Friday, February 11, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Nail File for Dogs

This is amazing! I'm always making my dogs run on concrete because its like a natural nail file - but this is fantastic for the winter months too!
You just take their little paws & rub against it & it smooths those nails down.
Reading the reviews - it sounds like it does a pretty good job.

Favorite Placemats

These are giving me SUCH warmer day vibes - but I love the natural look of them.
For $6.00 - what a beautiful way to dress up a table!

Favorite Lazy Susan

I love this so much! I think it would be perfect on my coffee bar where I could put more things since it spins - make it more easily accessible to everything on it.
I think I could use this in my kitchen too.

Favorite Comfy Clothes

This is labeled as PJ's - but I know my comfy butt would put on some cute tennis shoes & totally go to the grocery or Target in these.  There are so many colors too!  Get 'em all - my new uniform!

Favorite Chopper

My dad got me one of these years ago & I have lost it.
Cooking more with Hello Fresh, I really need to get a new one.

Favorite Valentines / Party Favors

I love anything "fidget-y" & these are awesome
little key chains!  They're perfect valentine's gifts or really for any kid's party.
... or adult... COUGH COUGH

Favorite Planters

This would be super cute on a book shelf!!!

Favorite Sweet Drink

You get 6 Hot Chocolate sticks... you just put it in hot milk & twirl it around until it melts & you have a yummy warm drink. 
Perfect for a little slumber party or girls night in!

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!

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