Thursday, February 03, 2022

Thankful Thursday #343


This week I am Thankful for:

Coffee Creamer
Hubby knows the way to my heart is coffee creamer.  He knew I was out at work & stopped & got me a bottle on his way home from work. A HUGE bottle too. This is love.

Miles Building up
Since the day I got home from the hospital, I have been moving every day for 20 minutes or more.  I'm building up my miles again - I did 2 miles the other day & felt so proud of myself. Crazy to think I would do an average of like 5 miles a DAY... but hey, gotta start again somewhere, right? I'm even thinking of challenging myself & signing up for some races.  I also dont want to stress myself out - kind of defeating the point. But I am enjoying the challenge of getting more distance in & faster times.

Under the Bed Clean out
A part of the bed was loose & Hubby lifted the mattresses up & fixed it. While under there, we dove into the world of the forgotten.  You know - the center of under the bed where things get pushed & left for eternity.  Or are you one of those people that have a clean under the bed? Who ARE you then? (excuse my jealousy) ... anyways - it was so fun finding some old pictures & things I forgotten were in totes.  I even found Bruno's baby album & man, my heart missed my little blind man.  The best part - got everything vacuumed & cleaned up under there.  Breathing easier now!

Home safe in Snow
Last Friday was a MESSSSS of driving home in the snow. I always feel so grateful to pull my sliding car in the garage & shut the door behind me.

Heart Monitor OFF
Whew! 30 days of tape in one place on your skin. Ouchie!!!! So glad that's over. 

No A-Fib
As I mentioned on Monday - nothing was detected on my heart monitor so that's a good relief.

Free N95 masks
These are handy for when I'm in busy places, or when I have to go to the doctor's office.

Dad's Handwriting
So this was nuts.  I know I've mentioned this before - but for new visitors - my parents used to clean the office I worked in.  Every Monday when I would come in, it was a thing with me & my dad that he left a little note somewhere in my office for me to find.  They always said, "Love Ya, Dad"... he'd sometimes put them in obvious places - other times, it'd take me a few days to find it. One time, he even put it on the ceiling!!! (He got the best kick out of that one!).... well, I kept all those little notes & I cant find them anywhere!  I always said when he passed away, I wanted to find them & get that in his handwriting tattooed on my wrist.

Over the weekend, I was in my planner & had my case of pens on the nightstand.  All of a sudden, they fell over - behind the dresser. NOOOOO!! I dont even know how they fell - I wasn't touching them or anything - I was working in my planner & no dogs bumped anything. At first, I was even like, what was that sound?

I go to lean behind & grab all my markers - couldnt reach some of them... got a coat hanger to try & push things to the side when all of a sudden, I see this card.....

What in the world???? ... The crazy thing is - my dad always wrote his little notes on little pieces of paper he could hide.  Not some note card.  & 2nd, this was clean & dust free - not like something that has been lost behind a dresser for years.  Isnt that so crazy???.... I'm really thinking of getting that tattoo now.

Tell me something good about your week!!!

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