take my days off for not fun things like getting a root canal on a root canal #Plusitwasrainy

16 - Tues / Taking some antibiotics & they put the worst taste in my mouth all day long #DISGUSTING

17 - Wed / Working from home means it matters zilch if I wear any green #HaventFeltLuckyLately

18 - Thurs / I had to make a run to the bank & UPS during lunch & was able to get a chai tea latte while I was out #beenayearsinceIhadone

19 - Fri / Our twin grandsons are two years old today!!! #littlecuties

20 - Sat / Literally sat outside all day & finished a book #myhappyplace

21 - Sun /  I literally was in tears thinking Ozzie was going to die after drinking coffee #THANKSGoogleforscaringme

22 - Mon / My moms got her first shot #vaccineup

23 - Tues / Fresh Hair always makes a day better #sosmooth

24 - Wed /  Hearing Indiana is taking away mandates the first week in April while also hearing COVID cases are rising. #idontgetit #soclosetothefinishline #whymessitupnow

25 - Thurs / Hormones must be going in a rage because hot flashes are back with a vengeance & I had insomnia & zero sleep #gettingoldistough

26 - Fri / I had to make an emergency call to the large animal vet when Cochese gashed his face open by running through a fence. #poorguy #hesok

27 - Sat /  I actually met up with a friend & ate out for the first time in a year #feltsostrange #feltonormal 

28 - Sun /  Why is it chilly again? #stagesofspring

29 - Mon /  Survived my dental appointment!!! #ALLTHEANXIETY

30 - Tues /  Joined in with a book club for the first time & super excited for all the future books we read together #bloggersarethebest

31- Wed /  Watching the trial of David Chauvin & seeing all the video footage is just tough to watch when  you know the ending #heartbreaking

Tell me the highlight of your March!!!

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