Monday, February 14, 2022

10 on 10.... or the 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!

 Always late to the party.... But fashionably late darling 

& its Valentine's Day so why not do this fun post on love TODAY!

Joining with Leslie for her fun 10 on 10

What was something you absolutely loved about 2021?

Working from home! Man, it sure was nice to have that extra sleep & saving the miles on my car & staying in comfy clothes all day.

Do you have an interesting love story you'd like to share?

I've talked about it before - but I love mine & Hubby's love story.  How we crossed paths throughout my whole life - starting at 6 years old. I cant wait to get to Heaven to see the whole thing behind the scenes - how many times we actually did cross paths when we didnt even know it.

What food do you love & must have on a regular basis?

I love me some dark chocolate that I like to have a on regular basis.
I am a routine person so I buy a lot of the same foods & have them on regular basis - not so much because I love it - just because its convenient.  But yeah, dark chocolate is one I'll put in the love list.

What fashion "trend" do you love? 
It doesnt even have to be a current trend.

I'm glad to see eyebrows come back!
They were so thin the past few years & I'm glad to see people getting their inner 80's Brook Shields back.  

What season do you love most?  Why is it your favorite?

Well, we know around these parts, it AINT winter.
I love me some Fall. Always have. 
Just the colors & the crisp of the air... it just makes me so happy.
Plus, that's our wedding anniversary which means vacation!

If you could be with a loved one who has passed, who would it be & what would you do?

This just makes me cry....
Man oh man - I have been missing my daddy something fierce lately.
I dont care what we'd do... probably go see his horses so he could see we still have them & they're in good shape.
I'd just want to hug my dad & hear his laugh

What would you love to accomplish in 2022?

I want to get so healthy & in shape... 
I dont want to have to worry about another TIA or a serious stroke.

Which do you love most: shoes, handbags, belts or coats?

Its been shoes & handbags for me.
I'll spend more on handbags, but I love me some cute shoes!
Need both for each season so a good excuse to always keep looking.

What love remains with you today?

I've always had a love for animals - always! Since I was a child, it was a passion of mine.  That love of animals is still with me & even stronger.
I think I need to get one more dog - LOL.
I say that jokingly - but we seriously have talked about it.

How do you show your love?  What is your love language?

I always go between Acts of Services or Gifts... which is really how I show my love too.  Apparently I feel like that should be everyone's love language! LOL

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