Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Watering System

This is smart- & CUTE!
I'm always one who would spill water everywhere when trying to water my plant.
But this lets it flow down into the soil  without all the dirt splash back!

Favorite Dress Help

Who doesnt love dresses in the Spring time - & who gets terrified to walk in these dresses during windy Spring days? This is a brilliant idea - a little weight to put on the bottom of your dress to keep it from flying up!  I'm curious how well they work.

Favorite Vaccine Card Holder

A leather cover to put your card if you need to have it on you to show as proof anywhere - especially travel.  

Favorite Glass Cutting Board

Pretty!  Wouldn't look bad sitting on the counter.

Favorite Pitcher

This is just perfect for some pool side drinks!

Favorite Planter

Fill this baby up with some herbs & have your own little delicious garden right near you.  Or even fill it up with flowers & let it overflow. Nice if you live in a rural area or even if you have a lot of wildlife around you.

Favorite Charger

This really has sparked my interest.
It's a SOLAR charger... so if you're hiking, or out in the sun for a day, like at the zoo, or by a pool, you can have something that is gearing up to charge your phone if the battery drains out.
The reviews are pretty good on it too.

Favorite Rack

I actually have this - but I use it to put YARN! :) & I hang my circular needles on the hooks below.
I've also seen it used in a kids room to put toys - or small accessories - like socks & use the hangers for like umbrellas.  

Favorite Smores Maker

What is this magic?
I know - Smores are made to created over fire in the summer...but if you just want one & are at home & have no fire - what a great idea.  Fun for kids too.  If you just want a smore, there's no shame to just making one.  Plus, look at how funny this is!

Favorite Funnies

One is me - the other is Hubby - you guess whose who


..... when I get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine & 3 days letter, there's a PAUSE

... when everyone says the odds of bad vaccine reactions are 1 in a million but they dont know my luck in life

... me going down my hall at 4:30pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!

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