Thursday, February 10, 2022

Thankful Thursday #344


This week I am thankful for:

Better Appointment
After my TIA, they sent me to an Ophthalmologist that I was NOT too big of a fan of.  He was very rushed, seemed very rude & I was just not ever wanting to see him again. ... & then life... & I had to go back. But this time around, he was much better. I was all prepped going in. I kept praying before he came in the room, but I was equally prepared to tell him, Hold up - you are a doctor here to help me - dont rush me!  No need to rip into this guy - Glory!

Just this picture

This picture makes me happy.  Hubby had to go fix our mailbox where it was knocked over in the snow & the dogs were all about watching their daddy.  They wanted to go out & get him to throw a frisbee while he was out there.  I love my boys so much.

Weather Break before the storm (literally)
Right before the ice storm hit, we got a 62 degree day. Oh wow... those glimpses of Spring are giving me all the hope.  I went to the park to walk & most of our little town was there as well. So many people walking dogs.  Kids playing ball & on swings.  I could not have been happier.

Work From Home
The ice storm that rolled in... ugh. What a mess. I am so thankful I work at a place that closed down & said, if you can work from home, do it.  Dont bother coming in.  We all still got our job done in our department & I didnt even have to slide down my driveway.

Hubby made it home safely
We work down in Louisville, but live up in Indiana in the country in an elevated place - so we typically get more snow, ice - all the elevated ground stuff.  So while he was working, it wasn't bad where he was at. While I'm home & trees are already ice covered & limbs were falling everywhere.  I kept sending him pictures & he ended up leaving a half day & let me tell you - could not have timed it better.  On his way home, it got worse & worse the closer he got to our home & I was watching him out the window just Rolllllllllllllll right on by our drive way.  So slippery.  When he got home, the snow was starting so it really was perfect timing.

Stocked Fridge
On days where you cant get out of your drive, its the days I'm thankful for things I stock up on in my freezer. 

With the weather being so bad, I'm so thankful my brother has been so diligent on taking care of the horses. He went over like 3 times a day checking on them & checking their water & making sure they were safe. My dad would be proud.

Tree back up!!!
If you saw any of my stories, during the storm, the ice just wore down one of the trees out of our bedroom window.  Lower & lower, arched over, it was just touching the ground.  On Sunday, when the sun finally came out & we got above freezing, we literally walked by the window every hour & saw it bounce right back up.  YAHOO!  I said there's a life lesson in that right there.

New Water Mug
So Nadine reached out to me when I posted about my new Tervis mug about the one she was wanting & I was so intrigued - I had to get it myself.  She's HUGE. & I love it. That handle doesnt make it awkward to hold at all.  & its been making me drink a LOT more water. I love it most of all because its dishwasher safe! SOLD!  It doesnt fit great in my cup holder in my car - but it holds enough. I'll let you know if a really sharp turn does me in.  (LINK RIGHT HERE)

So tell me something good about your week!

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