Monday, April 05, 2021

The weekend that I feel like SOLD OUT is my middle name

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Anyone else remember last Easter when that was the hope that COVID would be behind us? Anyone else chuckling with me.  At least this Easter, it looks like there's hope ahead.

I was just glad we had a beautiful Easter weekend.  We had snow on April 1... SNOW!!!! I had to cover up flowers a few nights to make sure frost didn't get them.  It was wonderful to have days back in the 60's & 70's.  I am totally & completely & utterly OVER winter.

Friday, nothing really exciting happened.  I ended up watching The Time Traveler's Wife... for the 25th time - I love that movie. Love that book!  & I honestly cry every single time.  

Saturday, I got a wake up call at 7am with Hubby freaking out - TICK ALERT.  I tell you what - he must have the primo skin for ticks because he can just walk out on the front porch & come in & have ticks all over him.  It's the craziest thing.  So when he's back working in the woods clearing out the trees & brush - you can imagine how many ticks he gets on him.  Nothing like the scream, "GET THE TICK OFF OF ME" at 7am as an alarm.

He did indeed have a huge tick on his back. EWWW!!!!  I saved the day again.  This is my super power - & ticks are my arch nemesis.

Well, there was no going back to sleep after that, so I pulled out my new Jesus Calling Note Taking edition I got at Sam's Club & made some coffee & just started my morning with that.  I am loving this devotional. It makes me feel like I've got another Bible Journal.

I ended up just laying around & catching up on all my Real Housewives for the week....

My sister in law called & we ended up talking for a few hours. I love all my sister in laws so much.  But we got talking about the vaccine & how crazy the world is right now & laughed together & BLINK, 2 hours went by. It really was great to talk to someone who I relate so much with.

Hubby & I got started cleaning out my front room so we could get that buffet table I wanted for a coffee bar. We worked so hard. I cant tell you how many boxes we ended up packing up to go to Goodwill & how many bags of garbage we loaded out.  I'm still going to have so many boxes of books I'm getting rid of.  Not sure how to do it - I know I have a lot of reading friends.  I need to take pics & see if anyone wants any of the books - but I think in the end, I'm just going to put a date up on Facebook & put the boxes on my front porch & whoever wants to come by & grab what they want - let everyone just enjoy.  & then what is left over, I'll take to Goodwill.  Or I can drive some around & drop off in all the free little library stands I see on the sides of roads or in shopping centers.

But the kicker.... we left to go pick up the table... get there - they are sold out.



I just shook my head.  Just my luck.  They had one left over that they were using on display & Hubby went to the manager &asked if we could take that.  The guy said, "you cant get a discount" - um, sir, we didn't ask for a discount - we just want the table.  We didn't think they would let us have it because they would have to move a lot of electronics around to get it for us.  The manager acted like they were checking something & then said, 'no we cant give you the display because we have more on order that should be in" - they couldn't give us a date, so I dont know how accurate that information is.  We'll keep checking back.... but geez.  I'm trying to tell myself that whatever is meant to be & all that mumbo jumbo.... but DARN IT.

We ended driving around to a few other places to see if they had anything I would want in its place.  But let's get real - I've been looking for nearly 2 years & that table we were going to get, its honestly the ONLY one I've found I wanted. I just have a vision in my mind of what I want.  I blame Pinterest. 

 Anyways, with no success, we stopped at got an iced coffee for me & a gallon of tea at Chick Fil-A - I really we like their iced coffee - & then we picked up some pizza & brought it home & started watching the new Justice League on HBO Max.  I mean - a 4 hours movie - GEEZ.  So we ended up making it half way through & said we'd save the rest for the next night.

Sunday, Hubby got me up & asked if I wanted to go get breakfast at Panera.  We used to do that years ago - go out for breakfast on Easter morning.  We loaded up & watched the sun rise on the ride & then got some yummies.  

We ended up sitting outside & it was chilly but I enjoyed it.  I love a crisp morning.  Got a coffee cake to take home too.

We ended up running in the grocery to pick up a few things & I was excited our grocery has a Starbucks in it because the lines at the Starbucks stores were wrapped around the building. In the grocery, I was able to walk right up & the barista told me they were just now brewing a new batch of iced coffee & it was so fresh & yummy.  Better than any Easter basket I could get.

I have to say though, I went in with the intent to get some more of that Chobani Cookies & Cream coffee creamer.... & do you know they were sold out of that too.  COME ON MAN.  GIVE ME A BREAK.  I did buy two bottles of their Sweet Cream though - so we'll see how I like that.

We stopped at Home Depot because Hubby wanted some yard stuff & we were in dire need of a new garbage can.  One with a good lid now that Ozzie is getting taller & taller - I call him Mr. Legs right now.  Luckily, they had one on sale & just what I was wanting.  

I got home & enjoyed my Starbucks watching the Easter service online.... Praise the Lord - He is Risen Indeed.

By this time, the sun was up & shining & it was just a perfectly gorgeous day. I laid in my chair & read for a few hours, doing laundry between every few chapters... & then we played some Yahtzee & I just wanted to stay outside as long as possible.

I had gotten my mom some Easter yummies & went over to sit with her for awhile & feed the horses. I also took Baby my old yoga ball - she wasn't sure about it at first, but by the time I left, she was interested in it - getting closer & closer to it. We've watched a lot of YouTube videos of horses playing with them - so we'll see if it gives her some amusement.

Mom giving the horses some peppermint treats from the Easter Bunny

I got home & took my shower & tucked in the last 2 hours of Justice League - that ending - WHAT? Anyone else watch it? What is that ending about? I gotta go google it - I hope they make some more Justice League movies like they did Marvel.

So - how was your weekend?

What did you do for Easter?

Have you bought any flowers or things for your lawn yet?

Name a move you watch over & over, even if it makes you cry.

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