Thursday, February 24, 2022

Thankful Thursday #346


This week I am Thankful for:

Telehealth appointments
I had a follow up call with my general physician & man, do I LOVE being able to do them on Zoom. No having to schedule time off work, no sitting in a waiting room. You get a text giving the link to the meeting & BAM - there she is. She has all the records right in front of her on her computer & we get to chat & go over everything & schedule the next follow up in a month - easy peasy. This is the future I envisioned as a child.

No Sleep Apnea
On the talk with my doctor, she let me know the results of my sleep study & ALL CLEAR. I didnt expect to have any thing show up - but its always a relief to get that confirmation. 

Cochese new coat
I got Cochese a new coat since he's getting older & he's just not growing his winter hair like he did when he was younger.  Dad always had a hard time finding one that fit him well - we got the length, but there's something about his build that just doesnt fit the coats right. I ended up finding one on Chewy's & it does really well!!!  My brother got it on him & he didnt mind it one bit. When he would feed Cochese, he'd put his hand under to check him & he said he was toasty warm! I said I need to stock up on these now we found one that works for him.  Even horses have different body shapes!

Clear Mammogram
I hold my breath every year when I get my boob squish done & have to wait for the results. I have gotten calls in years past on things found so when I got the mail & saw a letter, I was quick to open it & see the good results of this years scan.  Yahooo!!!!

If you follow me on my planner Instagram account, you'll see I've been using the Amplify Planner for 2022 (loving it so much) but they sent out their monthly newsletter & highlighted my account in it! It was so funny because I was reading it & was like, wait - that looks familiar - it was my name & one of my IG pics - LOL! What a fun surprise!

My mom lost her heat Friday night & I am useless in such things. My brother was at work - so one of his friends ended up going to mom's house to help her figure out the problem. Just thankful for people that help us out when they can - step in to fill the gap.  My brother has a good group of men as friends that are just so helpful to our whole family.

Glimpses of Spring
We had another warmer day over the weekend & I took advantage of it by going for a good hour long walk at the park. Along with half the town & their dogs. I loved seeing so many people out with their pets. I need to take one of my dogs with me. I always feel bad just taking one & no way I can get a good walk on with 3 dogs dragging me around.  But man, I soaked up the beautiful sunshine... come on SPRING!

Cup Holder
I think I mentioned last week or the week before how I got this amazing 40 oz cup. I am obsessed with it. It has me drinking all the water! Keeps ice in it all day - its easy to hold with the handle. I love it!  But I was having issues with it in my car. If it was full, it would stay up in my cup holder... if it was half empty, when I would take turns, it would fall.  I found this cup holder on Amazon & it is PERFECT! It holds my cup securely - full or empty -& I love it has a slot for a handle too so I can put mugs in it as well.  (HERES the link if interested)

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