Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Prime Purchases


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I love seeing what everyone buys from Amazon!
... because that's what I need - MORE Amazon deliveries in my life!!

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Pajama Set

I had a friend that had a wedding shower & I got a bunch of nighties & robes for her & this was one that I added to the mix. It was really cute & soft. I want to get me some for summer now!

Washi Boxes

Hubby got me a few of these for Christmas & I have more washi & needed some more boxes.
This is deception though - you only get one box in the order... boo! 
But I have my washi color organized in them & makes it easy to see & grab what I need

Garnier SkinActive Foam Wash

I love this stuff because you can take off your eye make up too.
& I have the hardest time finding this in stores. I like to keep a bottle on my counter & one in the shower as well so I like staying stocked up on this.

Eyelash Serum

A friend  & I were talking about eye lashes & mine are just getting worse as I get older so I figured it couldnt hurt to try some serum.  Now, does it work? Good question.
I always forget to put it on - LOL  I need an alarm to remind me - or I need to put it by my bed with a little mirror - that's a good idea - I may try that!

Good Scale

This was totally an impulse buy from watching too many cooking shows.
But its handy to have around, right? I need to put it somewhere I can see it so I'll use it more often.

Maybe next to my eye serum.

But it is really nice - its so thin & lightweight. It tucks right in my drawer with no problem.

Solar Post Cap Lights

Hubby got these & put on some of our poles on our privacy fence.
They are AWESOME! Actually way brighter than I expected.
They hold their solar power till the morning too.
I never really thought about putting them  on the ground for side walk lightning too like the picture shows - so now, I may need to get more.

Cough Suppressant

Because COVID
Honestly - that cough was one of the worst things I've ever went through - & it was a dry cough - nothing productive with it so its like you just couldnt inhale without coughing for an hour.
Mucinex is the only thing that helps me when I get a chest cold - but I looked it up & one of the ingredients you need for a dry cough for COVID was in this - so I was like GET IT TO ME FAST AMAZON!  Hubby even had to use it at one point. Lifesaver!

Dog Harness

We got one of these for Ernie when he was growing up & love it - So Ozzie got his own now that he's getting too big to carry into the vet's office. He does really well on it too.  Its so easy to put on him too - just slide it over his head & pull up each side to clip up around the belly - so simple.

What's your latest Amazon buy?

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