Thursday, April 01, 2021

Slow it down, I'm having a high school flashback & WHO DAT? {Thankful Thursday #305}


This week I am Thankful for:

Belle Washi
How adorable is this?  When I met my friend Liz out this past weekend, she had this little surprise for me. All the way from Japan! I have to make sure to use it on some special dates in my planner. I have some Belle stickers that I just got too - I think I'm going to save it for my birthday week for sure!  I cant wait to add this washi to my planner!!!

Mom Vaccine
I'm anxious for my mom to get her vaccine & we got her first shot scheduled & she got it done. She actually had a hard time with it - which I know most people have issues with the 2nd shot - not the first.  But I saw a video the other day that said people that have had COVID, they could have issues with the first shot, not the 2nd because they have the antibodies in their system that would attack something foreign - so that first shot, your body is already working to kick in the fighting action.  Makes sense really.... & now, makes me super anxious for my first shot whenever I get it.

Getting Ready
I'm not even joking... I think I've gotten actually "Ready" one other time this year - when I helped assist at a wedding.  Other than that, I havent put on make up, mascara, did the brows & especially eye liner. It was like actually seeing myself in a really long time!  Looking in the mirror & saying WHO DAT?  I havent seen that person in quite awhile.  I can see the benefit of 'fixing yourself up' to give your mental health a boost of normal.

All the Sticker Books
OK... I couldnt believe I hadnt bought any planner sticker books all year long.  I made up for it - trust me. I made up for it. I ordered some online & then bought a bunch out this past weekend.  I have enough stickers to last me all year long... except, the fall & winter stickers will come out late summers so I'll have another sticker splurge coming up in a few months. (This reminds me - I GOTTA get a planner post up -its been awhile!)

Devotional Journal
I found this at Sam's Club this past weekend & I'm sure excited about it. I love the Jesus Calling devotional anyways - but this has space to write on the sidebars - sort of like a journal bible.  I'm going to use it as a daily prayer journal with the devotional - Its a really nice leather cover too - so it'll hold up a year.  I'm going to start it today, April 1st & then back track to January at the end of the year &then finish it 4/1/22.  I'm excited about adding it to my journal pile.

Slow it Down
Ozzie like a mini vacuum cleaner. He can inhale food faster than taking a breath. It cant be healthy.  We used to put him in his playpen & just throw the food on the floor. We actually used to have to do that with our Lab when we had Buffy.  Trying this instead of having to do the Food Toss every night & so far, its working fantastically!  Slows down the little man to give the other dogs time to eat before he goes on the hunt to pick up leftovers.  

Horse Vet
I'm still so glad the vet called us & talked us through what to do for Cochese when he injured his face.  Of course this happened on a Friday night going into the weekend but she didnt charge us anything & had the medicine waiting at the vet window the next morning.  I cant imagine being in a job that is on call for emergencies all the time - animals OR people.  God bless 'em!

Glasses online
My friend Liz told me about buying glasses online at Eyes Buy Direct.  Since contacts dont seem like they're going to work that great for me, I went ahead & ordered some progressive lenses online.  They turned out pretty good too - vision wise. I THOUGHT I ordered a pair of rose gold glasses.  These are more pink - way more pink then I expected. I dont think they're awful - I'm just not used to seeing myself in light color glasses. I had a pair similar that I wore in high school (I had to wear glasses for lazy eye) So this is a throw back pair for me. I did go ahead & order another set. They're reasonably priced to have another pair.

Tell me something good in your week!!!

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