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Show Us Your Books - January 2022 Reads


Here we go into 2022
I actually started off the year not in the mood to read.
After my TIA, my eyes were still giving me troubles & I actually still was having a little bit of a panic reading - words going too fast in my head & getting jumbled.

But - I'm doing better. I forced myself to read some & its helping.
So hoping this is a good year for some good books!

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Love at First Spite
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  When Dani finds her fiance cheating on her with their realtor, she takes money & buys the land next door to Sam's house only to build a house that will ruin his view, the Spite House, & ends up falling for the architect who helps build the home.

Meh... this was your typical romance story.  It wasn't anything gripping or really swoon worthy.  Just basic. I could basically sense everything that was going to happen.

I mean, if Dani is so in love with her fiance, she sure bounced back quick - & Sam is the jerkiest of jerks - so I wasn't a fan of a lot of the characters.  

I saw a review that said, "just another story of a white man getting away with arson" & it made me laugh. Yep... spoiler alert there I guess - but you're not missing anything.

I did finish it so I didnt give it a one star - but I wouldnt recommend this to anyone. There's better romance stories out there.

(Didnt even get a quote - how much I didnt care)

The People Next Door
*** / Liked It

Quick Summary:  A young couple move into a house & then discover that the previous owners had a tragedy - the woman was killed, the daughter was missing & the husband was blamed but got out with no evidence to hold him.  Do the strange neighbors next door know what happened?

I got this as a recommendation & thought, why not?  Man... it was creepy.  I think my jaw dropped a little bit & at the end, I was like, OK, I may have to sleep with my lights on.

I had some issues with some of the story line & some of the characters & just felt like something was missing... but I still enjoyed it well enough. It wasn't something that I would recommend to everyone as a must, but if you like strange & creepy, then its enjoyable enough.

If I Never Met You

Quick Summary:  A lawyer has a long relationship & waits for the time where he's ready to have a baby - only to have him break up with her & he gets someone else pregnant - all of whom are coworkers. When another coworker needs a steady relationship to impress his boss, they decide to team up for a fake relationship.

I just wasn't in the mood for this. I made it to about 40% of the book & was like, I can't. I didn't care about any of the characters & I'm like, Let me guess - the fake is going to turn to real. Jaded - I know.

I just wasn't feeling it.

I really wish I did because it got really good reviews - by a lot of friends too... maybe I'll come back to it when I'm in a different mindset.

"God, whenever I forget why I hate men, one of them reminds me"

The Wife Upstairs
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  Jane is a dog walker in a gated community & when she meets a widowed man & soon moves in with him - she learns the story of his wife who passed away with her best friend.  Did someone kill her? & what is that noise upstairs?

I really enjoyed this one - got through it really quick because I was anxious to see how it all would play out.

We get 3 different point of views - mainly between Jane & Eddie's previous wife, Bea... but we also get a short chapter from Eddie which I wish we had more of.

I loved the twists & turns in this & how complicated all the characters were.  I think I equally laughed & gasped  throughout the story.  

Glad to finally have a good book for 2022.

“A man who overestimates his intelligence is a man who can be easily manipulated.”

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