Thursday, November 04, 2021

Thankful Thursday #333 - the one with a lot of pictures


This week I am Thankful for:

We didnt go anywhere or do anything special, but there is just something mentally - & physically - that turning off the alarm clock & waking up when you want & relaxing or doing what you want to do without thinking about preparing for the next day - what it all does for you. 

New Watch
My Garmin watch was falling apart where the band goes.  The watch was actually doing OK but the plasic part that holds the bank broke.  I couldnt fix it - it wouldnt hold the band.  Well, it finally broke where I couldnt rig it - but luckily, I had a watch that Hubby got me for Christmas last year. Talk about handy. I'm glad I didnt open that immediately so I could open it up after my old one bombed - give me more life.  I'm really enjoying the watch too. I thought it was going to be too big - but I'm loving the face of it after I found the one I wanted from the Garmin store.  

Coffee Bar!!!
FINALLLLYYYYY!!! For those of you that have been around here for awhile, you know I've been wanting to do this for the longest time - & its been a long road. The struggle on finding the unit I wanted - the size, the look.  The job of cleaning out my room & getting it more organized.  I finally got it up & going. Now... its NOT finished totally. i'm still looking for a few pieces to go on the wall.  & I really REALLY want to find some cute chairs for the room. Right now, you kinda cant see it - I have a really nice chaise lounger - which is nice for when I go in & read. I can lay down & look out the window - & the dogs love it too - they lay on it with me.  But it would be nice to have some comfy chairs to curl up in. & it would give Ricky a space to sit down too or if anyone where visiting.  Its fine though - I'm in no rush for it.

& I finally was able to get all my Starbucks mugs up! They make me so happy to see them - & I'll totally use them too.  & think of all the incredible people that blessed me with them. When I have coffee in the different cups, I'll be giving you a hug from afar & toast that cup of coffee to you!

I also got my big book shelf cleaned up & made space..... for more books! LOL... I'm not joking though. For real.  I really love my Book of the Month books - & will probably be getting more of those for awhile & I am going to color coordinate them.  I have some shelves that will stay the same - with my collections together (Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables, Hunger Games, Twilight - because I'll forever love Edward Cullen) - but the other shelves - I am going to enjoy keeping the books I like on there. I am going to try & keep a lot of reading to library books & kindle buys. After giving away over -OVER 200 books.... I learned I dont need them all. & I'm actually happy now I know I can donate them to the library & they can sell them & make money.  I'm all about supporting a library!

Good Doctor
If you have to have a colorectal surgeon, you better at least like the one you have. & I really do like my doctor. She's been through the ringer with me & I just really like her approach.  They got me in fast when I had some big time issues & she's so helpful too. I had a prescription she gave me & when I found out it was $249.00 - she gave me the tip to find it over the counter - the exact same stuff, for $35.00. Take that Big Pharma!  

We are hooked! Seriously hooked!  I had been wanting to play for the longest time & bought some paddles & used our anniversary as a tool to force Hubby's hand to play with me. I knew he would like it once he got on the court  - plus, he's competitive as all get out. I was right. He loved it & we ended up playing a few games & then went back out the same night & played two more.  We havent found a court near us, but strangely enough, our local park has the markings on the basketball court for it - so we're going to probably get a portable net. It'll be worth it instead of driving so far to the closest court or paying for an indoor membership - which I really wouldnt mind during winter. OHHH - that may be a good Christmas gift for Hubby! hmmm.... Anyways -  anyone near me want to play? :)

26 years!!!!
I still cant believe we've been married 26 years!  We've been together 29 years now. Next year, 30 years.... when we realized that this year, we were like - SAY WHAT? Where does the time go?    We found old home videos while we were home & played some of our rehearsal & rehearsal dinner & some of our wedding day & our honeymoon.  Its crazy... CRAZYYYY .... to look back & remember the moment but see yourself through older eyes.  I was 23 years old!!!! & here I am 49.  I looked like a baby.  (& so thin - GAH) It hit me in the feels.  So much life from that young lady to now.  I'm glad I've had the partner I've had through it all.

Home Videos
Talking of videos - wow - just wow. I need to do this more often.  I was so excited to see & HEAR my dad.  His  laugh - his voice.  & I wasnt sure of what else was on some of these tapes & I teared up instantly when I saw my grandmother on my TV. I dont know why I didnt think she'd be on there - its just so long since she passed away in 1997 - but when I saw her smile & heard her voice - it made me gasp & I instantly teared up.  I saw my grandfather - & my uncle - & my friend that recently passed away.  & seeing the girls so young.  Christmas with them as little girls excited over dolls & barbie's & roller skates.  Just the biggest time warp.   Seeing our dogs too... keep taking videos - they are precious!

My Teenie

Tell me something good about your week!!!

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