Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Prime Purchases


Look at me! I'm making it in time to link up with Tanya for Prime Purchases.
I'm usually a week late... I feel like I'm accomplishing something here.

I had a lot of fun seeing everyone's posts yesterday - so many things I never knew Amazon had!
Click over to Tanya to check out all the links!

So here's some of my latest purchases:

Solar Lanterns

These aren't something for a LOT of light  but more decoration
Though, they do light up a path!
The bulbs are super cute & would be so cute on a sidewalk to light the way up to the porch.

RoC Retinal Correction Eye Cream 

Anyone else notice wearing a face mask that the top of it hits RIGHT at all the wrinkles under their eyes?  Just  me? ... yeahhhh.....

Leather Wristlet 

This comes with a chain sort of strap too  - but I got this mainly for the wristlet to throw in my tote bag that I carry.  Its soft & folds easily but it has a lot more room inside of it than I expected.  I enjoy things I dont have to carry when I'm shopping.  These are great for quick in & out trips too.
Comes in a TON of colors!

Pack of 6 cases

I wanted something to organize some things - in my make up drawer - & in my tote bag.
That thing is so big, you lose things too easily in it & things get way out of control - so I use this to put certain things together in it.  These feel very "natural" - like a burlap sort of feel - but really thin & light.  I dont see very many small cases either - these are great for barrettes & bobby pins.


Do you KNOW how hard it is to find a vitamin that doenst have a recommended daily allowance of 100% but instead have them at like 10000% - not even joking.  That's what caused me to have a Vitamin B toxicity & I cant take any vitamin B now - or have to be very leery about it.  They love to crank up the vitamin B in vitamins.  & seriously, it is so hard to find a low dose vitamin. I was going to get Flintstones because that's really the best - but they put artificial sweeteners in it so no thank you.

I wanted this for iron too.... & took 2 of them & was so sick. I just dont tolerate vitamins.
I need to try & ease into it again - maybe one a week & then 2 a week - maybe by 2023,  I can take a regular dose.

Heating Pad

Ozzie strikes again... he tore up my last heating pad. I LOVED that thing too. It actually BELTED around you to put on lower back, middle back - around the chest.  That dog pulled the wires like it was licorice.  I needed something for my leg when I pulled my groin muscle so just ordered something & this turned out to be really nice. It's not as big as it may appear in the pic - I was surprised when I got it - but its still big enough to cover most areas.  It heats up SO fast too! & cools down really fast too. 
I love you can put a timer on this too for various times.  I'm happy with it.

Cardigan Sweater

I actually found this one someone else's blog during a Prime Purchase - see, the things you find! 
I ordered it immediately because that color - YES - my spirit color. 
If they make spirit animals - you can have a spirit color - all the darker shades of yellow always get me.
I ordered it & was told I wouldnt get it till the end of November - I didnt care- I wanted it.
I already have it - it came in so much sooner than expected.
I'll wear this baby OUT by the end of winter!
I may have to get the pink too!

Steam Mop Replaceable Covers

I think I posted not too long ago that I got a floor steamer last month.
I LOVE IT!!! LOVE  LOVE LOVE! It makes my floor FEEL clean.
I got these replaceable covers & they fit perfectly & wash so well
I'll rinse them in the sink before I put them in my washing machine - but they come out great for the next use.

What's your best buy you've ordered online?

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