Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Mugs

Does anyone else read the ALWAYS & hear it in Snape's voice?

Favorite "Curtain Rods"

I didnt even know such things existed!!!
You put these on your blinds to hang your curtains!!!
So you dont need a rod drilled in above the blinds - GENIUSSSS!!!

Favorite Bubbles

What's so special about these?
They are made safe for animals to catch - LOL
They have a smell & taste to them... I wonder if my dogs would catch these?
I may have to try it when it warms up!

Favorite Mirror

I love big long mirrors!!!
This can be hung on a wall too & I like its not very thick.

Favorite Sticker

Speaking of mirrors... this sticker is perfect to go right on top
A needed reminder every single day

Favorite POP!

I'm not sorry one bit - I just LOVE Jeff Goldblum
So seeing this made me laugh so much!
& with him coming back for the last Jurassic Park Film - maybe we'll get another scene similar to this one.

Side note - anyone watch him on Disney+ - I just love this man so much!

Favorite Bike Helmet

It looks like a baseball hat!!!!
Ride in style!

Favorite Measuring Cups

If you have a boujee kitchen - this is for you!
Arent they so beautiful?

Favorite Funnies

Happy Weekend!!!

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