Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Keeping it Together... making 2022 choices

Hosting with my awesome planner buddy Lauren from Shooting Star Mags

Well - look at me. I've been a big fail for the past few months - but you know I'm still planning away.  I cant believe we're coming up to the end of another year & time to make the plans for what to use for 2022.  Which, can  we stop & think about that year... 2022. I honestly was driving into work the other day & Prince's 1999 was on & I honestly can remember singing that thinking 1999/2000 is so far away!!! & how, its SO FAR BEHIND US!!!   Nuts!

I have made it through the year with my Passion Planners.  I'm proud of myself for making it through the year in one planner.  Well, kinda - I mean, the Daily planners are quarterly - but yeah, the same name brand.  Am I going to stick with that for 2022?  Wait till the end to find out.

There's all my Daily planners for the year.  I am finishing up with the pretty pink one. I figured with the holidays in it & a big milestone birthday, I'd do a pretty one for the year. But I really did enjoy just the plain black ones because I had fun putting some vinyl stickers on it making it mine.

Here's just a few of my spreads in my Daily Planner just so you get a little memory of what it looks like inside.  & reminder - you can see all my planner spreads on my Planner Instagram account - Name is PlanninginFaith (Click on name) ... Also, I'm going to be doing a GIVEAWAY soon - I'm giving away a 2022 Passion Planner AND a Daily Planner - it'll be up in just the next few days!!!

I add a little bit of personality by using stickers but still adding my own flare.  I put the little doodles around the big sticker on the bottom.

& because I need more space on some days for work, I end up drawing my own lines in the open space - it works really well for me to continue the work lines a little bit more.

& here's my October spreads that I used in my WEEKLY Planner.  I really enjoy using it for more of a Memory Planner than anything. I dont take it with me anywhere - I just fill in thoughts or highlights of my day - or even add in pictures that I print with my Canon Ivy Printer.

And because I use my Monthly in my Daily Planner for appointments, I really had fun when Passion Planner had a challenge in October calls Pashtober where they gave a list of doodle challenges.  It was so fun to do every night to just play around with the drawing.

You'll see a tab at the top of my blog that will link you to Passion Planner. It is an affiliated link that gives me a little commission if you use that link.  You can also use REBECCAJO10 to get 10% off.  & if they have a sale that gives more than 10%, my code will match what the latest sale/code is.  Or you can click on the link & that will also give me the credit.  I promote this planner because I really like the paper, the way its made - plus the company gives back so much to the community & environment.  It was created by a young girl in her garage & it has just blown up for her & its just going to keep growing!

Now... am I going to use Passion Planner next year?  

I'm going to use the Weekly Spread one FOR SURE.  I like how it lays with the binding. & the paper is amazing. I use markers & it just doesn't bleed.  That's why I use the journal for my Bible Study.  I've been using them while reading the daily devotional/study on She Reads Truth.  Saves from buying teh books, which take up a lot of space because some of the studies are 2 weeks long.  After cleaning off my shelves, I know how many Bible Study books I have - so I really am enjoying that I can put a full week on 2 pages - this will last me through all of 2022!

As for the Daily Planner? .... I'm still on the fence.

I used the Amplify Planner the year before & I REALLLLY REALLLLY liked it for work.  it has a lot of space for work lines.... & its a planner that has a monthly layout, a weekly layout AND a Daily layout!   The thing that is really making me want to go to it is also that I'm back to work - in our iitty bitty tiny cubilces.  So my desk space has gone down so much.  The Passion Planner lays flat... which you wouldnt think takes up a lot of space, but it really does.  The Amplify Planner folds on a spiral ring so I can fold it & it would fit on top of the work calendar I have to keep on my desk anyways....

We shall see... I feel like I so enjoyed the year in a planner - why mess it up & change anything, right?  

All the Planner options!

& I'll leave you with one more code...

I was so lucky to be a part of the Winter Rep Team for Mariatalianplans .... which is a small business ran by the sweetest lady who is a young mom.  She creates some of the cutest stickers & had her own little "mascots".  If you buy any of her stickers & use the code REBECCA15, you get 15% off.  

And you get the little freebie that she created just for me.

I mean... come on... coffee & reading?  Perfect!

I buy so many of her stickers just because they add so much personality in just a few little stickers spread out in your week.  Plus, look at all these holidays ones I just got!!!!

Sorry so long - that's what happens when I dont join in for awhile.

Have you made your 2022 Planner choices yet?

Do you use journals?

Are you also an inner 8 year old who loves stickers?

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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