Monday, November 08, 2021

The weekend we got some last sunshine filled days

 Happy Depression Season.... otherwise known as the end of Daylight Savings Time.

I honestly loathe - detest - abhor - despise - all the words that express a hatred so deep - the time change.  I already get bummed out when its dark by 6:30 - but now, 5:30?  I'm trying to remember its only 43 days till we start gaining one minute of light each day... but man... these 44 days are like roaming through the pit of despair.


I'm happy we had the last sun filled weekend to go into this dark hole of time.  It was pretty chilly all week long last week but we got a little warm up & the sun was shining & it was just beautiful.

Friday, when I got off work, after sitting through traffic - I was just ready to get out of my car.  Our local bridge is shut down for the way coming home, so me & thousandsssss of others are going a different way - the ONLY way you can get back across the river - & its been quite the mess.  By the time I got home every day last week, I was a green faced, ready to hurl car sick mess.  The bridge opens back up in the middle of this week so there's some good news!  Regardless - when I got home, I was ready to just relax & was looking so forward to the weekend.

Hubby & I ended up watching a movie Friday night - 

It was a weird one... very Kill Bill vibes.  At the beginning, I wasn't too thrilled about it - but by the end, I was really into it & love seeing all the BAD BABE vibes, kicking some butt!

Saturday - I woke up early & already enjoying my coffee/book room so much - (I need a name for it... any ideas? I cant keep calling it coffee/book room - Bookee room? LOL... I've got to think about this)  I  made me a yummy coffee & because it was so cold, I ended up laying on the chaise lounger in there & drank my hot coffee & watched the sun rise.  

Harvey is enjoying the room too!  My big cuddle bug!

I did some cleaning, did some reading, got my chalkboard ready for November.

I tried out a new Chalkboard marker.  I'm still anxious to see if it will wipe off. It looks so... Permanent... I tried on a small chalkboard & it did come off with water - but I'm still leery.  I figure if this is what is on the chalkboard forever - that's OK with me.

I wanted to go out & look for another coffee sign to put on my wall since Hobby Lobby had them 50% & we just saw it the week before & it wasn't on sale.  Do you know we got there & they were sold out of the one I wanted. Of course they were.  Oh well - it just gives me a new job to look for another, or a few, cute little coffee signs to put in its place.

We ran down  to Homegoods too & I ended up getting some new curtains I want for my living room.  Except we got them home & Hubby convinced me they wont work. I told him I wish he would have brought up this point in the store.... alas... another trip back to Homegoods to take them back isnt going to kill me.  More shopping, right?

Let me tell you - I think the holiday shopping season has begun because THE TRAFFIC - the CROWDS - ALL THE PEOPLE! I dont like it. We're the people that still dont go in restaurants. I dont want to be shoulder to shoulder with other people.  I'm going to have COVID PTSD for awhile... sue me.  

In order to calm our anxiety - we chose to do it with sugar.  The best way to soothe all sad emotions.

We've not tried our new Nothing Bundt Cakes store & OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS. These little babies are delish!!!!  I ended up getting Pumpkin spice & Hubby got Pecan Praline.  Then he went back in & got 2 carrot cake for us to eat the next day.  I have a feeling we'll be making regular trips to this place.

Saturday  night, I dont know what hit me - but I was in bed EARLY!  Like 9:30 - which actually, in my mind, was 8:30.  What am I? Old - that's what I am.

Sunday - going to bed so early, I ended up being up at 5am - which now was 4 am. All the math that is involved with Daylight Savings!  I made myself lay in bed for awhile to rest & relax & I did end up sleeping for another hour.

I got up & we had carrot cake & coffee for breakfast - because WEEKEND!  It was delicious.  

We ended up having a movie morning - look at us with all the movies!  I had been wanting to watch Knives Out for the longest & just never did it. I really enjoyed it.  

I got my rear in gear & did some laundry, some more cleaning, some reading! & put up some cute  little Christmas trees I got at Hobby Lobby the day before in my coffee room... oh excuse me, my Bookee room. HAHA

Also changed out my coffee mug for the stir sticks.  Cute, right? I got a new runner too to put down - black & white buffalo plaid - but I'll wait till all the decorations are up for that.

I pulled out my cookbook & did my 4th Baking challenge. If you missed it - I found a cookbook cleaning out my library & it has recipes for each season with 5 ingredients in it. Why not try them to see if anything works.  So far, we're at 1 good one, 1 meh & 1 FAIL... 

This is an Apple ... something... I dont know the name.  But it totally goes in the WIN category. DELICIOUS.  Hubby ate so much of it when it came out of the oven. Totally a thumbs up from him & he said he wanted this again soon.  This is top of the chart & so easy to make too.  This is why I wanted to try out the recipes each weekend.

We headed over to see mom & take care of the horses & took Ozzie with us. He's become our car riding dog. Our other Aussies are big fans of car rides.  I think us driving home with him as a puppy for over 2 hours made him get used to riding.  We keep trying to take him places so he stays used to it. 

He was so funny with the horses again.  This time, Baby wasn't afraid of him & she kept wanting him to come up to her.  Ozzie is still anxious about the horses.  Too big for him to herd.... but Cochese is an old pro. He's always had dogs & still has cats run around his feet - it doesnt phase him one bit.  He's really gentle with other animals.  A kitten got in the barn one time & we found it - asleep - laying AGAINST Cochese's leg.  & Cochese wouldnt move until we got the kitten.  Such a good horse

The rest of the night... or by night, I mean 5:30 - because it was time to hunker down.  ... I'm not crying.. nope... SNIFF... not one bit.

Anyways - here's to a new week.  Each day is one day closer to light - right?

How was your weekend?

How do you feel about the time change?

Have you ever had one of these bundt cakes?

Have you started decorating for Christmas?

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